Explore Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park

If you are looking for a place to have fun this summer, don’t miss Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills. This place belongs to the Sun World Ba Na Hills resort – entertainment complex in Da Nang. With a wide range of games from light to thrilling with many different themes, Fantasy Park in Ba Na Hills promises to bring an exhilarating, fun and memorable experience to anyone. Who.

Introducing Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park entertainment area

Fantasy Park amusement park is one of the important items of Ba Na Hills tourist area. This place is invested a lot, contributing to the completion of the resort, food and entertainment complex in the tourist paradise of Ba Na Hills.

Up to the present time, Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na is the only indoor amusement park in Vietnam and in the world located on the top of a mountain. Inspired by two famous novels “Journey to the center of the earth” and “Twenty thousand miles under the sea” by French writer Jules Verne, Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort has “transformed” the land area. 21,000m2 area into a world-class indoor entertainment area.


The park is divided into 3 floors, following the boy Jules Verne and his girlfriend Claudette – the two main characters in the two works above. Each floor is arranged in a different style. With a large space, creative design, when entering here, you will immediately be caught up in an extremely Fantasy adventure journey.

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Guide to move to Fantasy Park amusement park

It was built right on the campus of Ba Na Hills tourist area in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. It is about 30 km from the city center and takes about 40-45 minutes to move.

From the city center, you can easily move to Ba Na Hills by private car, motorbike or taxi. Besides, because this is a famous tourist destination, there will also be bus routes running from points in the city to here.


Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills opening hours and ticket prices

Ticket price to enter Fantasy Park:

To have fun at Fantasy Park, visitors just need to buy tickets for Ba Na cable car . Tickets include: entrance ticket to the resort, cable car ticket, mountain train ticket to visit Debay Wine Cellar, Le Jardin D’Amour’ flower garden, visit French village and 106 games in the amusement park Fantasy Park entertainment.


Ticket price for foreign tourists Ticket price with Danang people

Adults and children over 1.4m tall

VND 750,000 VND 550,000
Children from 1m to 1m4 . tall VND 600,000

450,000 VND

Children under 1m tall Free


Note: The price does not include the entrance fee to the Wax Museum 100,000 VND/adult, the stuffed animal game and skills at Fantansy Park.

The amusement park is very large, including sightseeing activities and attractive games. So if you want to experience it all, you should arrange a reasonable time to visit here early. There are also food stalls here to keep you energized, so don’t worry about going hungry!

Business hours:

  • Fantasy Park opening time from 7:00 to 19:00

Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na is attractive?

True to the name Fantasy (Interesting), visitors coming here will feel the excitement everywhere. The park has many categories and interesting themes, suitable for many audiences.

Visit Vietnam’s first wax statue display area

One of the most special and interesting things about Fantasy Park is the first and only wax exhibition in Vietnam. Here, you can meet the real 1:1 version of many famous people in the world in fields such as cinema, music, sports, politicians, etc. Maybe you will meet god again. Is my image here? And don’t forget to save it with photos!


Cinema 3D Mega 360 degrees, 4D and 5Di

As the most modern indoor amusement park, Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na offers visitors the opportunity to experience the world’s leading movie technology. Particularly, the 3D Mega 360-degree cinema is the only one in Vietnam that has Fantasy Park ownership. With this technology, you’ll feel more realistic movie experiences than ever, 360-degree rotation that immerses you in the scene.


Besides, the two cinemas 4D and 5Di are no less competitive when they regularly screen specially selected films that are first premiered in Vietnam. The 4D and 5Di formats will make you feel like you’re really the main actor and immersed in the movie.

Enjoy with more than 100 attractive games

Having come to the Fantasy Park game area, it is definitely impossible to ignore the attractive game paradise. The games are extremely diverse from thrilling games, adventure games to games for children. So if you go with your family, all members will have a good time and have a good time.

The games have a modern design, with equipment and machinery imported from abroad. The installation and construction process also follows the standards to ensure the highest quality and safety factors.


Besides, Fantasy Park also designed a number of outdoor games to enhance the experience for visitors. The most prominent is the high-speed tube slide game. The slopes up – down, winding will give you a feeling of both fear and excitement but at the same time you will be free to zoom your eyes to see Ba ​​Na from a very different perspective.



The most outstanding Fantasy Park games

There are so many games in Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills, how to experience them all? Must have come at least a few times. Here are some of the most popular with tourists, you can try them first.

Thrilling games suitable for adults

Free fall tower

The tallest indoor free-fall tower in Vietnam and the area (29 meters) will bring players exciting experiences. Standing at the top of the tower, the spectacular view of Ba Na mountains is right in your sight.


Adventure climbing

If you are passionate about sports, you will not want to miss the tallest and largest indoor artificial climbing game (21 meters). The high road with steep slopes and quite rough will be a real challenge for anyone, even if you have good skills. But you can rest assured because there are many points to help you grip and climb quickly, along with a safety guide.


Super speed slide

Super speed slide is also a game you should not miss when coming to Fantasy Park. The skateboard car will pass through different slope tracks, twisting tracks, whirlpools enough to give you a feeling of being overwhelmed but also excited.


Fire race

The area of ​​​​Fire Race track and the largest electric vehicle playground in Vietnam (approximately 600 square meters) will surely make visitors unable to help but admire and admire. Here, families and groups of friends will have moments of relaxation and refreshment.


Games suitable for young children

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park (Return to the Jurassic) is the only exploration area in Vietnam built entirely indoors. This place recreates the scene 150 million years ago with forests, streams and especially many different types of dinosaurs.


Journey to the underground

“Journey to the Earth” is a game designed exclusively with copyright belonging to Sun Group. So it is unique. Plus, it’s a game the whole family can enjoy, so don’t miss it. The journey will begin when the car takes people gradually deeper into the ground, where darkness and danger surrounds. The special feature of this game is that you will be equipped with a weapon to destroy things that attack you at any time.


Tiny explorer

This will be a separate world for children from 3 to 6 years old. Coming to Tiny Adventurer, the kids will participate in many games such as: obstacle course, slide, climbing, pitching, etc. Safe design with eye-catching, playful colors. It will make the kids very excited.

Notes when having fun at Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park

  • For fun purposes, you should wear comfortable, sweat-wicking clothes.
  • It is recommended to spend about 2-3 hours in Fantasy to play some outstanding games. If you stay overnight on Ba Na Hills, you can spend more time here.
  • Some risky games, you need to follow the rules and consider carefully before playing.
  • Refer to the experience of going to Ba Na Hills to get the latest information when coming here.

Above is the full set of information about Fantasy Park Ba ​​Na Hills that Danang Car Rental sends to you. Hopefully this information will help you and your family and friends have a great time and memorable experiences while playing here.

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