Dalat Heaven Gate: Deciphering the attraction “Bali Heaven Gate” Vietnamese version

Nestled in the vast green pine forest, Dalat heaven gate is a name that has been constantly being “moved” by the world recently. Considered the Vietnamese version of Bali’s heaven gate in Indonesia, Da Lat’s heaven gate is somewhat smaller than the original but is still reproduced almost intact, making visitors feel like they are lost in Bali thousands of kilometers away. .

The following article provides some information about Dalat Heaven Gate , hopefully will be useful for visitors in the upcoming trip.


Distinguishing heaven’s gates in Dalat

Dalat has many heaven gates with different designs, bringing many interesting colors. Among them, there are 2 places that are often mentioned: Dalat View Heaven Gate and Bali Da Lat Heaven Gate on Robin Hill.

Dalat View Heaven Gate brings a gentle space like a fairy dog ​​with a shape quite similar to the traditional torii gate at Shinto temples in Japan. Besides taking the ideal “virtual life” photos, visitors can enjoy Dalat Heaven Gate Café here.

Address: 49 Khe Sanh, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Open: 7am – 9pm daily

In addition, another heaven gate in Da Lat is at Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda , the scene here is very familiar to many fans of Son Tung MTP because it appeared in the MV Lac Troi 2017.

The following article will provide information about Bali Da Lat heaven gate – a heavenly gate that makes people love to move to “call out” and want to set foot in.

Where is Dalat Heaven Gate?

Dalat Heaven Gate / Bali Da Lat Heaven Gate or Green Hills Da Lat are familiar names that tourists often use to call this place.

Bali Da Lat Heaven Gate is located inside the Greenland II resort, in the Robin hill of Dalat cable car tourist area, about 3km from the city center. Around this area, there are also many cherry blossom and rose gardens that attract many visitors to checkin.

Address: Da Lat Telpher- Starting Point, Ward 3, Da Lat City

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Directions to Bali Heaven Gate

Starting from Da Lat market, you move in the direction of Ho Tung Mau street. When you reach the roundabout of Prenn pass, continue to follow the 3/4 road until you meet the Intercity bus station. When moving to the place where there is a signpost on the way to the cable car, you go straight up and you will see the Bali Da Lat Heaven Gate right in front of your eyes.

Google Maps guide to Dalat Heaven Gate

Da Lat Heaven Gate Google Maps will help visitors from afar to easily access this place.

At what time do you check in Heaven’s Gate?

It is a place that attracts a lot of tourists to checkin, so you can choose early morning or sunset to visit. At this time, the sun shines on the water, creating shimmering and impressive photo shoots.


Ticket price and opening time of Dalat heaven gate

Although located inside the Greenland II resort, visitors do not necessarily need to stay here but can still comfortably check in for free.

This place is open to visit from 7am to 9pm every day.

Why does Dalat Heaven Gate make a fever with tourists?

As mentioned above, this work is inspired by the Lura Lempuyang Lulur temple in Bali. Every corner of this gate is meticulously carved, reproduced just like the original version.

Moreover, the Dalat version of the sky gate has a very poetic mountain view. From this position, you can see the whole city of Da Lat below.

Located right next to the heaven gate, there are many areas for you to freely “live virtual” for free for visitors such as bird’s nest area, cafe, swing, …


Some notes when coming to Dalat Heaven Gate

  • Wear clothes that match the Bali view; Girls should wear boho skirts or fancy lace dresses. Men, just wear simple, can choose white tones to coordinate.
  • Do not take pictures for too long to avoid affecting other friends.
  • If you ride a motorbike by yourself, please pay attention to safety, the slope to the resort is quite high and difficult to go.

