Hoi An Travel Guide – Things To Do In Hoi An

What to play in Hoi An? Where should go, where, what to eat when going to Hoi An self-sufficient? Let Vietnam Car Rental’s tell you about super fun, super useful and economical Hoi An travel Guide.

Hoi An Ancient Town is considered to be one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. The little town is located on the central coast of the country and was formerly one of the leading port cities in the area. Stepping foot into this place, visitors will be taken on a journey to the past with all old buildings around. The most common way to travel round is by foot or bicycle, as it is easy for tourists to explore the neighborhood and visit local markets.

Hoi An is famous for its skillful tailors who can make suits, wallets, shoes – anything you can imagine with outstanding quality. However, it is at nighttime that the town comes alive. The little town is lit up with colourful lanterns hung along the streets, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in a warm and romantic atmosphere that can hardly be found in anywhere else in the world. At this time of the day, travellers have the chance to know more about the unique local culture by listening to traditional music or watching water puppet shows.

Beside these interesting experiences, it would be a pity not to try the distinctive culinary features here, including Hoi An baguette, white rose dumpling and Cao Lau,… In brief, this ancient town has a unique beauty ones can hardly resist, making it one of the top destinations that should be added to our bucket-list.

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Hoi An Travel Guide - Things To Do In Hoi An

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