What Makes Hoi An Ancient Town So Attractive?

Have you ever wondered why Hoi An attracts such a large number of tourists? What is it about this place that is so beautiful and captivating that everyone says, “You must visit Hoi An at least once in your lifetime“?

The ancient and peaceful beauty of Hoi An’s old town.

Unlike Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Da Nang, Hoi An exudes an ancient and incredibly serene charm. In Hoi An, there are very few high-rise buildings, and there are no skyscrapers. Instead, you’ll find old, moss-covered tile-roofed houses, distinctive yellow walls, and each column, house wing, and door retains the ancient charm, worthy of the name “Ancient Town.”

The ancient town of Hoi An carries the charm of antiquity and tranquility

In fact, many businesses that open their shops in Hoi An’s ancient town must build their stores in the local style. Thanks to this, despite its long history as a tourist destination, the beauty of Hoi An remains unchanged and continues to offer a truly peaceful atmosphere.

In addition to the scenery, the people of Hoi An’s old town are also gentle and hospitable, always ready to assist tourists, and they leave a positive impression on visitors from both within and outside the country.

Traveling to Hoi An and other tourist destinations is very convenient.

From Hoi An, you can easily reach many other famous tourist spots in Quang Nam province or neighboring provinces like Da Nang. Typically, people often take tours from Da Nang to Hoi An, or Central Vietnam tours that include Da NangHoi AnCham IslandBa Na HillsHue. This not only saves time and money but also allows you to explore many beautiful landscapes.

From Hoi An’s ancient town, you can also visit Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach for swimming. These places are famous for their smooth white sand, clear water, and stunning sunrise and sunset views that captivate everyone.

You can also explore the Thu Bon River’s countryside, where beautiful outdoor sandbanks, vast rice fields, and picturesque mountains create a peaceful and majestic landscape.

The Thanh Ha Pottery Village and Thanh Bong Woodworking Village are also fascinating destinations for those who appreciate artistic craftsmanship.

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Numerous breathtaking attractions within the ancient town.

Not only does the ancient town lead to other famous tourist spots, but it also contains many breathtaking attractions. If you stroll through the old town, you’ll admire the ancient houses with their yellow walls, moss-covered tiles, and colorful lanterns hanging all around. Hoi An is also home to many paper flower trees, mostly several years old, which are large, lush, and in bloom all year round, making them a favorite spot for photo enthusiasts.

Hoi An has many beautiful attractions that serve as places preserving history

During the day, you can rent a boat to cruise along the river in the heart of the old town to appreciate its beauty. In the evening, you can participate in the enchanting lantern festival.

Some other famous attractions within the old town include:

  • The Japanese Covered Bridge: Often referred to as a gem in the heart of Hoi An, this bridge spans a small canal flowing into the Thu Bon River and is located between Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu streets. The bridge has a rich and long history and is famous for its unique architecture that blends Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Western styles. Almost every tourist visiting Hoi An comes here to take pictures.
  • In Hoi An, all the ancient features are well preserved and maintained. Places like Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Trieu Chau Assembly Hall, and Quang Dong Assembly Hall still retain their exquisite architectural details from the past. These three assembly halls, with their long history and special significance, often host festivals that attract tourists.

Unique and memorable cuisine.

When you travel, you can’t miss out on the culinary experience. Like many other places, Hoi An’s ancient town offers a variety of unique local dishes such as Cao Lau noodle soup, Com Hen(baby basket clams rice), Chicken Rice(Com Ga), Che Bap, and Hoi An bread(Banh Mi).

Hoi An’s cuisine is extremely diverse and incredibly delicious

In particular, Hoi An bread is nicknamed the “world’s best bread,” so you must try it when you’re here.

So, there you have it—Hoi An’s ancient town is a destination that combines historical charm, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and delicious cuisine, making it a must-visit place for travelers.

Hoi An is incredibly beautiful, and the people of Hoi An are also friendly, charming, and endearing. If you have the opportunity, you must definitely visit Hoi An’s ancient town at least once; it will undoubtedly leave lasting impressions that cannot fade away

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