Travel to My Son Sanctuary 2024: address, discounted ticket price

My Son Sanctuary, with its cluster of unique Cham temples and distinctive architecture, proudly ranks 9th among the top 10 most beautiful and famous temples in Southeast Asia. If you enjoy exploring and learning about ancient cultures, this is an ideal destination for you. The travel experience to My Son Sanctuary will share all the necessary information about the address, transportation, ticket prices, and more, to make your trip economical and smooth.

My Son Sanctuary 2024 – Key Information.

Where is My Son Sanctuary located, and is it far from Da Nang?

My Son Sanctuary is an archaeological site located in Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. It is approximately 70 km southwest of the city center of Da Nang, 20 km from Tra Kieu, and about 45 km west of the ancient town of Hoi An. The site is situated in a valley with a wide diameter of 2 km, surrounded by overlapping hills and mountains.

My Son Sanctuary is located approximately 70 km away from Da Nang

This place used to be the location for religious ceremonies of the ancient Champa dynasty and served as the tomb area for kings, princes, and nobles from past dynasties. In 1999, this site was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site of Vietnam and is also one of the main centers of Hinduism in Indochina.

Travel history of My Son Sanctuary.

According to historical records, My Son Sanctuary dates back to around the 4th century. At that time, King Bhadresvara built a temple to worship King Bhadravarman, the first king of the Amaravati region. He was deified as the deity Siva, becoming the religious king of the dynasty. Each time a new king ascended the throne, they would come here to perform rituals and make offerings.

My Son Sanctuary dates back to the 4th century.

Over the centuries, more small towers were added to the site. Today, it is a cultural center and an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors in Da Nang.

Detailed travel to My Son Sanctuary.

Best time to visit My Son Sanctuary?

According to the travel experience, you can visit My Son Sanctuary at any time of the year. However, it is best to avoid the period from late September to late November due to unstable weather and frequent rains, which can make the area slippery and muddy, dirtying your shoes and clothes.

You should visit My Son Sanctuary in the summer

It is recommended to plan your visit during the summer months, from April to August, when the weather is sunny and suitable for sightseeing and exploring other tourist destinations.

How to get to My Son Sanctuary?

To begin your journey to explore My Son Sanctuary, you can easily reach the site by various means of transportation such as cars, motorbikes, or buses. Based on the travel experience in Da Nang, the distance from Da Nang to My Son is about 70 km, so buses and motorbikes are more preferred.

  • Bus: If you choose to go by bus, you can take route number 06, operating from 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM daily, with a frequency of approximately every 30 minutes. The ticket prices vary depending on the route, typically ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 VND per trip.
  • Motorbike: Renting a motorbike costs around 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day. To reach My Son, you start from Hoa Cam Bridge, head towards National Highway 14B, then turn left and go straight to Kiem Lam Ferry. After crossing the ferry, follow Route 537 towards Nam Phuoc for about 1 km until you see a signpost. Follow the instructions to reach the site. Alternatively, you can go through Nam Phuoc – Tra Kieu route. From Tra Kieu, travel another 12 km to reach the signpost, then take a 5-minute drive up the mountain road to the site.
Renting a private car to My Son Sanctuary helps you save time and have a comfortable trip
  • Private Tourist Car Rental With Driver: With a private tourist car, you don’t have to worry about finding your way, and it’s suitable for groups of friends, families with adults and children, or international tourists. With a private car Rentals and driver in Danang from, you’ll have the most time-saving trip. The driver will pick you up at your hotel in Da Nang, the airport, or the train station, take you directly to My Son Sanctuary, and wait for you while you explore. Afterward, you can visit Hoi An or return to your accommodation.

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Opening hours and ticket prices for visiting My Son Sanctuary.

My Son Sanctuary opens from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM every day of the year, including holidays and festivals. The ticket prices are 100,000 VND per Vietnamese visitor and 150,000 VND per international visitor for each tour.

  • Note: The ticket prices include electric car transportation to the archaeological site and access to cultural performances here.

Where to stay when visiting My Son Sanctuary?

While accommodation options directly at My Son are not well-developed, you can find hotels and guesthouses in nearby areas. Your choice of accommodation will depend on your preferences and budget. Here are some suggestions:

  • Muong Thanh Hotel: No. 351, Xuan An Ward, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Le Domaine de Tam Hai Hotel: Tam Hai Commune, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Le Dung Hotel: No. 32 Tran Phu Street, Tam Ky, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Atlas Hoi An Hotel: No. 30 Dao Duy Tu, Cam Pho, Hoi An.

What to eat during your visit to My Son Sanctuary?

Certainly, when visiting a new region, one of the exciting experiences is exploring the local cuisine. Based on the travel experience to My Son Sanctuary, you should definitely try dishes such as “mi quang” noodles (especially the version from Phu Chiem), “cao lau” (a dish you can find in Hoi An – Quang Nam), or chicken rice.

What makes My Son Sanctuary appealing to tourists?

Discovering the architecture of My Son Sanctuary.

The overall structure of My Son Sanctuary consists of two opposite hills. There is a stream at the crossroad, and the branches of the stream divide the area into four zones: A, B, C, and D. In the center, there is a main tower surrounded by several smaller towers. The main tower has two doors, each with 8 steps leading up to the spiraling vaults. On top of each vault is a small tower. This is also considered the tallest tower, with a height of 24 meters, square base, and each side measuring 10 centimeters. The top of the tower has 3 terraces, gradually getting smaller, and the highest terrace is made of green stone.

Explore the unique architecture of My Son Sanctuary.

Despite the passage of thousands of years and the impact of war bombings and weather conditions, My Son Sanctuary still stands tall and preserves relics and artifacts that bear the cultural imprint of the Champa dynasty since its foundation in 380. Most of the excavations here are inscribed in Sanskrit on stone steles. It is the mysterious beauty and unique architecture that have attracted the curiosity of many visitors.

The architecture bears the distinctive cultural characteristics of Champa

Visiting the museum at My Son Sanctuary.

Behind the ticket counter, about 100 meters away, there is a museum displaying artifacts. When visiting My Son Sanctuary, you can explore this museum and admire ancient items such as bas-reliefs, bricks, lingas, etc. It helps visitors understand more about archaeology, religion, the history of My Son, and the ancient Champa culture.

Watching cultural performances at My Son Sanctuary.

If you are lucky enough to visit during specific events, besides exploring the unique relics, you may also participate in the extraordinary Katê festival of the Champa people. The festival includes various rituals and offerings, processions, water ceremonies, traditional costumes, and Katê performances. Moreover, you can enjoy various cultural performances, traditional musical instruments, and graceful dances by skilled artists, including the mystical Apsara dance.

Watch cultural performances at My Son Sanctuary

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Travel experience to My Son Sanctuary and some things to note.

The tourist area sells discounted tickets for students. After buying the ticket, you can move around the site by electric car.

  • It is important to note that, although My Son Sanctuary is famous for its temples, it does not support acts of worship or burning incense everywhere.
  • My Son Sanctuary is isolated from the outside world, surrounded by wild forests, and there are no restaurants or souvenir shops. There is only one authorized business inside the site, where you can shop if necessary.
  • The locals in this area are very friendly and willing to help when needed. Therefore, if you are traveling alone or independently, you can hire them as tour guides. They will share stories about the myths and spiritual values of the archaeological site.
  • Start your tour from the main temple, as the journey to other areas is relatively difficult. If possible, enjoy the Champa dance before leaving.

The above information provides a detailed travel experience to My Son Sanctuary that you should consider. Whether extensive or limited, it will certainly be helpful for your upcoming trip. Have a memorable journey to this cultural heritage site!

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