Explore Ben Thanh Market: The ancient market has become a symbol of Saigon

Not only a place of trade and commerce, Ben Thanh market, Ho Chi Minh City has become a symbol of Saigon city, which has witnessed many ups and downs of the city and is the intersection between the old Saigon and the old Saigon. now. If you have a trip to Saigon, don’t forget to check-in to Ben Thanh market to make the trip more complete.

General introduction about Ben Thanh market

Where is Ben Thanh Market?

The market is located at Cua Nam, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The main gate of Ben Thanh Market is Cua Nam, overlooking Quach Thi Trang square with the symbol of a three-sided clock tower – this is also considered the main symbol of the market.

  • The North Gate is on the side of Le Thanh Ton Street.
  • Cua Dong is located on Phan Boi Chau Street.
  • West Gate is located on Phan Chu Trinh Street.

Operating time

Ben Thanh Market is open from 4am every day of the week

Area, goods sold

Ben Thanh Market has a total area of ​​13,056m², on average, every day welcomes about 10,000 visitors to buy, sell and visit.

Ben Thanh is considered the largest retail market in the sense that it can be found in this place all kinds of goods, from popular to high-end, especially food products of the most selective type. There is not a shortage of anything here, from onions, peppers, vegetables, fish, all kinds of fruits in every season, to confectionery, fabrics, shoes, bags, electrical appliances, electronics, souvenirs…

Architecture of Ben Thanh market

The old Ben Thanh market was built with bricks, wooden ribs, and thatched roofs, described as “a dense market street with houses along the riverside. In February 1859, Ben Thanh market was burned down due to the French war over Gia Dinh citadel.

In 1860, the French rebuilt Ben Thanh market at the old location, the market was built with brick columns, wooden ribs, and thatched roofs.

In July 1870, the market burned down one space, had to be rebuilt with brick columns, iron ribs, roofed with tiles, in total there were five compartments: food stalls, fish stalls, meat stalls, and food stalls. and grocery store

The construction process and the name of Ben Thanh market

Formed before the French arrived in this land, the market was originally located along the Ben Nghe river, at a wharf near Quy citadel (Gia Dinh citadel), so it was named Ben Thanh. In 1911, the French colonial government decided to move the market to its present location, then a muddy pond.

The old Ben Thanh Market was built from 1912 until the end of March 1914, it was completed and operated continuously until now.

Because the market is located on the banks of the Ben Nghe River, this wharf is used to serve visitors and soldiers entering the citadel. Therefore, the market is called Ben Thanh Market.

Visiting Ben Thanh Market, don’t forget to miss the following places

Check-in main gate of Ben Thanh market

It is the area with the symbol of the three-sided clock tower – the symbol of the market. Coming to Saigon, taking a few virtual photos at the market is something not to be missed.

Clothing and accessories stall

The fashion items here are diverse from A to Z. With prices from low to high, you can see and choose for yourself the best things or buy them as gifts for loved ones. fit.

Fruit stall

With a special location, Ben Thanh market is the gateway to sell fruits and vegetables from all parts of the country.

Dry specialty stall

This place concentrates all kinds of jam, dried fish or fruit with many varieties to many places throughout the city. This is also a place where many tourists stop by to choose to buy specialties as gifts or gifts.


The area has many handmade items made of brocade, wooden furniture, and ceramics made by skillful hands of skilled craftsmen.

Food court

The food court at the market is famous for a variety of delicious dishes, from main dishes such as vermicelli, broken rice, vermicelli, salad rolls, … to desserts, entertainment such as Saigon tea, snails, … They are all very tasty, attractive and reasonably priced.

Ben Thanh Market at night

Ben Thanh Market at night starts at 19:00 pm, the stalls pour into two streets Phan Boi Chau and Phan Chu Trinh on the side of the market selling a lot of stalls selling fine art, souvenirs, clothes and especially goods eat.

At night, the market becomes bustling and vibrant, so if you can walk around and enjoy night food at the market, it’s cooler than going in the morning.

The above article hopes to provide information for you to have a convenient visit to Saigon and visit Ben Thanh market

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