Ham Rong Tourism Area Sapa – A Fascinating Tourist Destination

The Ham Rong Mountain tourist area in Sapa is known by various enchanting names, such as the Mermaid of Sapa. Bestowed by the heavens with majestic and captivating beauty, it immediately draws one’s attention at first sight. Ham Rong Mountain has now become one of the ideal stopping points for a significant number of travel enthusiasts. However, how should one correctly visit Ham Rong Mountain, and when is the best time to fully admire its beauty? The following article from VnCarRentals.com’s will serve as a guidebook, helping you resolve all your inquiries.

Where is Ham Rong Mountain Tourist Area in Sapa located?

Located right in the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, approximately 3 kilometers from the town of Sapa, the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area has become one of the ideal stopovers for tourists visiting Sapa.

Tourist Destinations Near Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

Due to the influence of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Ham Rong Mountain typically experiences a cool climate throughout the year. The temperature varies from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius depending on the season. Occasionally, there is snowfall, creating a delightful experience for tourists. This is one of the favorite recreational spots in Sapa.

The Romantic Legend of Ham Rong Mountain

Have you ever wondered why this place is called Ham Rong Mountain or not? Some people believe that this name comes from the shape of the mountain, as it resembles the head of a dragon. However, not everyone knows the hidden story behind this shape.

Ham Rong Mountain is not only beautiful but also holds fascinating historical legends, especially the romantic legend of a pair of dragons. It is said that this place was once the residence of a pair of dragons deeply in love with each other. They were entwined with each other in the heavenly paradise.

One might think that their love story was perfect. However, an unexpected catastrophe struck, a great flood seemingly swept everything away. The strong male dragon luckily escaped the flood, while the female dragon struggled helplessly in the water.

She could only watch as the male dragon flew up into the sky. Gradually, the female dragon turned into stone, with her head becoming the peak of Ham Rong Mountain today, and her body transforming into the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

When is the best time to visit Ham Rong Mountain Tourist Area in Sapa?

Due to the influence of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, the climate in the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area in Sapa is always mild and pleasant.

Situated at an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level, Ham Rong Mountain enjoys gentle breezes, with a slight chill in early winter but still quite comfortable. Because of this, tourists can visit Ham Rong Mountain at any time of the year, whether it’s winter or summer.

The beautiful scenery of spring with cherry blossoms in full bloom

The scenery here changes with the seasons, and each season has its unique highlights. However, based on the experience gathered by VnCarRentals.com’s, tourists should avoid coming here around July and August.

During this time, there are often heavy rainfalls, causing inconvenience and making it more challenging to travel up the mountain, let alone taking beautiful photos in Sapa.

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How to Get to Ham Rong Mountain

There are several ways to travel to the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area in Sapa, with the most common being on foot or by motorbike. Ham Rong Mountain is located right next to the town of Sapa, making it easy to find. Here, you can also easily rent a motorbike or take a motorcycle taxi to go up the mountain.

However, to fully enjoy the majestic scenery and feel the gentle breeze of the Northwest on your skin, walking may be an excellent choice. Along the way to Ham Rong Mountain, you’ll encounter numerous beautiful spots. If you don’t stop to check in and capture the beauty of Sapa with your friends, you might miss out on a regrettable experience.

Additionally, because the walking path is quite long, it’s advisable to bring some refreshing water for you and your friends to drink along the way.

Furthermore, if you reside in the capital city of Hanoi and are looking for a means of transportation to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa, VnCarRentals.com’s specializes in providing private car rental services with drivers in Hanoi. With a professional driver, you can be picked up anywhere in Hanoi. Since it’s a private car, you can travel at any time. Book a private car rental service from Hanoi to Sapa today to fully enjoy the magnificence of Ham Rong Mountain.

Ticket Prices for Visiting Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain is beautiful, and the ticket prices to explore all its corners are incredibly affordable. As of 2023, the ticket prices for the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area are as follows:

  • Adult ticket: 70,000 VND;
  • Child ticket (ages 6 to 14): 30,000 VND;
  • Children under 1 meter in height: Free of charge.

With just 70,000 VND, you can freely explore every nook and cranny of Ham Rong Mountain. Take advantage of this amount to visit the most worthwhile places on Ham Rong Mountain. Which places are those? Continue reading VnCarRentals.com’s article to find out.

Why Should You Travel to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa?

The Ham Rong Mountain tourist area covers a vast 140 hectares. Being part of the famous tourist destination of Sapa, Ham Rong Mountain offers a surreal beauty, making you feel like you’re in a fairyland. It features numerous flower gardens and landscapes designed for travelers to capture stunning photographs.

In addition to the colorful artificial landscapes, the mountain still retains the simplicity of nature with its wind and sky. What’s particularly enchanting is that as you ascend the mountain, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a garden with over 194 types of orchids, always in full bloom. At an elevation of 1800 meters, the entire Sapa Valley, Tả Phìn, and Mường Hoa come into view, intermingled with white clouds, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

If you visit Ham Rong Mountain during the winter months, you may even witness snowflakes falling. Traveling to Ham Rong with its cool weather during the winter season allows you to immerse yourself in nature and relax, providing a soothing escape after tiring days.