Places near the gate of heaven in Dalat

Here are some places near Dalat Heaven Gate and the same route you can go right after visiting:

  • Dalat Cable Car
  • Horizon Cafe Dalat
  • Datanla Waterfall
  • Tuyen Lam Lake
  • Truc Lam
  • Bao Dai Palace
  • Da Lat Chicken Church

Review of visitors about Dalat heaven gate

I like this place so much, come take pictures

This area is located on Robin Hill, including a resort, a cafe where you can take pictures with the famous Bali Heaven Gate.

The campus is quite small, and there are a lot of people. Quite jostling. The staff is also very crowded, controlling tickets, taking pictures for guests, using the customer’s phone to get a nice view, 20k each.

This is the true quality of virtual life, only sparkling on the screen, but with professional skills. The structure of the shop: step in is the ticket counter, go to the small scenes to take pictures: Bali heaven gate, heaven gate, swing … area where people sit and drink coffee and watch the view.

I came here when it was raining heavily, still crowded waiting for my turn. I went to order water, waited for the rain to stop. When it stopped raining, it was dark again. So there are no good pictures.

Is the Stairway to Heaven near Da Lat Heaven Gate?

Some visitors are interested when they want to ask about Stairway to Heaven in Da Lat, is this place in the resort or near Dalat Heaven Gate?

The answer is no guys!

Stairway to heaven Dalat is also considered a virtual living paradise in the city of thousands of flowers. This location is located in the Sunny Farm area, which is a movie studio combined with a cafe and homestay located on slope 7, ward 11, about 8km from Bali Da Lat’s gate: Google Maps

This place does not charge an entrance ticket, you can enter and take pictures for free, however, you just need to go to the cafe and order an extra glass of water to be able to check-in comfortably all day.

The truth of the ladder to the Dalat meditation hall

It is a fact that all check-in photos at the stairs to heaven are directed up to the sky, because, in addition to creating the scene as if going to heaven, it also helps the photo to avoid the background of garbage. Remember when taking photos, do not point the camera camera down, because you will be very disappointed.

Besides, this area is quite small, so if you check in here, you will have to queue.

After the success of the first version, the ladder to heaven has been “remake” in many places. Therefore, it is possible that when you go to any place in Da Lat or in Vietnam, you can come across this extremely interesting miniature.

Review of visitors’ stairs to Dalat meditation hall

An experience of quiet space and vast skies…

This shop is so chill. Drinking water for 4 kids is extremely cheap 165k. there is a coal stove. will be back in the future

The scene to take pictures is beautiful and simple, the drink is delicious, the price per glass is 45k, it’s fine because it’s good to drink and has a beautiful view. There are many beautiful shooting angles because I don’t have time, so I only take a few pictures. Worth going back again. Going on a weekday morning, few guests are free to take pictures

The stairs to heaven this cafe is temporary, you can go to the Cam Tu Cau flower garden, there is also a longer ladder here and the view of the Cam Tu Cau flower garden is very beautiful, widow ticket 50k. Or go to a cafe with a view of Da Lat with Son Tung’s heaven gate to film a lost MV

Also known as Sunny Farm Coffee, the coffee is a bit expensive but the virtual check-in is very worth it, selling coffee instead of selling tickets to visit, beautiful stairs but other photo spots are also very beautiful, but each When you want to take pictures, you have to queue because this place is very crowded during the tourist season.

There’s nothing there but stairs. Is it only suitable for young people to live virtual, adults should not come

Take virtual pictures in the morning and in the afternoon, drink ice cream coffee is also ok. There are some unprofessional service guys because the owner does not invest in costumes.

The ladder to heaven is short and small, not as beautiful as the side of the valley of lights next to it, there are 2 stairs up

Drinks are a bit expensive compared to the quality of service and facilities of the restaurant

Nice shop. But a bit small

Bored, sunny, just to take pictures of virtual life, go to see all fake images, suitable for young people who like to take pictures. Drinks instead of tickets. High priced drinks.

Ideal check-in location. However, the visitors are quite crowded and have to wait in line for a long time.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated. There are many great places to take pictures. Drinks ok. Wish the restaurant crowded!

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