Experience of traveling to Thanh An island near Sai Gon

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Where is Thanh An Island? 

More than 70 km east of Saigon center, Thanh An island commune is completely separate from Can Gio district and Ho Chi Minh city. This place is the ideal destination for those who love the simple and rustic life of the river, and can go back in the day without taking much time. With coordinates close to the city, this lovely island commune is the ideal destination for “changing the wind”, not fussy, lemon discharge.


Endowed with charming natural scenery, Thanh An is the destination of many young people. Coming to the island commune, you seem to be blown away all the dust in the bustling and busy city. It blends into the sea life of gentle and simple locals.

Directions to Thanh An Can Gio Island

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Traveling by motorbike

Motorcycles are the most suitable means for the trip to Thanh An island. Starting from Ben Thanh market, you go to Nha Be. Going all the way to Huynh Tan Phat is to Binh Khanh ferry. Buy a ferry ticket and go straight to Rung Sac road about 40km, remember to only go straight. Rung Sac Road is quite beautiful, the surrounding scenery is also poetic. If you have time, you can stop and take pictures!

After going all the way to Rung Sac street, you turn left onto Duyen Hai street. Going all the way to Duyen Hai is going to Thanh An ferry. You park your motorbike near the wharf and then cross the boat for about 45 minutes to reach Thanh An. Ticket price to Thanh An island is 10k/time. You can bring your car on board or park your motorbike.


Traveling by bus

If you do not like to go by motorbike, you can also go by bus. From the 23-9 park, you take bus number 75. Get on the bus and take a nap for about 2-3 hours, then you will arrive at Can Thanh pier, get on the boat and go to Thanh An. Besides you can also take car 20 to Binh Khanh ferry. Cross the ferry and take bus number 90 to Can Thanh pier to arrive.


Moving on Thanh An Island

About traveling on the island, because Thanh An is an island commune with a “modest” area, exploring the whole island only takes about 2km, so moving is very easy. You can walk or borrow a bicycle from the property.

What’s fun about traveling to Thanh An island? 

Explore salt fields and mangroves

Thanh An is not a famous tourist destination, there are no beautiful scenes that make visitors bewildered, but in return, this unspoiled small island brings a sense of peace, simplicity, the life of the fishermen. gentle and hardworking all year round with a smile always on his lips.

Visiting the vast white salt fields, learning the process of salt making is also an interesting experience when coming here. Thanh An Island is also famous for being home to mangrove species. So after exploring the lives of the people, you can learn about the mangrove ecosystem.

Kayaking, fishing on the island, checkin the rocky road

Currently on the island there are also many other services such as kayaking, fishing, …. You can sign up to experience these services, don’t forget to wear safety gear when sailing!

Perhaps the most attractive feature on the island is the rocky road that plunges straight into the sea. This rocky beach is not only a check-in place for young people but also a place where couples choose to take wedding photos. With a poetic idyllic scenery with many extreme virtual living angles, Thanh An Island is certainly a cheap backpacking destination that young people should not miss.


Discover the cuisine on the island

When traveling to Thanh An island, you can buy seafood directly from fishermen when the boat has just landed and then visit people’s houses for processing. The seafood here is not as rich as Can Gio, but in return, it is fresh because it is freshly caught, the price is quite cheap.


Some types of seafood in Thanh An are 250k/kg crabs, 120k/kg octopus, 130k/kg white-leg shrimp, 40k/kg oysters… And especially 250k/kg mantis shrimp. Visitors to Thanh An love to eat mantis shrimp. In addition to seafood, you can find many dishes that are both delicious and cheap, only from 10k to 20k such as fried noodles, soup cakes, vermicelli, noodles… And even though it’s an island, Thanh An still has many grocery stores. If you want to buy beer, soft drink snacks, you can buy it here, not bring it from home.


Where to stay in Thanh An Island

Currently, Thanh An is not a tourist island, so finding a motel is quite difficult. If possible, please stay at a homestay, the people here are very hospitable. Or you can also go to the border guard station to meet the chief to ask for accommodation. The chief was very enthusiastic and cheerful.


Some notes when traveling to Thanh An island

  • The train time on the island is fixed and very punctual. So you avoid loitering too long to delay the train. Because there is only one train every 2 hours. Waiting will be very difficult.
  • Visitors should buy seafood at Can Thanh market and then take it away. The reason is because Thanh An fishermen often sell out to seafood vendors, so it is difficult to find a place to buy. However, at about 3 pm, the fishing boats came in a lot. You can buy delicious fresh seafood at surprisingly low prices.
  • Thanh An Island has a lot of snacks such as Pho, noodle soup, broken rice, xoi filling, Ms. Thuy’s banh khot, shrimp beo cake scrub, skewers, milk tea, flan cake, tea, etc. However, from 10am to 2pm. No snacks will be sold in the afternoon, so you should eat before or after this time frame.
  • Traveling to Thanh An Can Gio island, you should also bring a hammock. Afternoon coming to rest and watching the sea in the mangrove forest is so great.


Above are the Thanh An island travel experiences that you need to know. Team Saigon, quickly change the wind at the weekend, quickly “note” the address and visit Can Gio once!

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