Exploring Long Bien Bridge: Witnessing the history of Hanoi Capital

With the title of “historical witness”, having existed for more than 100 years, experiencing many ups and downs of time and historical events, Long Bien Bridge still stands tall and becomes one of the symbols of Hanoi. This is also an ideal place to admire the corners of Hanoi and have relaxing moments.

The following article will provide some information, hopefully it will be useful in your trip to Long Bien Bridge , Hanoi.

Where is Long Bien Bridge?

Connecting the two districts of Long Bien and Hoan Kiem of Hanoi, Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge spanning the Red River.

The bridge was built by the French in 1898, inaugurated on February 28, 1902 with the original name Doumer Bridge. After the Liberation of the Capital, the bridge was renamed Long Bien Bridge by the Governor of Hanoi – Doctor Tran Van Lai and used this name to this day.

Over hundreds of years of existence, Long Bien bridge still exists with the capital and until now the bridge has put on its rusty color despite being repaired many times. However, in the eyes of the people of the capital, Long Bien Bridge is a historical relic worth to be proud of.

How is Long Bien Bridge designed?

Long Bien Bridge has a total length of 2,290 m across the river and 896 m leading to the bridge, including 19 steel beam spans placed on 20 piers over 40 m high. The bridge is designed into many lanes, including a single railway in the middle, two lanes for pedestrians 0.4 m wide and 2.6 lanes for bicycles and other vehicles. m.

In contrast to bridges in Vietnam, traffic flows on the bridge to the left, not the right. This type of design often appears in European countries, typically France.

From a distance, Hanoi’s Long Bien Bridge looks like a winding dragon, many people think it’s very similar to the Tobiac bridge in District 13 connecting Paris and Orléans (France). In comparison, this bridge deserves to be called the most impressive iron bridge in the world.

Who designed the Long Bien Bridge?

According to information kept at the National Archives, Daydé & Pillé company is the winning contractor for this project. In the Long Bien Bridge design drawings of Daydé & Pillé, which are currently kept, there are original signatures of Daydé & Pillé engineers and the original signature approving the drawings of Governor-General of Indochina Paul Doumer.

History associated with Long Bien Bridge

During the nation’s two heroic wars of resistance against the French and Americans, Long Bien Bridge witnessed the most important milestones. In 1945, when President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, the bridge became the span leading thousands of suburban people to Uncle Ho.

In October 1954, Hanoi celebrated the liberation of the capital, Long Bien bridge also stood there and witnessed the joy of the nation. And then 21 years later, the bridge once again witnessed the joy of independence and reunification, when the South was liberated.

Interesting experience should not be missed when coming to Long Bien Bridge

Wandering and watching the sunset on Long Bien Bridge

You will not find it strange that Long Bien Bridge is a place chosen by many young people to “roam”, take a few laps by motorbike, breathe the peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the capital. It is a place that many people come to choose to check-in to celebrate Hanoi, celebrate the April lily season…

Tran Nhat Duat coffee watching Long Bien bridge

As a place where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ancient and solid Long Bien Bridge over the years, the coffee shop on Tran Nhat Duat Street is located on the 4th floor of a building with open space. You can order a cup of coffee while sipping and chatting and observing the bridge, the Red River rock beach or the bustling market nearby. And don’t forget the eye-catching virtual live pictures!

Eat corn, winter baked potatoes

Long Bien Bridge at night is not too deserted, lonely when the flow of people is less, but in the summer it is a place to cool off, in winter it is an ideal place to sit back and eat grilled corn, enjoy the cold air but almost rub stories.

Going to the Red River rock beach to take pictures

As a strange place for young people, the Red River rock beach is a place where believers who love “virtual living” will not be able to check-in. The scenery is far away, the green bowl will definitely give you shimmering pictures like in the steppe.

Composing photos

Long Bien Bridge at any time of the day, during the year has a contemplative look of time. This is an endless source of creative inspiration for photographers. From landscape photos, photos taken from flycams, to life photos are all very interesting.

Young girls wearing ao dai on Long Bien Bridge are one of the typical images when it comes to Hanoi. Besides, the image of a train passing by also reminds many people of the time stamp, about the antiquity.

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