Experience traveling to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh in detail from A to Z

Ba Den Tay Ninh Mountain, also known as Van Son, is known as the ideal sunrise coordinates near Saigon. The most prominent must mention the “balcony in the clouds” as beautiful as the place of the future. Let’s save the experience of discovering this highest mountain in the Southeast with Vietnam Car Rental

Introduction of Ba Den mountain resort in Tay Ninh

About 100km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh attracts young people traveling to Saigon with its magical natural beauty. At 986m high, the highest mountain in the Southeast, this place is considered a symbol of pride and resilience of the people of Tay Ninh province. If you are a fan of trekking and mountain climbing, the mountain is the ideal place for you to satisfy your passion for conquering.


Directions to Tay Ninh 

There are many means of transportation for you to choose from when traveling to Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh. As a tourist destination near Saigon, visitors can drive themselves or rent a car which is also convenient. Check out the review below with Halo Travel!

Traveling by motorbike

With close trips, motorbikes are always the most popular form of transportation. Enjoying the feeling of traveling in the car, dusty but extremely quality with your loved one is so great. It will take you about 2 and a half hours to explore the route from Saigon to Tay Ninh. The beautiful scenery of this backpacking road will surprise you. With a distance of 100km, motorbikes will save travel costs even in Tay Ninh province, convenient and very cheap. You can refer to the suggested motorbike route from Halo Travel below:

Route 1 : From Ho Chi Minh City, you move through National Highway 22. Go from An Suong intersection – District 12 connecting Hoc Mon and Cu Chi districts and go through Trang Bang (to the junction and then turn to the provincial road). 782). Go to Moc Bai border gate, continue 50km to Tay Ninh city.

Route 2 : From An Suong bus station, go to Highway 22A. Go to Trang Bang junction, turn left, then ask for directions to Go Dau junction. Then you turn right onto Highway 22B. Going about 60Km further is to Tay Ninh city.


Traveling by bus

You spend 2 weekends to explore Ba Den Mountain resort in Tay Ninh and want to keep your energy up for the discovery. Bus will be the right choice for you at this time. No need to worry about finding the way, just hand it over to the driver. But, you will have to calculate the plan for moving in Tay Ninh.

To take a bus from Saigon to Tay Ninh, you can go to An Suong bus station to buy tickets. This is also the bus station with the most flights from Saigon to Tay Ninh. You can refer to a few car companies below:

  • Dong Phuoc bus company – 02838830478 or 02835044999: VND 60,000/ticket
  • Kim Ngan bus company – 02837186857: VND 55,000/ticket
  • Le Khanh bus company – 02763732777: 60,000VND/ticket

The ideal time to visit Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh

Ba Den Tay Ninh tourism is associated with climbing activities, so it will take you about half a day to make this conquest journey. So, the weather will be the leading factor in deciding whether your trip is perfect or not.

Tay Ninh has a temperate climate with 2 distinct seasons. From May to November is the rainy season, from December to April next year is the dry season. In particular, the dry season will be the ideal time to explore the mountain. However, it is not the rainy season that you cannot go to Ba Den mountain. There are still days when the rainy season comes, but you need to monitor and time it to go.

People often go to Tay Ninh on weekends, so the number of tourists is very large. Holidays, Tet too, if you don’t want to be crowded, you can choose to go on weekdays.


Guide to move to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh

The experience of climbing Ba Den Tay Ninh from Halo Travel said that there are many levels from difficult to easy for visitors to choose from. If there are girls in the group, please refer to the most suitable route for the group.

Ba Den mountain cable car tour

Thanks to the investment in tourism of Sun World Group, Ba Den Mountain has a cable car system serving regional tourism. Cable car will be the most “power-saving” form of Ba Den mountain exploration for both the elderly and women. With a cable system of 1.2km long, 225m high and 20 pillars, you will have a 20-minute mountain view from the cable car. Ba Den mountain cable car ticket price is 80,000 VND/round trip.


Climbing Ba Den mountain by road

According to the travel experience of Ba Den Tay Ninh mountain from Halo Travel, there will be 5 routes according to each difficulty level for you to choose from.

Temple Road – Difficulty 1: Is the easiest of the 5 roads. From the entrance to the tourist area, you just follow the people to come. On the way there were many people and the relay bar.

Pole Road – Difficulty 2: The pole route has a moderate difficulty, quite suitable for new climbers. People in the area often choose this road for farming. The path has steps and signs to clearly mark the way.

Water pipes – Difficulty 3: The water pipes have a common climbing section with the temple road. This route is rated as the 3rd most difficult because climbers are easily lost. Therefore, you need someone to guide and accompany you to show the way. Visitors must go through dangerous water pipes. Although it is a bit difficult, you will be able to admire the poetic forest stream, and even bathe in the stream.

