Visit the Dalat Cathedral – Chicken Church Dalat – immerse yourself in the ancient European features in Da Lat

Church of the Chicken Da Lat

Chicken Church or Da Lat Cathedral is one of the largest churches in the city of thousands of flowers. The church has a special meaning, not only because of its unique European architecture, but also associated with the history of the city. This is an attractive destination, absolutely not to be missed for anyone when coming to Da Lat. Let’s explore this attractive address with Vietnam Car Rental.

Introduction of Chicken Church

Chicken Church is officially known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Nicholas Bari. The church was built during the French colonial period, so this place still retains many unique and classical architecture. Currently, Con Ga church is both a place to organize ceremonies and one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Da Lat. Coming here, you can not only immerse yourself in the ancient European sky in Da Lat but also be spoiled for checking in virtual life.


Introduction of Chicken Church
Introduction of Chicken Church

Where is Chicken Church?

Church location

  • Address: 15 Tran Phu Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

Da Lat Cathedral is located at 15 Tran Phu Street, Ward 3. This is considered a convenient location when located in the city center. In particular, the surrounding is very close to other tourist attractions such as Lam Vien Square, Da Lat market…

How to get to the church?

From the center of Da Lat right around the roundabout to Market, you take the 2nd exit across the bridge to Le Dai Hanh street. Here you will see a roundabout, you turn right and go another 100m you will meet a fork. Then, you turn left uphill and go about 200m to the Chicken Church.

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The origin of the name Con Ga church

Because on the highest cross of the church there is a statue of a rooster, so the people here have called the church’s name the Chicken Church. The chicken statue is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and is hollow inside. At an altitude of 27m, the chicken will rotate around a bearing shaft to indicate the direction of the wind. It also acts as a lightning rod, protecting the church that remains intact to this day. Standing about 100m away from the bell tower, you can clearly see the rooster located on the cross of the bell tower.


The origin of the name Con Ga church
The origin of the name Con Ga church

According to locals, the rooster is a symbol of France and is also a symbol of repentance in the Bible. However, so far, there is still no specific and exact answer to that question.

History of the Church

After Dr. Alexandre Yersin discovered the city of Da Lat in 1893, Father Robert of the Paris Catholic Church came here to study and evangelize. In 1917, another priest, Nicolas Couveur, went to Da Lat to look for a place to build a resort for the clergy. Later, a reformatory was built right behind the present chicken church. In early May 1920, Bishop Quinton in charge of the archdiocese in Saigon authorized the establishment of the Diocese of Da Lat.

On Sunday, July 19, 1931, Da Lat Cathedral was officially started construction. The project is divided into 3 phases and implemented in the stream for 11 years. It was not until January 1942 that the church was completed and put into service.


The design of the Chicken Church

Chicken Church was built according to the architecture of the Roman Catholic churches in Europe. Overall designed in the shape of a cross, the church has a length of 65m, a width of 14m, the church bell tower is 47m high. The main door of the main church is facing the Lang Biang mountain. Even from a distance, you can still see the roof of Dalat.

The cathedral of the church is divided into 3 compartments: 1 large space in the middle and 2 small compartments on both sides. The nave includes rows of prayer tables and chairs and the main hall. Two compartments on either side are rows of tables and chairs and aisles. Above the ceiling of the church is designed in the form of a whole bow with coils and cradle dome system. This is typical of churches in European countries. On the interior walls are reliefs made from cement and iron by sculptor Xuan Thi.


The highlight of the church’s European architecture is the decoration. Step inside, you will be impressed with 70 different stained glass panels made by Louis Balmet workshop in Grenoble (France). Those glass panels not only have the effect of lighting but also help to make the cathedral more mysterious and blurry.

What’s so beautiful about the Chicken Church?

Besides the ancient and dignified architecture, Con Ga Church is also one of 20 famous tourist attractions in Da Lat that attract tourists. Coming to this place, you will be spoiled for posing, check-in with the pink color of the church. The pink color of the main parish church is an impressive highlight on the blue and white background of Da Lat. Visitors coming here are also impressed by the bright red color of poinsettia flowers on both sides of the road and alternating between the buildings of the church.


Church of the Chicken Da Lat

  • Weekdays (Monday-Saturday) have 2 holidays at: 5:25 and 17:15
  • Sunday has 5 hours of public holidays at: 5:30, 7:30, 8:30, 16:00, 18:00


Church of the Chicken Da Lat
Church of the Chicken Da Lat

For the convenience of visiting the church, you should avoid going to the time frames of the parishioners here. If you arrive early, please wait for the ceremony to finish before entering. Normally, Masses at Con Ga church will take place in about 1 hour. On special holidays there will be specific announcements.

If you are a child of God and want to attend the above services, please refer to the church calendar. Please schedule time to be able to attend the ceremony to the fullest.

Tourist attractions near Con Ga church

Destination Distance
Xuan Huong lake 1.2 km
Lam Vien Square Dalat 1.2 km
Bao Dai Palace 3 Da Lat 1.8 km
Dalat Railway Station 2.3 km
Dalat City Flower Garden 2.7 km
Datanla Waterfall Dalat 5.8 km
Dalat Cable Car 8.6 km

Above are useful information about the Chicken Church that VietnamCarRental’s wants to share with you. What are you waiting for, don’t pack your bags and visit this place right away.

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