Ho Chi Minh Opera House: Returning to an ‘old Saigon’

Where to go in Saigon to both have fun and have a very good check-in place? Ho Chi Minh Opera House is definitely the ideal choice for a weekend in Saigon. Let’s go there with Vietnam Car Rental to discover what’s so attractive that so many people are interested in!

Highlights of Ho Chi Minh Opera House

  • Address:  07 Lam Son Square, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Open: 09:00 – 16:30 (weekdays)| 09:00 – 12:00 (weekend)

Ho Chi Minh City Theater is also known as the City Theatre, Opera House or Ho Chi Minh Opera House This is the center of culture and art, specializing in organizing theatrical performances of domestic and foreign art troupes or large and small events. 

The Opera House was inaugurated and operated since January 1, 1900. It used to be the place of performances of troupes from France to serve the crusaders. And there is also a plan to build this place to become an entertainment center for luxurious and noble characters and to entertain Western guests. But over time with the controversy, it became lost customers, for a time it stopped working, was damaged by the war and had to go through many repairs.

Until peacetime, in 2007, the People’s Council of Ho Chi Minh City approved a project to refurbish the theater with a cost of up to 1.6 billion VND. And now, with its appearance and hundreds of years of history, the Opera House has become a famous tourist and entertainment destination of Saigon people and tourists from all over the world.

How to move and buy tickets at Ho Chi Minh City Theater

Moving to the theater and ticket prices are two important things that any visitor is interested in, you can refer to some experiences below:

Move to the Opera House

The theater is very close to the city center, so you can easily move with many vehicles from motorbikes, personal cars, and buses. For those who choose to ride motorbikes and cars, they can rest assured because the Theater has its own parking lot open from 8:00 to 22:00 with a capacity of about 200 motorbikes and 50 cars.

As for taking the bus, from the center you can catch the bus 02, 03, 19. 45, 53. The bus stops are only 3-4 minutes walk from the Theater so you don’t need to worry too much.

Ticket price to the Theater

The theater will not be open to the public, so you can watch the shows here to go inside and take advantage of the time to learn and take photos of each space. There are two ways to buy tickets: at the counter or on the Website, you can follow the media to know what programs are going on. Ticket price includes:

  • Special program: 150,000 – 900,000 VND/ticket
  • Periodic program: 80,000 – 650,000 VND/ticket

The unique architecture of the Opera House

The Opera House is a unique architectural block with Western European classical style that stands out in the midst of magnificent and modern Saigon. This place was built from the idea of ​​​​French architects in the ” flamboyant ” style of the Third French Republic. Focus on sculpture and create an artistic look from the outside in. The interior design is carefully invested in terms of sound and light equipment. When the choir has just played, all will shine to create a beautiful castle.

Saigon Theater has up to 1800 seats, previously the exterior decoration was criticized by many people for being too cumbersome and confusing when trying to piece together reliefs and embossed statues. Later, it was remodeled to bring a youthful and modern look, but still retain the beauty of the time and a bygone era. This has created a fancy antique tone so that everyone can come to visit, see and comfortably check in in the style of “old Saigon”.

Some activities around the Theater

In addition to being the place where theater art activities and events take place, the Ho Chi Minh City Theater is also a place of entertainment, check-in and sightseeing for many young people.

Art show 

Loud singing is the ideal destination for art lovers. There will be regular shows and special musical events here. Including the Opera Gala symphony nights from domestic and international troupes, reviving the music of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc.

Some annual shows such as A O Show or The Mist show the cultural features of Vietnamese people in life, the relationship between people, or praise the agricultural industry by using familiar products. . In addition, the Opera House also organizes music events, filming programs or classical musicals and dances.

Suggestions for checking in at the Opera House

Thanks to its fancy architecture and classical cuisine, the City Theater has become a virtual check-in point for many young people. Often coming here, people will bring themselves back to the Saigon of the old days with a quiet, classic photo tone. If you are looking for concepts like this, don’t miss your free weekends to “dress up” here!


Note when visiting and having fun at the Theater

  • When buying concert tickets, you must pay attention to punctuality and follow the rules when participating because these are mainly professional performances.
  • Pay attention to the landscape, make sure not to bring food and drink into the theater
  • Do not wear offensive clothes when going inside
  • If you don’t buy tickets, you can take pictures outside the theater and should choose clothes with striking colors or classic trends.

Above is information about Ho Chi Minh City Theater that you can refer to. Wish you have a very pleasant experience here. And don’t forget to follow Vietnam Car Rental for more attractive tourist and culinary destinations.

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