Lang Co Bay Hue – Explore one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Lang Co Bay Hue is renowned as one of the most beautiful bays on the planet. This place is famous for its stunning natural beauty that includes rivers, mountains, sea, and mesmerizing lagoons. Until now, Lang Co Bay Hue still holds many fascinating secrets waiting for travelers from afar to come and explore.

Lang Co Bay Hue is an ideal tourist destination for those who love the romantic and tranquil beauty of long stretches of pristine white sand by the vast, clear, and refreshing waters. If you’re one of them, then pocket some useful information about Lang Co tourism to be ready for your perfect journey to Hue!

Lang Co Bay as seen from above.

Introduction to Lang Co Bay.

Which province does Lang Co Bay belong to? Lang Co Bay Hue is located in Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua – Thien Hue province. The bay is situated more than 60km from the center of Hue City and approximately 25km from Danang City. It lies right at the foot of Hai Van Pass and is often likened to a “fairyland,” featuring an incredibly beautiful natural panorama.

The natural scenery at Lang Co Bay in Hue.

In 2009, Lang Co Bay Hue was voted as one of the most beautiful bays in the world by Worldbays. It seems to be a place where everything perfect converges, from majestic mountains, long stretches of white sandy beaches, to the vast blue sea and the shimmering golden sun, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When is the best time to visit Lang Co Bay?

The weather in Lang Co Bay Hue is divided into two main seasons: the hot season and the cold season. The primary activities for tourists here are relaxation and swimming. Therefore, from April to July each year is the ideal time to visit Lang Co for tourism. During this period, the seawater is crystal clear, the waves are calm, and the weather is cool and pleasant.

What is the best time to visit Lang Co Hue in which month?

If you visit Lang Co Bay Hue from August to November, please note that this is the rainy season in the bay. Hence, the seawater can be quite murky, which is not conducive to tourism, swimming, or taking Instagram-worthy photos. Moreover, from December to March of the following year, the weather here is quite cold, so if you come to Lang Co during that time, it’s not advisable to swim.

How to get to Lang Co Bay?

  • By plane: For travelers coming from distant places like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City or international tourists, taking a flight is the quickest way. There are daily flights from both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to Hue or Danang by various airlines. Upon landing at Phu Bai Airport in Hue, travelers can continue their journey to Lang Co Bay Hue by car. The distance from Phu Bai Airport to Lang Co is approximately 75km, so it will take nearly 1 hour by car.
  • By train: This mode of transportation is suitable for those with plenty of time and a desire to experience the beautiful scenery along the way. Before heading to Lang Co Bay Hue from Hue, travelers should book train tickets from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Hue. Ticket prices range from 350,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND, depending on the class.
  • By bus: Most buses to Hue are North-South sleeper buses, and ticket prices do not vary significantly, ranging from 300,000 VND to 450,000 VND. In Hanoi, travelers can go to Giap Bat Bus Station, Nuoc Ngam Bus Station, or Luong Yen Bus Station to catch a bus. In Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can go to Mien Dong Bus Station to buy tickets. Please contact the bus company in advance to avoid ticket shortages or overcrowding.

Additionally, if you are in Danang or Hue, booking a private car rentals with driver in Danang from is a good choice. You can travel from Hue to Danang and visit Lang Co Bay without incurring additional costs. Book your private car journey from Danang to Hue with us today for the most complete Lang Co Bay experience.

Exciting experiences when visiting Lang Co Bay Hue.

Lang Co Bay Hue offers many fascinating tourist destinations that provide unforgettable experiences for travelers. Here are some attractive places that you should not miss when visiting the world’s most beautiful bay:

Watch the sunrise over the East Sea.

Cảnh Dương Beach is located right below Laguna, next to Chan May port in Loc Vinh commune. This Lang Co Beach has captivated many tourists with its pristine beauty, featuring a gently curving white sandy beach embraced by the vast and serene ocean.

Beautiful sunrise at Canh Duong Beach – Lang Co Bay

A must-not-miss experience when visiting Canh Duong Beach is watching the sunrise gradually appear on the horizon. This is a fantastic moment that not only leaves viewers in awe but also provides an ideal time to capture stunning photos.

Experience fishing in Lap An Lagoon.

Lap An Lagoon, with its beauty often likened to the poem “Thu Dieu” by Nguyen Khuyen, depicting “a small fishing boat gently swaying” amidst the azure waters, is also a fascinating tourist destination in Lang Co. In the past, Lap An Lagoon was a favorite fishing spot for Kings Khai Dinh and Bao Dai during their summer vacations. If you have the chance to visit, try the experience of fishing in this charming natural setting.

