Nam O Reef is a tourist destination that has emerged as a phenomenon and attracts a large number of visitors. With its unique landscape, it will surely provide you with interesting check-in spots. Visit’s to learn more about this reef.

A few things about Nam O Reef

Where is Nam O Reef located?

Nam O Reef is situated in Hoa Hiep Ward, Linh Chieu District, Da Nang City. From the city center, travelers can head north for about 10 kilometers to reach the destination. Gifted by nature with unique and pristine beauty, this place captivates visitors with its turquoise sea and moss-covered rocky shore.

Nam O Reef with its pristine beauty, blending into the land and the sky

The reef covers an area of approximately 2 hectares within Da Nang Bay, consisting of two clusters: the Main Reef and the Sub-Reef. In between these two clusters lies a small waterway known as “Long Thong” by locals. The captivating scenery here piques the curiosity of many, drawing them to capture check-in photos and explore this unique feature.

The road to Nam O Reef

The road to Nam O Reef is quite convenient, as it is a major route, allowing easy access by car or motorbike. Starting from the city center, you have two options to reach the reef:

The first option is to take Ton Duc Thang Street, then turn onto Nguyen Luong Bang Street. When you reach Xuan Thieu Beach, take a small lane into the village where you will find Nam O Reef. This route is about 14 kilometers long, taking around 30 minutes to travel.

From Da Nang International Airport to Nam O Reef

The second option is to take the Mê Linh route. From the city center, take Do Phat Street to reach Road 602. Then, turn right onto Mê Linh Street, continue straight, and then turn onto Nguyen Luong Bang Street to reach Nam O Reef. This route shortens the distance, but during peak hours, Mê Linh Street may be congested with traffic, causing delays. Therefore, you should consider the time to choose the appropriate route.

If you prefer the most convenient option, offers car rental services with drivers in Da Nang, fulfilling all your needs. With a team of local drivers who are familiar with every route in Da Nang, they will ensure you have the best journey to Nam O Reef.

The Beauty of Nam O Reef

The Pristine Beauty of Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef is one of the rare destinations in Da Nang that hasn’t been overly developed for tourism, thus preserving its pristine beauty. The first impression for visitors is the harmonious beauty of nature: the stretch of white sandy beach, gentle waves, and the azure sea. Alongside are scattered rocks of various sizes, inhabited by small fish and hidden crabs. From Nam O Reef, looking out into the distance, visitors can see Son Tra Peninsula and the distant silhouette of Hai Van Pass veiled in mist.

The Untouched Beach at Nam O Reef

The beach here retains its beauty unchanged over thousands of years, with waves continuously crashing onto the shore, the salty taste of the sea, and the refreshing sea breeze. Waves crashing against the rocks create foamy white surf, while natural moss grows green, forming an incredibly unique scene. Especially for travel enthusiasts and explorers, this is a wonderful destination.

Nam O Reef – A Picture-Perfect Virtual Reality

The beauty of Nam O Reef allows you to effortlessly capture beautiful photos with just your camera. Every corner here is as exquisite as a studio, with moss-covered rocks and small marine creatures hidden in the sand, sure to delight you. Standing on the rocks, awaiting each wave to crash onto the shore, you can surely capture high-quality photos.

The Time-Worn Rocks at Nam O Reef

Moreover, from Nam O Reef, visitors can also admire the sunrise and sunset. Sunset, in particular, offers the most beautiful scenery. The light of the setting sun casts a solemn and romantic beauty over the sea, with a quiet atmosphere and distant fishing boats preparing to set sail. The sound of boat horns echoes, signaling the beginning of another night of hard work for fishermen. Many couples also choose this place as their wedding photo location because of its romantic and intimate connection with nature.

Sunset is the most enchanting and romantic moment at Nam O Reef

A small tip: if you’re visiting Nam O Reef for sightseeing and photography, it’s best to wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes. This will make it easier for you to climb the rocks and choose impressive photo spots.

Activities at Nam O Reef


Nam O Reef is home to countless marine species, especially fish. Therefore, visitors can rent fishing rods and buy bait to experience fishing. Additionally, visitors can also try rowing small boats near the shore to catch seafood and prepare them into delicious dishes. The waves here are quite gentle, so you can rest assured that rowing will be completely safe.

Many tourists are trying to catch small fish under the rocks

Swimming at Nam O Reef

The beach with its clear, cool water makes visitors want to dive right in. Therefore, you should bring your swimsuit to enjoy the most relaxing moments.

The sea at Nam O Reef is very calm, but through the lens of the camera, it looks like a fairyland

Experience being a fisherman

Nam O Reef is home to numerous fish species, so you can participate in recreational fishing activities. Additionally, the experience of rowing small boats to catch seafood also promises to bring an exciting experience. After the trip, you can personally prepare your catch to organize a BBQ party on the beach.

Visit Nam O Fish Sauce Village

Near Nam O Reef is the traditional fish sauce village. With abundant fish, the fish sauce here carries the rich flavor of the sea. You can experience and explore the daily life of the local people, participate in the fascinating process of making fish sauce. When leaving, visitors can also choose fish sauce as a gift for family and friends.

The traditional fish sauce village of Nam O

In addition, around the Nam O Reef area, you can also visit Van Village, Elephant Spring, and Hai Van Pass, all of which are extremely attractive destinations.

Unique cuisine at Nam O Reef

Nam O Fish Salad

Nam O Fish Salad is a specialty of Da Nang made from freshly caught fish directly from this region that everyone should try. The dish comes in two types: dried fish salad and wet fish salad. When eating, the salad is served with dipping sauce, mango, cucumber, and coriander, all blending together to create a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Nam O Fish Salad is a must-try dish

Nam O Fish Sauce

Nam O Fish Sauce Village is an interesting stop to explore the fish sauce making process and purchase products as gifts for loved ones. This village has a history of hundreds of years. The various types of fish sauce from the village were once chosen for the Kings for their characteristic sweet taste and deep red color, which is quite eye-catching.

Fresh seafood

One of the memorable dishes in Da Nang that tourists love when visiting this coastal city is the variety of seafood. When visiting Nam O Reef, you can catch seafood yourself and have fishermen prepare it for you, or you can visit nearby restaurants to enjoy fresh and delicious shellfish, fish, shrimp, crab, and more.

Nam O Reef treats tourists with a variety of seafood dishes

While visiting this vibrant city, in addition to exploring Nam O Reef, tourists should also take the time to visit But Beach, Bang Cliff, and Cham Islands. These are also charming destinations loved by many.

If you feel tired from the pressures of life, take a visit to Nam O Reef. Even just stopping here for a moment is enough for you to shed your worries and find peace for your soul.

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