The latest 2024 Travel Guide for Elephant Springs Hue

Elephant Springs is a newly emerging ecotourism destination in recent times. Tourists can relax, admire the scenery, have fun, and indulge in delicious and unique local specialties. If you travel to Hue on a hot summer day, don’t forget to visit Elephant Springs to immerse yourself in the cool, clear water. With its pristine beauty, close connection to nature, and a variety of unique and delicious dishes, this is an ideal stopover during hot summer days.

Overview of Elephant Springs in Hue

Where is Elephant Springs? Address of Elephant Springs in Hue & Directions

Elephant Springs is located at km 879, a tourist destination in Phu Loc, Hue, more than 55km from the city center of Hue. From the city center to Elephant Springs, you need to pass through Phuoc Tuong Pass, then continue for another 2.5km until you reach km 879, then turn right. Continue for another 7km until you see a sign directing to Elephant Springs.

The Elephant Springs in Hue has the potential for tourism development

The Elephant Springs tourist area is developed and constructed in a simple and harmonious style with nature. The surrounding space is covered with greenery from the mountain forest, with large and small rocks stacked together along both sides of the cool and clear stream. The simple leaf huts are solidly built close to each other to provide resting places. All around, you can hear the soothing sound of the flowing stream, the rustling of leaves, and the chirping of birds.

The origin of the name Elephant Springs

Elephant Springs is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Hue in recent times. One of the reasons why this place has become so famous is its unique name. It is called Elephant Springs because on both sides of the stream, there are rocks shaped like extremely cute and lovely elephants.

The amusing elephant-shaped rock is the symbol of Elephant Springs

What to do, what to eat at Elephant Springs in Hue?

Exciting activities at Elephant Springs in Hue

Explore the captivating beauty of the pristine forest at Elephant Springs

The most prominent feature of Elephant Springs is perhaps its lush and extremely rich pristine forest. This is also the gathering place of hundreds of animal species, including rare species such as deer, pheasants, magpies, thrushes, deer, etc.

The lush primeval forest at Elephant Springs is vibrant with greenery

Bathe in the cool and refreshing stream water

Have you ever bathed in a stream in the middle of summer? If not, do not hesitate to experience this wonderful feeling at Elephant Springs. The water here is clear with a deep blue color and is free from sediment. No matter from which angle you look, you can easily see each colorful pebble lying deep at the bottom.

The cool and refreshing stream at Elephant Springs is pure and invigorating

Experience catching snails and crabs on the rock walls

Besides bathing in the stream, one of the most unique experiences you can have here is catching snails and crabs on the rock walls. The snails and crabs here are not abundant, with only a few small ones usually clinging to the rocks along the stream. Nevertheless, this is still a fun activity loved by many people.

Relax, rest, eat and drink in the hut area

If you are visiting with a group, consider renting a small hut to use as a resting place and relax when tired from activities. This is not only a convenient place to store personal belongings but also a place to host parties, where you can sit with friends and family to eat, chat, or sing happily.

The sheltered hut area at Elephant Springs

Suggestions for some delicious dishes to try when visiting Elephant Springs in Hue

When visiting Elephant Springs, do not forget to enjoy some delicious and unique dishes such as fish, frogs, and stream snails. The food here is quite diverse with various cooking methods such as grilling, wrapping in lolot leaves, stir-frying, etc., with flavors seasoned according to the local taste.

Enjoying local specialties at Elephant Springs

Alternatively, you can also prepare cooked food from home to bring along.

Exploring the Elephant Springs by motorbike tour

Exploring Elephant Springs on a motorbike tour can be an exciting and adventurous experience. With a motorbike tour, you can combine visits to many famous tourist spots such as Hai Van Pass, Elephant Springs, and various Vietnamese countryside villages.

To explore Elephant Springs on a motorbike tour, you can book a tour through, where you’ll have a thrilling and engaging experience. can provide motorbike tours to Elephant Springs with professional and experienced guides.

Exploring the Elephant Springs by motorbike tour

During this tour, you will be picked up from your designated meeting point, and the guide will lead you through beautiful roads to Elephant Springs, where you can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Contact for more information about motorbike tours to Elephant Springs, and one of the prominent tours is from Hue to Hoi An by motorbike tour.

Pocket tips when traveling to Elephant Springs, Hue

  • Ticket price: Currently, the ticket price to Elephant Springs, Hue is listed at 15,000 VND per person. Additionally, the tourist area also offers other services such as renting resting huts and storing belongings, with prices ranging from 200,000 to 250,000 VND. There are also enticing local specialties available at affordable prices. You can also choose a complete package combo including 1 resting hut and 1 grilled ant egg for 2 – 3 people.
  • Best time to visit Elephant Springs: Elephant Springs is the hottest name on the list of tourist destinations in Hue during the summer. This is the ideal stop for families who want to escape the scorching heat of summer days.
  • Some other notes: You should prepare swimwear or easy-to-move short clothes. For children, it is advisable to rent a float and play in the area near the shore, be careful when moving around because there are many pebbles under the stream. Finally, remember to apply waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin when engaging in outdoor activities.

Elephant Springs is a natural eco-tourism destination with many exciting activities, making it a perfect choice for families. If you don’t know where to go this summer, think of Elephant Springs right away.

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