The majestic beauty, wilderness, and serene tranquility of Lap An Lagoon in Hue

Explore Bach Ma Mountain.

When visiting Lang Co Bay, you should not miss Bach Ma Mountain, known for having the most pleasant climate in the Indochina region, with a cool temperature ranging from 10 to 22 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Bach Ma Mountain piques the curiosity of travelers with its enormous ecosystem, home to approximately 500 plant species and various rare and precious creatures.

This is also a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts, allowing them to push their limits while admiring the majestic beauty of nature.

If you want to go to Bach Ma National Park from Da Nang, you can book a chauffeur car hire service with the following phrase: Car hire with driver from Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park – Chauffeur Car Hire Da Nang to Bach Ma

Admire the beauty of Lang Co Bay from Hai Van Pass.

One of the exciting activities in Lang Co is admiring the coastal bay area from Hai Van Pass. Hai Van Pass has always been attractive to tourists due to its beautiful winding roads, and it becomes even more appealing when travelers can stand on the pass and have a panoramic view of Lang Co Bay, resembling a graceful crescent moon, and the surrounding picturesque landscapes.

Visit the tomb of King Khai Dinh.

Khai Dinh Tomb is a tourist attraction in Lang Co located on the Chau Chu Mountain range, in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town. Amidst the lush green mountains, Khai Dinh’s tomb stands out with its blend of traditional and modern architectural styles, exuding a unique and rare grandeur. Khai Dinh’s tomb is also a work constructed from rare and precious materials and features many stunning works of art, truly admirable.

Witness the sunset over Tam Giang Lagoon.

Tam Giang Lagoon is a famous tourist destination in Lang Co Hue, known for its incredibly beautiful and captivating scenery. Particularly enchanting is the gradual reddening of the sky over the vast expanse of water, leaving behind a golden-orange glow in the serene sky at Tam Giang. This is one of the largest lagoons in Southeast Asia, stretching 24km, originating from the O Lau River and flowing into Thuan An Beach.

Traveling Tam Giang Lagoon, Hue

Explore the culture of craft villages in Lang Co Bay.

In addition to visiting famous tourist attractions, exploring the culture of craft villages in Lang Co is also an intriguing experience. Just a one-hour drive towards Tu Duc’s tomb from Hue, travelers will find a small road in the suburbs filled with colorful incense stalls. Stopping here, you’ll have the opportunity to personally experience the process of making incense sticks and capture beautiful moments in interesting photo spots.

What to eat in Lang Co Bay?

Steamed crab with lemongrass: When you’re in Lang Co Bay Hue, you must indulge in delicious and enticing seafood dishes. One of them is steamed crab with lemongrass. This dish is prepared simply, retaining the natural sweetness and fragrance of the ingredients.

Grilled oysters with cheese: Another delightful seafood dish for travelers in Lang Co is grilled oysters with cheese. Grilled oysters with cheese are irresistible to diners due to the fragrant, creamy, and visually appealing experience when the cheese melts while still hot.

Seafood hotpot: With the year-round cool climate in Lang Co, a seafood hotpot is a suitable choice. If you happen to visit on a chilly day, be sure to stop by a good restaurant in Lang Co Hue to enjoy a steaming hot and flavorful seafood hotpot that’s hard to resist.

Seafood hotpot is very suitable for chilly days

Crab noodle soup: Crab noodle soup is considered a unique dish in Hue. The bowls of crab noodle soup here feature thick, sweet noodles, tender crab meat, and fresh herbs and vegetables, offering a rich, delicious, and unforgettable taste for diners.

Clam sauce: In addition to the mentioned dishes, Lang Co Bay is also known for a special delicacy, which is clam sauce. Locally caught clams go through a complex and meticulous process to create a unique clam sauce with a distinctive flavor that cannot be mistaken.

Important notes to remember when visiting Lang Co Bay in Hue.

The beaches in Lang Co Bay are beautiful, but when swimming here, travelers should be cautious and avoid deep water areas to ensure safety, as there are no lifeguards or danger warning systems in place.

  • For those who want to travel through Hai Van Pass, even though the road has been paved smoothly, caution and observation are still necessary.
  • Lang Co Bay is quite far from the city center, so there are relatively few nightlife activities in the area.
  • Another travel experience in Lang Co is to inquire and negotiate prices before deciding to buy souvenirs.

As one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Lang Co Bay Hue promises to offer many exciting and appealing experiences for travelers from afar. To ensure a complete journey, travelers should research accommodations and resorts thoroughly. A centrally located resort in Hue, with all the amenities and professional services, along with 5-star facilities like Melia Vinpearl Hue, is an ideal choice.

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