Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide – Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most crowded cities in Vietnam. There are many people from all over the country. Life here is always full of new and interesting things. Coming to this place, you can see a city that is both modern and classic. After the skyscrapers there are still small alleys. We can find ancient houses interspersed with modern buildings. People work hard in the morning and take time in the evening to relax.

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many delicious dishes. Many tourists come to this city because they are interested in the food here. The food here is extremely diverse. There are both local dishes and famous international dishes. The weather in Ho Chi Minh City is divided into two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. There is no winter here. The weather will be quite pleasant.

Traveling to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City is more than 300 years old, you can meet high-rise buildings close to each other, entertainment areas, busy shopping centers, but there is also no shortage of ancient villas. Traditional markets have existed for hundreds of years. Saigon is large and there is no shortage of tourist “specialties” such as Cruise along the Saigon River by boat, visit West Pham Ngu Lao Street, shop at Ben Thanh market or return to Can Gio beach….

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Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide - Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Experience going to Ben Thanh night market: what to buy, what to eat

If Hanoi has the famous Dong Xuan market, Saigon has Ben Thanh market. This is a destination not to be missed by any visitor when traveling to Ho Chi Minh. Ben Thanh Market is not only busy during the day, but also lively and bustling at night. Let’s explore with Vietnam Car Rental right away about Ben Thanh night...
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Experience traveling to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh in detail from A to Z

Ba Den Tay Ninh Mountain, also known as Van Son, is known as the ideal sunrise coordinates near Saigon. The most prominent must mention the “balcony in the clouds” as beautiful as the place of the future. Let’s save the experience of discovering this highest mountain in the Southeast with Vietnam Car Rental!  Table of Contents Introduction of...
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Ho Chi Minh Opera House: Returning to an ‘old Saigon’

Where to go in Saigon to both have fun and have a very good check-in place? Ho Chi Minh Opera House is definitely the ideal choice for a weekend in Saigon. Let’s go there with Vietnam Car Rental to discover what’s so attractive that so many people are interested in! Table of Contents Highlights of Ho Chi Minh...
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Saigon Central Post Office: A break from the old days of Saigon

Central Post Office is one of the typical buildings of Saigon. So far, this is the most unique “cultural exchange” place that anyone can enjoy. So what at Saigon Central Post Office is waiting for you to discover? Find out with Vietnam Car Rental now and always! Table of Contents About Saigon Central Post OfficeWhat’s inside the HCMC Post Office?The...
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Saigon Hop on Hop off double decker bus fares and offers 2022

Sightseeing sightseeing by Saigon double-decker bus is gradually becoming more popular. With its unique features, ordering  a double-decker bus ticket to Ho Chi Minh City not only attracts tourists but also attracts locals, especially young people, to enjoy the experience. Let’s learn from A – Z with Ho Chi Minh Car Rental about this activity. Table of Contents How much is the...
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Discover Landmark 81: The tallest building in Vietnam, top 15 in the world

Featured with entertainment and dining venues such as chain restaurants, coffee shops, skyview from above, etc., Landmark 81 building is currently a place attracting thousands of visitors to visit and enjoy. The following article provides some information about the tallest building in Vietnam – Landmark 81 , hopefully it will be useful to you. Table of Contents...
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Review of Suoi Tien tourist area, Saigon: Games, detailed ticket prices in 2022

As an attractive tourist destination in Saigon, Suoi Tien tourist area in Ho Chi Minh City includes many fun and entertainment activities that attract millions of visitors every year. This place was built with a very special combination of culture and ethnic origin. There are many stories described here such as the legend of Son Tinh – Thuy...
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Review of Can Gio beach: “4 no” beach in Saigon

Can Gio Beach is known as the “green oasis” or “green lung” of Saigon. In this district, Can Gio beach stands out, more special than other beaches, which is a mysterious and impressive black sand beach, an attractive “4 no” beach. The following article provides some information about Can Gio beach in Ho Chi Minh City , hopefully...
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Review of Dam Sen water park: An oasis to avoid the heat in the heart of Saigon

Dam Sen Water Park and Dam Sen Cultural Park is a diversely designed and built work in Dam Sen Park. This is not only a water park but also includes works in styles from Europe to Asia, from modern to nostalgic. These 2 parks will be entered by 2 separate doors but there is still a connecting...
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