Wonderland Dalat amusement park has what to play and ticket price 2023

Da Lat does not stop at the definition of a four-season chill resort paradise. Coming here, visitors will be amazed at the paradise of Wonderland Dalat amusement park with 1001 virtual living corners and countless attractive games suitable for all ages. A fun place that anyone who comes to Da Lat should visit once. In order not to miss this golden opportunity, follow Halo Travel to discover the Wonderland Dalat amusement park right away!

Where is the address of Wonderland Da Lat?

Wonderland Dalat amusement park is hidden by Tuyen Lam lake, making anyone come here surprised by the poetic and fanciful beauty of the scene. Wonderland was built on the campus of DaLat Wonder Resort – one of the high-class resorts in terms of trendy design imbued with classical European architecture. The delicate combination of colors and furniture is a big plus that makes this place a famous check-in place in Da Lat.



At the end of 2020, the Wonderland Dalat amusement park officially comes into operation and promises to bring new and exciting experiences. A variety of games from gentle to thrilling adventure suitable for each audience when participating.

Not only that, visitors also enjoy the feeling of extremely cold -1 degrees Celsius with snow falling right in Da Lat, not Sapa or anywhere else. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee on the classic train. Directly riding real horses leisurely watching Tuyen Lam Lake. And there are countless other attractive things waiting for you to experience.


Guide to move to Wonderland Resort Dalat

To get to the Wonderland Dalat tourist area, you can refer to the following ways:

Traveling by personal vehicle

  • The price to move from the center of Da Lat to Wonderland is about 200k – 250k/way. You can book via grab or book a taxi.
  • In addition, if traveling by motorbike or personal vehicle, from Da Lat market to Wonderland you will have to travel a distance of nearly 10km. You can check out the route here .

Traveling by bus of Wonderland

From May 17, 2021, Wonderland tourist area provides free shuttle bus from Dalat city center to Wonderland and vice versa. The free bus schedule is as follows:

  • Trip: 7:30 a.m. daily, departing at gas station No. 02, Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ward 1, City. Da Lat to Wonderland
  • Return trip: 14:15 and 16:15 pm daily from Wonderland back to the city center. Da Lat.

Note: you should book in advance by phone at hotline 0263 3800 016 and be present at least 5 minutes before departure time.

The latest Wonderland Da Lat ticket price 2022

The latest updated ticket prices for Wonderland Dalat on January 10, 2022 are as follows:

Subject For guests staying at Dalat Wonder Resort For guests not staying at Dalat Wonder Resort
Adults 280,000 VND 320,000 VND
Children 140,000 VND 160,000 VND
  • Children under 80cm tall: Free ticket
  • Children from 80cm – 140cm tall: Child fare applies
  • Children 140cm and above: Adult fare applies

Note: The Wonderland Dalat ticket is only valid for the day and according to the set time frame. Wonderland Dalat ticket price includes the fee to play all games in the entertainment area.

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Review Wonderland Dalat has what to play?

Coming to the Wonderland Dalat tourist area, visitors cannot ignore the unique experiences. The game is delicately designed to suit each audience. Those who are not passionate about adventure games can leisurely ride horses to watch the rolling mountains or drink coffee next to the past train. Countless games for you to both entertain and relax.

Visit the wildlife zoo

The Wonderland Zoo holds a lot of conserved animals. Cute and friendly animals such as canaries, sheep, star deer, peacocks, etc. You can play with animals and feed them yourself. The activity that helps to bond the love between humans and animals is worth a try.



Try an adventurous off-road vehicle

Adventurous, like to try thrills, off-road racing at Wonderland Dalat is the game for you. The large displacement engine cars have a unique design with you to conquer all terrains. The race track has a length of 400m with steep turns and steep hills that challenge the spirit of steel.


Enjoy the romantic snowfall space

The frozen castle like the scene in Frozen is recreated in the heart of Da Lat city. Experiencing the feeling of touching the ice and snow falling in the cold of -1 degrees Celsius makes everyone excited. Besides, the smooth ski track with a length of 25m lets you enjoy the feeling of traveling in Europe. Any corner of the frozen permanent area can become an expensive check-in location. So don’t forget to turn on the device and save these rare moments right here!


Spooky castle

The castle is not recommended for the faint of heart. Stepping into the castle, customers will have to shiver, nervous and afraid with the unexpected magical decoration. The soul floats in space. Silhouettes of the undead were scattered everywhere. The game is for the brave and intrepid hearts. However, if you still want to try, gather your friends and go in groups so you don’t have to turn around and run away.

Virtual reality game

Adventure in the virtual world right at Wonderland is an extremely interesting experience. Scary realistic footage. Or the adventurous games that make the heart beat faster are the experiences that customers enjoy here. The little ones will surely enjoy the experience with these virtual reality games.


Riding a horse through Tuyen Lam Lake

Loosely on horseback like muscular cowboys. The horses will lead visitors around the lake to admire the majestic mountains and fresh water right before their eyes.


Summary of indoor games

If the games mentioned above are mostly for teenagers and adults, the indoor play area is designed to suit young children. Colorful bouncy house, self-driving children’s tram and more.


Besides the above featured games, there are countless other beautiful check-in places and visitors can visit such as the garden of dreams, the flower garden or the avenue of love. Surely this will be one of the entertainment places in Da Lat that will not disappoint visitors.

Note to go to Dalat Wonderland amusement park

To make the trip more interesting and complete, here are a few notes that you should not ignore:

  • If you want to save money, you can choose to go by free bus at Wonderland. Don’t forget to make a reservation via the hotline and arrive 5 minutes early before departure time.
  • In addition to buying tickets directly at the counter, you can also buy them at online ticketing sites such as Digiticket.vn, Klook, Traveloka, etc. to enjoy a more favorable price.
  • Wonderland amusement park is quite spacious so you will have to move a lot. Therefore, choose a pair of sports shoes to be able to walk comfortably.
  • Do not litter indiscriminately in the playground area.

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