Danang Travel Guide – Things To Do In Danang

Danang is known as the most worth-living city in Vietnam. It has recently become a new city that is very famous for tourism. Danang has many destinations which attract foreign tourists from all over the world. They can enjoy from Ba Na Hill on the top of the mountains to the unique Dragon Bridge in the city’s center, which can spit water and breath fire on the weekend. As a coastal city, Danang has many beautiful beaches, such as My Khe beach, with clear water and long white sand as a coastal city. Ngu Hanh Son mountain is also one of the tourist attractions with many caves and impressive structures. Buddhists can visit Linh Ung pagoda and Tam Thai pagoda on that mountain.

When going to Danang, tourists can go to other famous destinations nearby such as Hue the ancient capital or Old Street Hoi An. Not only being famous for its landscapes, but Danang also attracts tourists because of its cuisine. Vietnamese turmeric noodles, noodles with grilled pork, lemongrass pork skewers, or crispy pancake are all traditional cuisine. Visitors can choose to relax in five stars hotels or luxury resorts too. In addition, local people are very polite, generous, and kind. They are willing to show you the way if you are lost, show you delicious restaurants or even prestigious hotels. All the things above are why Danang has been visited and loved by visitors.

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Danang Travel Guide - Things To Do In Danang

Where is Tran Thi Ly Bridge? Discover the most beautiful cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam

In addition to the familiar Dragon Bridge that is mentioned every time tourists come to Da Nang, Tran Thi Ly Bridge – the most slender and majestic inclined pillar oil tree in Vietnam is also considered one of the most eye-catching symbols of Vietnam. Danang. Visitors will not be surprised by the beauty of the...
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Nguyen Van Troi Bridge – Top Check-in points in Da Nang

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is an old bridge, associated with many years of brilliant development of Da Nang city. Up to now, the bridge has put on a different look, fresh and full of life. This is also a place to gather and admire the Han River of Da Thanh youth as well as many...
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Dragon Bridge Da Nang – Experience watching dragon bridge spit fire and spray water

Dragon Bridge is one of the youngest bridges across the Han River, making a strong impression on visitors. When people come here, in addition to admiring its unique design and beauty, they also look forward to the moment of watching the bridge spit fire and spray water. This is an exciting nightlife experience not to...
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The experience of going to the Marble Mountains ‘bombarded’ everything in great detail

Marble Mountains is a famous tourist destination in Da Nang known to many people. This place is like a symbol of Da Nang city because of its poetic landscape, beautiful scenery and vast nature. So what’s attractive in Marble Mountains ? Let’s explore this place with Vietnam Car Rentals in detail! Table of Contents About Marble...
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Discover the beauty of Bach Ma Mountain in Hue “Bach Ma National Park”

Bach Ma Mountain in Hue is a place for young people who like nature, mountains, and “phot”. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co , … from above. Let’s share with us the experience of traveling to Bach Ma mountain in Hue . Table of Contents Where is Bach Ma Mountain in Hue?The...
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Top 10 Cheap Beautiful Danang Resorts with Swimming Pools near the Sea

Da Nang is one of the destinations that owns the most luxurious and high-class resorts in the country. Explore the most beautiful and famous Danang resorts with Vncarrentals.com , which will bring you the most perfect vacation. Many tourists want to find cheap resorts in Da Nang, but in the most livable city in Vietnam, cheap resorts are almost non-existent! Table...
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Bana Hills Ticket Price 2023 & Ba Na Hills buffet price

Hello everyone, Vietnam Car Rental often receives questions about how much is the Bana Hills cable car ticket in 2023 , is there a fee for any games when coming to Bana Hills or what is the buffet price in Ba Na? So today Vietnam Car Rental will write an article summarizing all information related to Bana...
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How is the weather in Ba Na Hills like four seasons in 24 hours?

Finding out information about Ba Na Hills weather is the preparation for the most complete Ba Na Hills trip. So, what’s so special about the weather at the top of Chua Mountain that is different from other places? Check out the article below! Table of Contents General special features of Ba Na Hills weatherDiscover Ba...
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Spa Da Nang – Top 22 prestigious professional massage addresses in Da Nang

Da Nang is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and cuisine, but also for its health care services and Spa Massage . With a cheaper price compared to other cities in Vietnam, coming to Da Nang you will get the best Danang massage experience ever. Follow the 22 spa addresses in Da Nang that Vietnam Car Rental introduces below to find...
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