Datanla Waterfall & Adventures Should Try In Da Lat

It is no coincidence that Datanla waterfall is always a favorite destination of tourists when coming to the city of thousands of flowers. Let’s explore the endless charm of Datanla waterfall, Da Lat!
Possessing a beautiful natural landscape of the highlands with a mild and cool climate all year round, along with French architectural works that have existed for hundreds of years, Da Lat has a unique and unique beauty. can captivate anyone when coming here.
You can find romantic poetry when coming to Da Lat , be a wanderer looking for a little nostalgia, but you can also transform into nature conquerors. And for those who like to fully explore the majesty of the mountains and forests of Da Lat, it is definitely impossible to ignore Datanla waterfall, one of the five most beautiful waterfalls in Lam Dong, also a tourist attraction with many adventure games. extremely interesting danger.
Let’s learn about this famous waterfall with VietnamCarRental, and take a tour around Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area to see what interesting activities are happening here.

Introducing Datanla Waterfall Dalat

Famous for the wild, poetic but intense beauty typical of the Central Highlands, Datanla waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Lam Dong province.
This waterfall is located in the middle of Prenn Pass, about 5km south of Da Lat city center, with a large amount of water pouring from the rapids of 20m through many stone shelves, forming a very smooth and clear water stream. It is for this reason that this place is also called Suoi Tien, while the deep waterfall at the foot of the waterfall is called the Death Valley.
According to legend, Datanla waterfall is a guy K’Lang and a woman Hobiang often date. Once, K’Lang fought fiercely with wild animals, causing a section of the forest to fall, creating deep holes; and one of those pits is the Abyss of Death today.
Thanks to the rugged terrain and natural landscape, Datanla waterfall area has been planned into Datanla waterfall tourist area, combining many adventure activities, entertainment, relaxation with many different services.
You can visit Datanla waterfall at any time of the year, however, according to VnCarRental experience, Datanla is only beautiful and safest in the dry season, from November to April next year. At this time, the sunny weather will be favorable for outdoor activities and travel is also easier.

Where is Datanla Waterfall?

Datanla waterfall tourist area is located on Highway 20, in the Prenn pass area, ward 3, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

How to Go to Datanla . Waterfall

Moving to Datanla waterfall is quite easy by car, motorbike, or taxi.
From Dalat market, you move in the direction of Ong Dao bridge, cross the bridge and turn left at the roundabout to enter Tran Quoc Toan street. After that, continue to go straight and at the second roundabout, when you arrive at the 30/4 road, you will see a signpost indicating the way to Prenn Pass. Going a little further to the middle of the pass, you will see Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area located on the right side.
The road to Datanla waterfall is very easy, but you should go slowly and carefully at the pass. Especially, when it rains, the pass is very slippery.
If you are not used to handling traffic situations on the pass, you should rent a private car with a driver to be taken to the place, both safely and economically.

Datanla Waterfall Ticket Price Reference

Datanla waterfall tourist area stipulates specific ticket prices for each service, applied separately for adults and children. #teamKlook refer to the following price list and choose depending on your needs.
  • Sightseeing: 30,000 VND/adult, 10,000 VND/child
  • New one-way sled, no ticket to visit: 80,000 VND/adult, 60,000 VND/child
  • New round-trip sledge, no ticket to visit: 170,000 VND/adult, 100,000 VND/child
  • Swinging through the forest: 350,000 VND/adult, 200,000 VND/child
  • Swinging over the waterfall: 1,650,000 VND/person, applicable for both adults and children
  • One-way cable car: 80,000 VND/adult, 60,000 VND/child
  • Round trip cable car: 100,000 VND/adult, 70,000 VND/child

Datanla Falls Opening Hours

Datanla waterfall tourist area is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm every day of the week. However, some games will be down for a while when it comes to maintenance schedule; Therefore, you should check in advance with the resort management or Datanla waterfall ticket office.

Thrilling Travel Experiences at Dalanta Falls Dalat

Having the opportunity to travel to Dalat Dalat Waterfall, it is hard to “ignore” the experiences that challenge the toughness and courage of visitors. Single doors such as riding an off-road sled , ziplining or canyoning over a waterfall ; all bring you a memorable travel experience. You can also combine fun at Dalat Dalat Waterfall with visiting famous ecotourism sites in Da Thanh such as Liang Biang Mountain, Tuyen Lam Lake, strawberry gardens and more.

Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area What to Play? Featured Datanla Waterfall Games 

Datanla waterfall tourist area is known as a thrilling paradise in Da Lat, with a lot of adventure games that are carefully invested and upgraded regularly, ensuring maximum safety for you. To have a passionate and daring youth, you must definitely try all the “top of the top” activities at Datanla Waterfall Resort.

