What is the best season to go to Hue? Revealing tourist information about the weather of the Ancient Capital

Located in the middle of the S-shaped strip of land, Hue Ancient Capital is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. Not only in the ancient temples and citadel but Hue is also attractive because of its natural scenery, food, and people. But to have a convenient trip, you should know which season to go to Hue is beautiful. Let Vietnam Car Rental answer your questions!

What kind of climate does Hue have? What is the best season to go to Hue?

Hue is famous as the ancient capital under the Nguyen Dynasty – the last dynasty of Vietnam. Today, Hue is the center of culture and tourism in the Central region with UNESCO-listed scenic spots and heritage sites.

Located in the middle of Central Vietnam, the climate in Hue has many differences with the climate of the North and the South. The climate in the North is tropical monsoon with cold winters, while the South is more tropical monsoon nature with 2 rainy and dry seasons. Weather in Hue is a transition between two climates.


The weather in Hue can be divided into two periods: hot and dry and wet and cold. The hot dry season in Hue lasts from May to the end of August. The temperature at this time ranges from 28 to 34 degrees. The rainy season starts from September to March next year. Average rainfall reaches 2,700 – 2,900 mm, rain can last for many months.

Each season in Hue, has its own beauty and certain advantages and disadvantages for your travel. Therefore, based on the weather patterns, you should consider choosing a beautiful season to go to Hue.

What is the best season to travel to Hue?

The most beautiful Hue season – January to March 

To answer the question of what is the best season to go to Hue, you need to know the weather characteristics of each month of the year and suitable places to have fun.


Unlike the southern provinces, Hue has a very short spring season from late January to March. This is the time when the weather in Hue changes from cold, wet winter to warm sunny days.

The sky is bluer now, you will witness the natural scenery full of life. Sitting on a cyclo, walking around the tree-lined streets with light yellow sunlight, visitors will feel the poetic features of Hue. Visit Dong Ba market to immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of preparing for Tet.


Spring in Hue often has long spring rains. Light, silver rain covers the poetic Perfume River. Amidst those poetic emotions, go to the ancient temples.


Visit temples and tomb complexes with impressive natural harmony architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty kings such as Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, etc.

April – Hue festival season

April is probably the time when the peaceful Hue becomes the most bustling with Festival activities. This is a big cultural event, held every 2 years to honor and remember the traditional values ​​in Hue ancient capital .


Visitors to Hue at this time will witness major ceremonies such as: Royal Palace night, Nam Giao altar, Truyen Lo and Vinh Quy worshiping ancestors, Ao Dai night, poetry performance, country market, festival, flags. people, race…

In addition, Hue city also has performances of real scenes recreating the procession of the King to Trai Cung, doctorate contests, etc. These special ceremonies contribute to beautify the ancient capital’s culture by attracting a large number of people. tourists come to Hue this season.

Sunny season from May to August 

From May to August is the time when Hue enters the dry and hot season. Daytime temperature is very high, 39-40 degrees. Visitors can easily experience health problems if they do not prepare sunscreen when traveling to Hue this season.


However, the dry season brings many favorable points for tourists to visit famous landmarks in Hue. In addition to visiting ancient monuments, visitors can choose to relieve the heat of Hue when sailing on the Perfume River or in beautiful bays.

Lang Co beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, visitors can take countless beautiful photos here. Or surf at Thuan An beach for those who are passionate about exercise. If traveling with a group of close friends, please camp at Canh Duong beach to enjoy the sea view at night.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, the resort at Suoi Voi Hue , Ski waterfall, or Tam Giang lagoon is also an appropriate choice when traveling to Hue in the summer. What is the best season to go to Hue? The answer lies in choosing the right activities and places.

What is the best season to go to Hue? Rainy season September to December

The rainy season in Hue begins in September, at this time, there are typical long rains in Hue that go into poetry, music, and painting. ‘My dear Hue – But the rain poured down on Thua Thien’s sky’, these days the whole city falls into a very sad and contemplative Hue.

You can watch the rain at Vong Canh hill , Ngu Phung floor, Ngu Binh mountain. Visit cafes and hotels with Hue rain theme. Visitors can visit old cafes, listen to Trinh music with a cup of drip coffee, feel the slow rhythm of Hue’s life under the rain.

In addition, at this time, the temples in Hue also organize meditation classes, creating space for visitors wishing to quiet their mind on rainy days. Indoor activities such as watching performances of poetry, music, exhibitions, and cuisine deepen the understanding of the gentle and delicate lifestyle of the Hue people.

You can buy souvenirs that are only available in the rainy season in Hue such as hats, umbrellas, raincoats, etc. One note is that from the end of October to December you should consider carefully when coming to Hue. Because this is the time when natural disasters such as storms, floods, etc.

Above is the information to explain the question ” Which season is beautiful to go to Hue ?”. Vietnam Car Rental hopes that the above information has helped you to solve your queries. Wish you have a very happy trip to Hue with many interesting experiences.

 Transport In Hue

We suggest booking a car with chauffeured driver and exploring all the points of interesting in complete comfort. You can explore all of the ancient city – Hue city with: Hue Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda (oldest pagoda in Hue City), the Nguyen Royal Tombs, romantic Huong River (Perfume River), and plenty of others.

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