Tham Ma slope Of Ha Giang: the most beautiful pass in the country

Tham Ma slope is one of the extremely impressive passes for anyone coming to Ha Giang. This slope seems to have become the highlight for the landscape painting in the headland of the country. Perhaps, for those who have been to Ha Giang, surely they will not forget the memorable experience with this slope. Below, let’s explore this beautiful road with Vietnam Car Rental !

A little bit about Ha Giang Ma River

Tham Ma slope is a pass road located right at Highway 4C on the road connecting Meo Vac district and Ha Giang city. This slope is known as the most dangerous pass in the North. However, for that reason, backpackers love to conquer this slope.


A little bit about Ha Giang Ma River
A little bit about Ha Giang Ma River

To conquer Tham Ma slope, you will have to go through 9 winding bends. For those who experience the slopes for the first time, this is indeed a big challenge. Conquering through 9 winding bends, you will admire the beautiful scenery of Dong Van rock plateau.

Instructions for moving to Tham Ma Slope

To get to Doc Tham Ma, you can follow Highway 4C. This slope is located on the way from Ha Giang city to Quan Ba ​​- to Yen Minh and then up to Dong Van.


According to some accumulated experiences, on the way to Doc Ham Ma, you will pass famous places such as Ma Pi Leng, Quan Ba ​​twin mountains, Quyet Tien market, Hanh Phuc street, ….

Doc Tham Ma backpacking schedule from Ha Giang city

To combine visiting many beautiful places of Ha Giang, you can refer to the schedule of Doc Tham Ma backpacking trips below:

  • Ha Giang – Quan Ba ​​city schedule: The way to Doc Tham Ma you will have to start from Ha Giang city and go to Quan Ba. In Quan Ba, you can visit Quan Ba ​​heaven gate, walk around Quyet Tien market or visit Co Tien twin mountain and Bac Sum slope, etc.
  • Schedule Quan Ba ​​- Yen Minh: Quan Ba ​​going to Yen Minh is the next route after stopping in Quan Ba. In Yen Minh, you can visit places such as Du Gia, Yen Minh pine forest or Yen Minh town center, …
  • Yen Minh – Tham Ma slope: Finally, it is the schedule to go from Yen Minh to Tham Ma Doc and Dong Van Rock Plateau. Here you can visit the Vice Report. This is one of the villages in Ha Giang that still retains its rustic and simple features. Going to Tham Ma slope is also when you come to the gateway of places such as Sung La, King Meo’s mansion, the famous Lung Cu flagpole or Ma Pi Leng, Pho Bang, etc.

Review of Tham Ma slope – a beautiful pass

It can be said that every time passing through Tham Ma slope, many people are captivated by the beauty of this place. Climbing to the top of the slope, you can admire the green mountain scenery of Ha Giang plateau. Although the top view of Tham Ma Slope is a bit steep and scary, it is really worth it.


On one side are steep mountains, on the other is a deep abyss. In the middle of the mountain range and the abyss is a soft winding road between the craggy cliffs. Looking from above, we see the slope like a lovely peach silk in the middle of the majestic mountains.


Overcoming this slope, in your sight are golden rice fields. The backpackers spread to each other that just looking at the scenery here will dispel all worries and worries.

The ideal time to go to Tham Ma Slope 

Tham Ma slope in each season brings its own beauty. If you choose to travel in September – October, you will admire the ripe rice fields stretching green in the Northwest sky. Or in the season of October – November is the season of beautiful buckwheat flowers. In November-December, the season of canola flowers fills the mountains and forests with ecstatic yellow.

Admiring the land of Ha Giang from the craggy Tham Ma slope, you will surely be captivated by this captivating and heart-wrenching scene!


What do you eat in Phở Doc?

Visiting Tham Ma Doc in particular, you definitely have to try the delicious dishes in Ha Giang. One of them is the pho Trang Kim sold at Quyet Tien market on the way to the slope. This noodle soup is famous for its mild sweet taste, the chicken broth is not too fatty. Pho Trang Kim is made from typical ingredients of the mountains, so the taste will definitely make you unforgettable.


In addition, at the markets, there are specialties of Thang Co, corn wine, kitchen buffalo meat, five-color sticky rice, Thang am, etc. These are all famous delicacies in Ha Giang land that you cannot miss.

It can be said that exploring Tham Ma Doc is one of the experiences that anyone should try when coming to Ha Giang. Although the road to the slope is a bit difficult and dangerous, it will definitely bring you memorable experiences.

Above is some information about the famous Tham Ma slope in Ha Giang. If you intend to travel this second most beautiful pass in the country, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and go!

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