“Heartbeat” swinging over the waterfall

Swinging over the falls, also known as Canyoning , is the most challenging “landscape” among adventure games in Datanla Waterfall Resort. You have to plunge between the torrential water and climb the steep cliffs to conquer the waterfall.
This activity will take a lot of energy, and courage, but it gives a very interesting feeling of conquest. Swinging over the falls has many levels of difficulty, depending on the age and ability of each person.
Dalattourist – Datanla

Experience the adventurous rope swing journey

High Rope Course is a team-based activity, applicable to both adults and children, including two levels for each group: height from 10-20m for adults and height about 1m for kids.
To test your willpower and practice teamwork skills, each journey will include 6 rounds and 80 different challenges with increasing difficulty. However, you can stop anytime you want. This game is especially suitable for families or groups of friends, it will definitely be a great bonding time between members.

Vi vu on the slide through the mountain

Having come to Datanla Waterfall Resort, you must experience the feeling of riding the longest slide in Southeast Asia on the modern Alpine Coaster system, which can adjust the speed of the sled as you like.
This activity does not require special skills, but still gives a very “good” feeling when rushing through the air and through the mountains and forests, soaring in the wind, leaning in exciting turns.

Floating rope swing through the forest

If you want to find something new, a different way to enjoy the nature of Dalat, then zipline will be a great choice. When you first start running down the slide, it is really “heart pounding, legs shaking”, but after a while, you will feel addicted because you have overcome the fear of heights, and in front of you are the mountains too. vast, vast.

Coordinate rafting

It’s also Kayaking, but in Datanla, it’s not as romantic as in Tuyen Lam Lake , because this is rafting!
Each boat will have 2 or 6 rowers, and perform rowing through 10 rapids in a few hours. To overcome this challenge, the players must have good coordination, rhythm with each other, and calmly handle situations in the journey.

See Datanla waterfall by cable car

If you are afraid of adventure games or families with small children and the elderly, you can fully experience the nature, mountains and forests of Datanla by cable car. The cable car system with a length of more than 2km will take you through pine hills, valleys at the foot of Prenn Pass, houses weaving around the mountain.

Take a leisurely walk through the forest 

Another relatively easy activity for you and your family is hiking through the woods. Unlike hard trekking, walking in Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area is much gentler with a system of stairs with a gentle slope, only about 200 steps and 1km long, so anyone can walk.
During the walk, you can enjoy the fresh air, the unspoiled beauty of Datanla with the sound of birds, the sound of streams echoing from a very pleasant distance.

What to Eat at Datanla Falls? 

Around the Datanla waterfall area, there are not too many outstanding restaurants and eateries, but in the Datanla waterfall tourist area, there is a restaurant located at the entrance, ready to serve your dining and resting needs. Datanla restaurant is designed in the style of a house on stilts, thatched, with a full menu of specialties from the highlands and delicious Dalat dishes, but the price is not very expensive.
In addition, you can refer to the most “hunted” restaurants in Da Lat so that if it is convenient, you can visit and enjoy.

Hostels, Hotels Near Datanla Waterfall, Da Lat 

If you love nature and the landscape where Datanla waterfall and Prenn pass are located, you can absolutely choose a beautiful place to stay. Many homestays , hotels , and “luxury” resorts in Da Lat are waiting for you.

New Century Hotel Dalat

  • Address: 14B Dong Da, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province
  • Reference price: from 431,000 VND/night

Stillus Boutique Hotel

  • Address: 107 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province
  • Reference price: from 762,000 VND/night

Swiss-BelResort Tuyen Lam

  • Address: Zone 7 and 8, Tuyen Lam Lake Tourist Area, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province
  • Reference price: from 1,315,000 VND/night

The Kupid Hill Homestay

  • Address: 47 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province
  • Reference price: from 850,000 VND/night

The Lake House Dalat

  • Address: Vuon Thuong, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province
  • Reference price: from 450,000 VND/night
With extremely interesting activities at Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area, you will not be bored when you come here. Having fun at Datanla, whether it is conquering 7 floors of waterfalls through many different challenges, or relaxing “virtual living”, enjoying the air, exploring the nature of Da Lat, will also bring you unforgettable memories. I can’t forget in the upcoming spring trip to Dalat.
Not stopping there, Da Lat has countless places to play for nature lovers such as: hunting clouds, camping , boating on the lake, etc. In Da Lat , immediately refer to the good suggestions only available at Klook. To prepare for a smooth trip and minimize incidents, remember to refer to VnCarRental Blog to pocket useful Dalat travel experiences and prepare well for your schedule.
More love of nature at Datanla waterfall, Da Lat. Why not?

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