Private Car Rental Service to Golf Courses in Da Nang

Discover the ultimate convenience with’s exclusive service offering private car rentals to Da Nang’s premier golf courses. Whether you’re teeing off at BRG Golf Club, Montgomerie Links, Hoiana Shores, Ba Na Hills, Nam Hoi An Golf Club, or Laguna Golf Club, our fleet of vehicles ensures a seamless journey from your Da Nang hotel or airport. With transparent pricing that includes driver wages, road tolls, fuel, amenities like cold towels and water, and passenger insurance, guarantees a stress-free golfing experience. Experience comfort, reliability, and unparalleled service as you explore the golfing gems of Da Nang with us.

Introduction to the Sport of Golf

No longer a stranger in the sports world, golf is often referred to as the “noble game” due to its unique and challenging nature. Most people who can play this sport are those who are willing to spend because the cost of renting a course is quite high, and the investment in clothing, golf clubs, bags, shoes, gloves, etc., can range from tens, hundreds, to even billions, making it quite expensive. Why do wealthy people enjoy playing golf? Because it is a sport that helps to solidify one’s status, meet other magnates on the course, and have the opportunity to connect and socialize with other affluent individuals. During such times, people are often more relaxed, making it easier to bond. It also provides them with opportunities for business cooperation.

Da Nang’s golf courses are renowned for their beautiful, world-class 5-star quality and expansive size.

Unlike most other ball games, golf does not require a standardized playing area. The game takes place on a course arranged in a predefined cycle of 9 or 18 holes and is designed with various terrains, challenges, and obstacles. Simply put, in golf, the player’s objective is to get the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes to win.

Da Nang’s golf courses are renowned for their world-class, 5-star quality and expansive landscapes. They cater not only to sightseers and competitive golfers but also seamlessly integrate with scenic landmarks, luxurious resorts, and beachfront accommodations

Private car rental service to the golf courses in Danang by

At VnCarRentals, we offer Private car rental service to the golf courses in Danang with many perks, including premium limousine cars, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious trip, as well as safe storage for your golf clubs, preventing any damage during transit. Our car rental service guarantees:

  • Travel in new, high-quality limousine models with luxurious, comfortable, and convenient interiors.
  • Options to hire cars for both drop-off and pick-up or book a car for the entire trip.
  • Choices to rent a 16-seater, 29-seater, or 45-seater bus if organizing tournaments with enthusiastic audience support.
  • All our limousine models are new and of high quality.
  • Our drivers, who take guests to play golf, speak basic English, are enthusiastic, professional, and ensure safe driving, along with a customer care team fluent in English ready to support customers in various situations.
  • Cars are always thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before starting the trip to serve customers. offers private car rental services with drivers to golf courses

Price List for Car Rental to Play Golf in Da Nang

No. Route Duration Price (VND)
1 Da Nang Hotel / Da Nang Airport – BRG Golf Club 1 day 2,600,000
2 Da Nang Hotel / Da Nang Airport – Montgomerie Links Golf Club 1 day 2,600,000
3 Da Nang Hotel / Da Nang Airport – Hoiana Shores Golf Club 1 day 2,800,000
4 Da Nang Hotel / Da Nang Airport – Ba Na Hills Golf Club 1 day 2,500,000
5 Da Nang Hotel / Da Nang Airport – Nam Hoi An Golf Club 1 day 2,900,000
6 Da Nang Hotel / Da Nang Airport – Laguna Golf Club 1 day 3,000,000

Please note when renting a car to golf courses in Da Nang: The car rental prices listed above are for reference only. For the best rental rates and to inquire about special offers for long-term rentals to golf courses, please contact our rental advisors directly. We are here to ensure you receive the most competitive pricing and personalized service for your golfing trips in Da Nang.

Price Includes:

  • Driver’s salary
  • Road and bridge tolls
  • Fuel throughout the journey
  • Cold towels, drinking water, face masks
  • Passenger insurance onboard

Price Does Not Include:

  • Personal expenses
  • Expressway toll fees (if applicable)
  • Driver tips
  • 10% VAT

Contact for renting a car to golf courses.

To rent a car at, please contact us:

Additionally, you can reach us via the following contact form:


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