Ma Thien Lanh Road – Difficulty 4: Continue with the route with even more difficulty. Ma Thien Lanh road is a difficult route for trekkers. Due to the terrain there are no trails, no stone steps, true “climbing”. You will need a guide and study the route carefully.

Phung Mountain Road – Difficulty 5: The last route is also the most challenging road for climbers. Visitors will have to climb over the top of Phung mountain first before reaching the top of Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh. Therefore, the climbing distance will be longer. It will take you 2 days to pass if you have a supple, well-trained body. To make the trip more safe, a guide is essential to conquer this road.

Experience of checking-in Ba Den mountain Tay Ninh

You may not know, the Ba Den mountain complex in Tay Ninh has an area of ​​about 24m2. Consisting of three main mountains are Phung mountain, Ba Den mountain and Heo mountain. This is considered the highest mountain in the Southeast with a height of up to 986m.

Virtual living place in Ba Den mountain

The cliff top of the mountain

Anyone who goes to Ba Den Tay Ninh mountain can’t help but check-in the cliff on the top of the mountain. Looking down from here, you will be “admired” with the beautiful scenery of the immense rice fields. This is an ideal location for hunting clouds of Ba Den mountain for young backpackers.


Balcony in the clouds

Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh is covered with clouds all year round at an altitude of over 900m. Not only a “fairy scene” in the high sky, this is also a sacred place with the famous Ba Den pagoda. Many tourists coming here are attracted by the great altitude. And the whole view around the foot of the mountain is vast with a green color. Standing on the top of the mountain and letting your soul in the cool breeze is an extremely interesting experience.

In particular, recently, Ba Den mountain has been put on a “new shirt”. This is also one of the extremely attractive spots for young people to come to this place. With a larger milestone and more investment, the “balcony in the clouds” has become a “hot” check-in point for many young people. Moreover, the area around this landmark also has an elevated flower garden with many different types of flowers. Such as fake flowers, beautiful buckwheat flowers.


Ticket price for Ba Den mountain tourism service in Tay Ninh

The entrance ticket price as well as the cable car price are suitable for students. Join Halo Travel to refer to the entrance ticket price of Ba Den mountain resort in Tay Ninh below:

  • Entrance ticket: 10k/person
  • Train ticket and cable car station: 5k/person
  • Cable car ticket price: adults 35k/time, 65k/round trip, children 20k/way, 35k/round trip
  • Slide tickets are the same price as the cable car


Staying when traveling to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh

There are not many motels or hotels in Ba Den mountain tourist area, so you can rent a place to stay in Tay Ninh town close to the climbing area. The Ba Palace area also has a few accommodations, visitors can rent mats located in this area to try new exciting experiences. One-time rental costs 10,000 VND / unit, the cost is extremely economical.

What to eat when traveling to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh is also the mecca of many typical delicious dishes. Let’s refer to some delicious specialties with Halo Travel when traveling to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh.

Dew-dried rice paper rolls with pork

For a long time, the whole country has known the specialty of Tay Ninh rice paper. Unlike other types of rice paper, Tay Ninh rice paper has a characteristic toughness. Here, the cake is served with many dishes, including the dew-dried rice paper with pork rolls.

Pork is processed cleanly, then brought to a boil, not too soft. Slice into thin pieces to be rolled with Trang Bang rice paper. Along with a variety of vegetable rolls only available here make a great combination. The dish is not boring, and is cool from the vegetables. The hot summer keeps eating and not getting bored.


Tay Ninh heifer

The second specialty in Tay Ninh that you should enjoy when coming here is Tay Ninh heifer. This dish is also very famous and there are many shops around the country open, but you have to go back to Tay Ninh to enjoy it. Immediately go to the famous Nam Sanh heifer restaurant, which has a chain of stores in many provinces and cities across the country.

Heifer meat, or veal, is famous in the inner region. The beef is soft, sweet, with a crispy and thick skin. Beef jerky is often stir-fried, rolled, rolled in rice paper, or used in hot pot.


6. Some notes when traveling to Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh

  • For the most convenience and comfort when climbing Ba Den Tay Ninh, visitors need comfortable equipment, so they should wear sports shoes to protect their feet.
  • For the most perfect trip to Tay Ninh, you should choose the right time to go. Avoid hurricane season.
  • Climbing cannot avoid wild animals or insects, need to bring preventive medicine
  • Strictly follow the instructions of the resort, maintain general hygiene

Above is the experience of traveling to Ba Den Tay Ninh mountain that Halo Travel wants to convey to readers. Hopefully with the above review, if you have the opportunity to visit Tay Ninh, do not hesitate to conquer this highest mountain in the Southeast. Don’t forget to refer to more Tay Ninh tourist attractions from Vietnam Car Rental.

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