Tourist Attractions at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

Orchid Garden, Cherry Blossom Garden

The first stop that VnCarRentals.com’s wants to introduce to tourists is the orchid garden and cherry blossom garden. Just the name alone suggests that this place will be filled with the fragrance and colors of cherry blossoms and orchids. First, let’s talk about the orchid garden. It’s no coincidence that orchid enthusiasts are often people who appreciate elegance, gentleness, and a touch of sophistication. Orchids have always symbolized this kind of refined beauty—simple yet captivating.

The orchid garden at Ham Rong Mountain tourist area boasts over 200 different species of orchids with various colors and fragrances. The first impression upon entering is likely the subtle scent of potted orchids. The fragrance isn’t overpowering but enough to enchant the visiting tourists. It’s a gentle scent that can seep into your clothes, creating a lingering memory with every step.

These orchids are meticulously cared for, and with the mild climate, they bloom beautifully in all seasons. This is what pleases tourists the most, as they can admire orchids at any time of the year at Ham Rong Mountain tourist area.

Next to the orchid garden is the cherry blossom garden. The cherry blossom trees here are just as diverse as the orchids. There are domestic cherry blossoms, imported cherry blossoms, and even Japanese cherry blossoms. Almost all the cherry blossom trees here are ancient, so their branches are quite large, and the blossoms are abundant.

The cherry blossom garden is also one of the familiar stopping points for young people
The cherry blossom garden is also one of the familiar stopping points for young people

Seeing cherry blossoms is reminiscent of the Lunar New Year. So, there’s nothing more wonderful than strolling around the cherry blossom garden with loved ones, admiring the flowers and enjoying the cool air, an experience that’s not readily available everywhere. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable memory for you and your loved ones during this travel season.

Thach Lam Stone Garden

If the orchid and cherry blossom gardens offer a relaxing and gentle feeling to tourists, the Thach Lam Stone Garden at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa provides an entirely different experience.

This place is covered with majestic, towering rock formations, yet it is incredibly orderly. These rock formations have been here for generations, untouched by human hands. However, now, it has become an essential destination at Ham Rong Mountain tourist area.

Whether the scenery at Thach Lam Stone Garden is beautiful or not depends on each person’s imagination. Some people find it beautiful because the rock formations resemble the powerful scales of a dragon, neatly arranged.

Others find it beautiful because the rock formations look sharp, like dragon claws. Regardless of how you perceive it, Thach Lam Stone Garden still possesses a unique and rarely found beauty.

Sapa Telecommunications Station

The Sapa Telecommunications Station is located at the top of the mountain, approximately 2000 meters above sea level. Here, you will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of Fansipan. Perhaps only a few sentences are insufficient to describe the allure of the landscape when you visit this place. Because it’s something you have to experience personally, witness, and feel with all your senses to understand why people are so captivated by it.

The Sapa telecommunications station attracts young people

Cloud Yard at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

The Cloud Yard, or Heaven’s Gate, is designed for those who seek boundless horizons and enjoy immersing themselves in a heavenly landscape. The Cloud Yard, as its name suggests, consists only of clouds, sky, and wind. But even that is enough to make one feel at peace, as if stepping into a dreamlike paradise.

The Cloud Yard is like a milestone, marking the individual journey of each traveler who has the chance to set foot on Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa. Most tourists who come here share a common feeling of contentment.

The Sapa Ham Rong Cloud Yard has always been the most sought-after destination for young people

It’s similar to the sense of accomplishment you get when you climb to the peak of Fansipan and proudly plant your flag there. So, if you have the opportunity to visit the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area, don’t miss the Cloud Yard, the gateway to the sky.

The Zodiac Sculpture Garden

The final stop is the Zodiac Sculpture Garden. This place is no longer unfamiliar to tourists visiting here. The Zodiac Sculpture Garden is also beautifully decorated, especially with clusters of dollar plants and colorful tóc tiên (hoop-petticoat daisy) flowers that attract the eyes of the beholders. You can choose from various spots with sculptures representing the zodiac animals to take fun and creative photos with your friends and loved ones.

Fun Activities at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

In addition to sightseeing, the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area offers numerous exciting activities that promise to leave tourists with memorable experiences.

Stop by a Roadside Tea Stall to Warm Up

If you’re feeling tired and craving a hot cup of tea on your journey, what should you do? Well, you can stop by a roadside tea stall, where a fragrant, steaming cup of tea will be served to you.

