For a long time, the Buckwheat Flowers have become a captivating attraction for numerous tourists visiting Ha Giang each year. When these flowers are in full bloom, the entire mountainous region is flooded with a dreamy purple hue. If you are planning to visit Ha Giang to admire the flowers but are uncertain about when Buckwheat flowers bloom and where to witness the most beautiful display, refer to the travel experience during the Buckwheat Flower Season in Ha Giang below.

Introduction to the Buckwheat Flower Season in Ha Giang

Ha Giang province is located in the northernmost region of our country, with a border stretching over 274km adjacent to China. When traveling to Ha Giang, tourists not only immerse themselves in the vast landscapes of nature but also have the opportunity to explore different cultures, each with its own unique characteristics, including the Mong, Tay, Muong, and Thai ethnic groups.

Tourists checking in at the Buckwheat Flower Festival in Ha Giang

The Buckwheat Flower Season in Ha Giang has emerged as a fascinating trend, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists to discover the mysterious beauty and traditional festivals of buckwheat flowers in this region.

Moreover, attending the annual Buckwheat Flower Festival provides tourists with the chance to experience various competitions, contests, and other interesting cultural activities, such as:

  • Boat racing conquering the Tu San Gorge and Ma Pi Leng Pass.
  • Kayak racing organized in Quan Ba district.
  • Personal challenge with the wild Vietnamese running race conquering the mythical Ma Pi Leng Cliff.
  • Participation in the traditional Buckwheat Flower cake-making contest.
  • Revisit childhood with traditional folk games like swings, seesaws, and sack throwing in Ngan Chai village, Lao Chai commune, and Chai village, Yen Minh district.
  • Explore the cultural tourism villages of the Mong, Giay, and Lo Lo ethnic groups in Meo Vac district.

Buckwheat Flowers Bloom in Which Month and Where?

Buckwheat flowers bloom continuously for about 3 months from October to December, but the color of the flowers gradually changes over time from white to light pink, deep pink, and finally to purple-red, after which they wither.

This flower species is extensively cultivated in northern mountainous regions of our country, such as Cao Bang, Lao Cai, but perhaps the most impressive and prominent is the land of Ha Giang. Buckwheat flowers can be found everywhere in Ha Giang, from hill slopes to terraced fields, sometimes emerging from rock crevices, along roads, at the foot of mountains, and even on cliffs.

The Buckwheat Flower Season in Ha Giang

In addition, during April-May, there are also white blooming flowers, and you can visit during this time as well. Although Ha Giang is not the only place with Buckwheat flowers, it is the place where they are most abundant, especially during the famous Bauhinia Flower Festival.

Means of Transportation to Ha Giang

Traveling by bus

Moving by bus is the most convenient and safest option. However, to have more time for enjoyment and sightseeing, you should choose buses from Hanoi to Ha Giang departing from My Dinh Bus Station in Hanoi at 9 p.m. and arriving in the city at 5 a.m. the next morning.

The buses to Ha Giang are all high-quality sleeper buses, so you can completely rest assured. The ticket prices range from approximately 260,000 VND to 300,000 VND per person. recommends some bus companies for you to consider, such as:

Bus CompanyDeparture TimesContact Phone Number (Hanoi)Contact Phone Number (Ha Giang)
Hung Thanh08:30 – 10:05 – 10:15 – 14:30 – 19:300988 2877410989 416416
Hai VanHanoi: 21:00

Ha Giang: 20:35

0944 9623230946 692323
Bang PhanHanoi: 21:00

Ha Giang: 21:00

0219 38878670915 223171
Cau MeHa Giang: 08:20 – 10:30 – 21:00

My Dinh: 07:30 – 09:30 – 21:00

0946 4453690946 445099

After arriving in Ha Giang, you can take inter-provincial buses to travel between various points or rent a motorbike for transportation. The cost of renting a motorbike in Ha Giang is approximately 200,000 – 250,000 VND per day, and it’s important to bring personal documents, including vehicle papers, insurance, a driver’s license, and identification cards or citizen cards.

Renting a private car with a driver

If you’re asking about the possibility of renting a private car with a driver, then yes, it’s typically an option in many places, including Ha Giang. This service is convenient for travelers who prefer the comfort and convenience of having a dedicated driver to navigate unfamiliar roads.

With the private car rental service with a driver in Hanoi from, all your needs for an excellent travel experience will be met. Our professional drivers will pick you up wherever you desire, allowing you to rest and explore any points of interest along the way. Book a car rental service from Hanoi to Ha Giang today.

Moving by Motorbike

For those passionate about adventure or with experience in independent travel, choosing a motorbike is an excellent option to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Traveling to Ha Giang by Motorcycle is an Exciting Experience

With a travel time of approximately 7 – 8 hours to reach Ha Giang, moving by motorbike may take longer because you will need to take breaks along the route.

Here are some suggested routes from Hanoi to Ha Giang for your reference:

  • Option 1: Hanoi – QL 32 Son – Tay – Trung Ha Bridge – Co Tiet – Phong Chau Bridge (turn left after Phong Chau Bridge) – follow the Thao River to Phu Tho town – Doan Hung, then head to Tuyen Quang – continue on National Highway 2 to Ha Giang (approximately 300 km).
  • Option 2: Hanoi – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang (or take the 2C and 2 national highways, approximately 280 km).

