Saigon Central Post Office: A break from the old days of Saigon

Central Post Office is one of the typical buildings of Saigon. So far, this is the most unique “cultural exchange” place that anyone can enjoy. So what at Saigon Central Post Office is waiting for you to discover? Find out with Vietnam Car Rental now and always!

About Saigon Central Post Office

Ho Chi Minh City Post Office was built by the French in the period 1886 – 1891. This is an architectural work built in Western style combined with Eastern decorative features. Until now, this post office building still retains its inherent beauty. It also brings a little more nostalgia about the time, coloring a busy and modern Saigon corner.

About Saigon Central Post Office
About Saigon Central Post Office

In addition to being a historical witness, Saigon Post Office is also a gathering place for entertainment, check-in, and tourist attractions for many young people and domestic and foreign tourists. Because this place is also located next to Notre Dame Cathedral, if you want to do a tour to explore Saigon, this road is definitely indispensable. And of course, in your photo collection, it is impossible not to have memories here.

What’s inside the HCMC Post Office?

Saigon Central Post Office is considered a place to mark and preserve the French – Vietnamese culture. At the same time, it is also a historical witness when witnessing many bloody battles until the day Saigon was liberated. Look at the letters with so many emotions pouring in from all over the world.

What's inside the HCMC Post Office
What’s inside the HCMC Post Office

The post office was built in a unique architectural style with the familiar yellow-white-blue tones. Because it is modeled after French architecture, it always stands out with its wide arched doorways, emphasizing many textures. Right in front is a rather old large clock.

Inside, the large dome architecture always impresses visitors. Entering is a photo of the great and great President Ho. The two sides of the building are the historical image of Saigon which is shown subtly. What is more special is that the post office still keeps the postmen, stamps and souvenirs of the past. Making those who come here bring themselves a feeling of nostalgia and nostalgia. People also sell many items, souvenir stalls if you want, you can buy them as gifts.


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The best virtual living corners at the Central Post Office

In addition to historical and cultural values, today Saigon Central Post Office has become an extremely hot tourist check-in place for many young people. Many Saigon-style photo sets were taken here. And if you are planning to explore, then save the very cool shooting angles below!

The front angle taking the composition with a large clock image behind is the “legendary” angle that you must definitely catch. Just looking at it, you can tell that you are visiting Saigon
Outside the post office is also decorated with mailboxes or seats for visitors. You can take advantage to take photos, bring your emotions back to the old days of Saigon.

4. Some notes when exploring Saigon Post Office

– Because it is located on the central road, moving to the post office in Ho Chi Minh City is quite simple. You can go by car, motorbike or bus routes from other districts.

– Close to the post office are some cultural structures such as Notre Dame Cathedral or other entertainment places. So you can give yourself a tour to explore on weekends. Especially if you have not found a place to take virtual photos, this is the perfect suggestion.

– Inside the post office, there will be separate regulations, especially for souvenirs. Make sure you know those rules so you don’t hurt people.

– Because it is a tourist destination, the post office is always crowded, taking pictures often sticks to people. So, you should choose some time frame with few people to have the best picture.

Above is the information about Saigon Central Post Office that Halo Travel wants to share with you. Wish you have a trip to explore Saigon full of fun and experiences!

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