Enjoying local specialties along the way to Ham Rong Mountain
Enjoying local specialties along the way to Ham Rong Mountain

These tea stalls are far from fancy like those in the city. Here, simplicity prevails, but it’s unique and authentic. There are no fancy tables and chairs; instead, you’ll find simple bamboo tables and a few low stools, but they are quite sturdy. The tea here is exceptionally aromatic and has a unique flavor, like it’s brewed with the essence of Sapa’s heavenly water. Travelers choose to rest here because they appreciate the simplicity and homeliness. Sitting down at a stop on Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa, enjoying a hot cup of tea, reminiscing with friends, warming up, and then hitting the road again.

Enjoying Local Delicacies Along the Way

Visiting the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area without savoring the local delicacies here would be a big mistake. Due to the cold climate, most of the dishes along the mountain road are grilled. And what’s better than enjoying grilled dishes in cold weather?

Some dishes are known as specialties of the Northwestern region that you should try, such as traditional grilled skewered meat, sweet and savory roasted sweet potatoes, and a unique and delicious grilled egg dish that you can’t find everywhere.

The corn and sweet potato stalls along the road are enough to entice tourists to stop by.

The food here is also very affordable, so you can indulge without worrying about your budget.

Camping with Friends

Camping in the forest is a great idea, especially when you’re with a group of close friends. Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa is primarily a forested area, so finding a camping spot with your friends shouldn’t be too difficult.

Camping and stopping in Sapa is also an experience worth trying.

The equipment you’ll need for a “picnic along the way” is relatively simple, including a picnic blanket and food. Remember to bring plenty of plastic bags with you so that you can clean up immediately after eating. This not only shows respect for nature but also helps protect the environment.

Exploring the Unique Culture of Various Ethnic Groups

The Ham Rong Mountain tourist area is also a place where the cultures of many Northwestern ethnic groups converge. Here, tourists not only get to admire the beautiful scenery but also immerse themselves in the lives of the local people. The nights come alive with music performances featuring traditional instruments like the khen and flute, which are sure to touch your heart and make you want to join in with the melodies.

The charming girl in the traditional dress of the H’mong ethnic group in the Hàm Rồng area

Traditional games also make tourists visiting Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa feel delighted. This is also an opportunity for you to socialize and learn interesting aspects of the locals’ lives. A “cultural feast” in the heart of the Northwest mountains is perhaps one of the most impressive experiences for tourists when they visit the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area.

Tourist Destinations Near Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

If you’ve explored every nook and cranny of the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area and still don’t want to leave, VnCarRentals.com recommends visiting some interesting places near Ham Rong Mountain.

Firstly, there’s the Stone Church of Sapa. The Stone Church of Sapa is located on the way to Ham Rong Mountain, making it easy for travelers to spot. This church was constructed in 1885 and is entirely made of stone, making it a unique architectural gem. You won’t need much time to take some unique photos with friends as you pass by.

You can find these outfits in villages like Cat Cat and Ta Van for photography.
You can find these outfits in villages like Cat Cat and Ta Van for photography.

Next is Cat Cat Village. Cat Cat Village is the home of Dao and H’Mong ethnic people. Most of the villagers here strive to preserve the traditional beauty of the Northwest mountainous region. Cultural highlights such as traditional brocade weaving, waterfalls, and bamboo bridges are still passed down by the locals to this day. If you have the chance, be sure to try the local Dao people’s specialty, “tao meo” wine. The sour and strong flavor of “tao meo” wine is sure to captivate your taste buds.

Lastly, there’s the Muong Hoa Valley. Muong Hoa Valley is famous for its terraced rice fields. If you visit during the rice harvest season, you’ll be mesmerized by the golden beauty of the ripe rice fields.

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Tips for Hiking Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa is beautiful throughout all four seasons, but it’s most enchanting during spring. This is the time when you’ll have the chance to admire cherry blossoms in full bloom, pure white plum blossoms still adorned with morning dew, or pear blossoms covering the sky. When the mountain and forest are dressed in their most vibrant colors, it’s the perfect moment for you to lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery here.

Cloud hunting can be done right on Ham Rong Mountain without the need to venture far. Travelers often prefer conquering the summit of Fansipan to chase clouds. However, compared to ascending over 2,000 meters to the peak of Fansipan, cloud hunting right at the summit of Ham Rong Mountain is much simpler. In the mountain’s peak area, you can have a panoramic view of Sapa town within your reach. If you want to chase clouds, it’s best to visit between October and December.

Travelers should also avoid visiting the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area in July and August, as heavy rains are common during this period. Unfavorable weather can make your trip less enjoyable.

One final note that VnCarRentals.com wants to emphasize to travelers planning to visit Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa is preparation. Whether you visit during any time of the year, be it winter or summer, Sapa’s weather remains cold, so warm clothing is essential. Additionally, the trek to the mountain can be quite long and tiring, so it’s a good idea to bring extra water and some snacks to replenish your energy along the way.

The sharing of experiences in exploring Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa, as mentioned earlier, concludes VnCarRentals.com’s article for today. Ultimately, the Ham Rong Mountain tourist area is one of the worthwhile destinations to consider for this travel season. We hope that the information we’ve provided above will help you better prepare for your upcoming journey.


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