The Most Beautiful Places to Admire Bauhinia Flowers in Ha Giang

Lung Cam Cultural Village – Sung La Valley – Dong Van

Lung Cam Cultural Village is where the most Bauhinia flowers are cultivated in Ha Giang. Visitors not only get to enjoy the beauty of Bauhinia flowers but also have the opportunity to admire the vibrant colors of roses, peach blossoms, and more.

Sung La Valley

Additionally, this place preserves tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the 24 ethnic groups living on the land of Ha Giang. Amidst the picturesque Sung La Valley, villages appear scattered like in a fairy tale. Therefore, visitors passing through this area can learn about the ancient way of life of the local people.

Lung Cu Flagpole

The terraced fields of Bauhinia flowers at the foot of the Lung Cu Flagpole are arranged in captivating terraced levels. This is the highest point in Ha Giang, allowing you to admire the breathtaking view of the entire Bauhinia flower field at this location.

The Lung Cu Flagpole has an elevation of up to 1,470 meters

Ma Pi Leng Pass

The Ma Pi Leng Pass stretches about 20 km, located on the majestic mountain slopes amidst the clouds, along with the dreamy Nho Que River winding around. Stopping at the foot of the pass, tourists can gaze upon a ‘sky’ of Bauhinia flowers.

The Ma Pi Leng Pass road to Ha Giang

However, the Bauhinia flower hill here usually blooms later than in other areas of Ha Giang. Therefore, if you intend to admire the flowers at this location, it’s advisable to wait until November.

Pho Cao Commune – Dong Van District

This location attracts tourists with vast fields of Bauhinia flowers spreading from one valley to another.

Not only a beautiful flower-viewing spot, Pho Cao commune also features ancient houses over 100 years old surrounded by stacked stone blocks, creating a unique and special architectural style. Therefore, when you come here to admire the Bauhinia flowers, don’t overlook this characteristic architecture!

Thach Son Than (Stone God Mountain) – Quyet Tien Commune, Quan Ba District

Tourists standing at Thach Son Than are sure to be in awe of the vast and panoramic space filled with clouds, mountains, and especially the abundance of Bauhinia flowers in this location.

Thach Son Than is a tourist attraction within the geological heritage site of Dong Van Karst Plateau, Ha Giang. The stone statues of Thach Son Than were sculpted from limestone hundreds of years ago. The grandeur here is entirely due to the creative hand of nature.

Ban Pho Bang is about 117 km from Hanoi. To enter the town, tourists have to travel an additional 5 km, getting close to the Vietnam-China border, where only the magnificent cat’s ear-shaped stone mountains stand tall against the deep blue sky.

Here, you can freely admire the purple Bauhinia flowers covering the entire village, and every step feels like walking on flowers.

Local specialties of Ha Giang to enjoy

Triangular buckwheat cake of Ha Giang

When in Ha Giang during the buckwheat season, don’t miss out on this dish. The preparation of this cake is quite simple. Firstly, the buckwheat seeds are ground, mixed with flour, and then molded into a triangular shape before the final step of steaming until fully cooked.

The price of the cake is quite affordable, only around 10,000 VND. According to the Hmong people’s eating habits, the triangular buckwheat cake is also enjoyed with thắng cố (a type of broth).

Au Tau porridge

It is often said that if you haven’t tasted the delicious aau tau porridge in Ha Giang, you haven’t fully explored the essence of this place. Au Tau porridge is made from delicious sticky rice cooked with pork knuckles and pig’s feet. The aau tau tubers are soaked, cleaned, and then stewed in the porridge pot. If you are curious about this dish, try savoring its rich flavor in the Northwest mountains.

Au Tau porridge is a famous and delicious dish in Ha Giang

Grilled moss on rocks

This is a familiar dish among the Tay people in Quang Binh, Ha Giang. Fresh moss is collected from under the rocks in the stream, washed, squeezed to remove the slime, then torn into small pieces and seasoned to taste. It is a simple yet unique and nutritious dish.

Buffalo meat hung by the kitchen

When mentioning buffalo meat hung by the kitchen, most people have heard of this familiar name. Fresh and delicious buffalo meat is marinated with spices, sun-dried, and then hung by the kitchen. They know how to calculate the time for the buffalo meat to be perfectly delicious, bringing it down to dip with small mắc khén seeds. This is not only a delicious dish to enjoy but also a suitable Northwest Vietnam gift to give to loved ones.

Some notes when traveling during the Buckwheat Flower Season

  • When visiting some buckwheat flower gardens, there may be an entrance fee ranging from 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND per person. Note that when entering the gardens, you can freely take photos but absolutely avoid stepping on or crushing the flowers, and picking flowers to bring home is not allowed. Be a cultured traveler.
  • Ha Giang has many attractions, so you should plan your itinerary to ensure it is not too packed, and you can finish the day while it’s still daylight to ensure safety.
  • On the way in Ha Giang, you will easily come across local residents. The majority of Ha Giang’s population belongs to ethnic minorities, so they are very friendly and hospitable. Before you go, remember to prepare some candies to give to the children you encounter on the way. When meeting local women, it is advisable not to engage in teasing actions, and especially avoid using derogatory language towards ethnic people.
  • The journey to conquer Ha Giang will take you through winding roads, so be extremely careful when moving, especially if you are on a motorcycle. Pay attention to observe and control your speed to ensure your safety.

The article on VnCarRentals has shared with you about when buckwheat flowers and where is the most beautiful. We hope the information that provides will help you have enjoyable experiences in admiring the beauty of buckwheat flowers.

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