Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels: “Underground Maze” in the middle of Saigon

With a tunnel system more than 200 km long, Cu Chi tunnels are a solid stronghold of the Military Zone Party Committee, the Saigon – Gia Dinh Command, making a significant contribution to the reunification of the country. The site will be submitted to UNESCO for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The following article provides some introductory information about the Cu Chi tunnels , hopefully will be useful for you in your upcoming trip to Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ).

Where is Cu Chi Tunnels?

About 70 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to the northwest, Cu Chi Tunnels is located at Provincial Road 15, Phu Hiep Hamlet, Phu My Hung Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. Google Maps

This tourist spot has a total length of up to 250km, with 3 different depths, the highest floor is about 3m from the ground, the middle floor is 6m from the ground and the deepest floor is up to 12m. This is one of 6 famous man-made works in the world today. Besides, Cu Chi tourist area also entered the top 7 most exotic destinations in Southeast Asia.

How to move to visit Cu Chi Tunnels

With a distance not too far from the city center, you can choose for yourself many forms of transportation that are suitable for your trip.

Go to Cu Chi Tunnels by bus

Bus to Cu Chi Tunnels: It is best to go to Ben Thanh bus station to catch more convenient buses. There are a number of trips as follows: Number 13 (Ben Thanh – Cu Chi), number 94 (Cho Lon – Cu Chi) and then number 79 or 122 (Cu Chi – Dau Tieng). Going by motorbike, personal car: going to the direction of An Suong overpass on National Highway 22 will quickly reach the destination. However, when going to the suburbs, there are many difficult terrains, so you should pay attention to the steering wheel.

Go To Cu Chi Tunnels By Car Rental With Driver

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History of Cu Chi Tunnels

The history of Cu Chi tunnels is associated with the resistance war against the French, period 1946 – 1948. The work was carried out by soldiers and people of Tan Phu Trung and Phuoc Vinh An communes to hide and store weapons and troops. jewelry.

Initially, each village here had its own base bunker, however, due to the need to travel, so they connected together to create a continuous system. The current Cu Chi tunnels work connects 6 northern communes of Cu Chi tunnels. From this work, the military can easily communicate, conceal forces, discuss revolutionary plans.

From 1961 to 1965, this work was developed into many branches connecting with each other. The top of this building is also equipped with a lot of nail holes, bell tunnels, minefields, etc. to serve the battle of our army and people.

With a tunnel system more than 200 km long, Cu Chi tunnels contributed significantly to the unification of the country.

What is Cu Chi Tunnels in Ahh?

Tour guides often refer to Cu Chi tunnels with the phrase: The tunnels of Cu Chi or Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City.

Ticket price for Cu Chi Tunnels

Below is a table of ticket prices to visit the latest Cu Chi Tunnels relic site, which has been edited by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to suit the economy and market prices.

Guest Sightseeing ticket price
Adults 35,000 VND/time
Children 7 – 16 years old 15,000 VND/time
Disabled people, wounded soldiers, people with meritorious services to the revolution… Free
Children under 7 years old Free

Map of Cu Chi Tunnels relic site

What does the Cu Chi tunnel relic site have?

To visit Cu Chi Tunnels, it is divided into 2 main areas: Ben Dinh Tunnels (in Ben Dinh Hamlet, Nhuan Duc Commune) and Ben Duoc Tunnels (in Phu Hiep Hamlet, Phu My Hung Commune). These two areas are different on the inside as well as the outside, but overall, they offer unforgettable historical experiences.

In the tunnel area, tourists will be able to watch movies, read documents and listen to stories related to our soldiers in the past.

In particular, the experience of tunneling inside the field, seeing firsthand the accommodation, living and even the ingenuity in the construction of the tunnel.

Besides sightseeing, you can participate in extremely interesting entertainment activities.

At the tunnel shooting area, this area organizes paintball shooting and defense sports. If you want the most “authentic” photos, check-in at the War Reenactment Area in the Cu Chi Tunnels.

After that, move through the swimming pool simulating the East Sea for kayaking or cycling around the area. And finally stop to rest at Trung An fruit garden, where there are a series of garden trees that are always green and fruity.

What to eat at Cu Chi tunnels?

The rustic dishes here will surely help visitors to experience like the old soldiers, such as: potatoes, cassava, sesame salt, tea, sugarcane juice …

Besides, there are no restaurant services inside the relic, so you have to go out to eat if you are in a large group.

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