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Hai Phong is known as the “port land”, this place is famous for Lan Ha Bay – connecting Ha Long Bay and covering hundreds of large and small islands and ravishing white sand beaches. Referring to the famous place located on Lan Ha Bay, it is impossible to ignore Monkey Island – an ideal tourist destination in recent years. Here, let’s go to Cat Ba Monkey Island with Vietnam Car Rental to see what this island has to offer!

Locate the coordinates of Cat Ba Monkey Island

Cat Ba Monkey Island is located in the south of Lan Ha Bay, in the Cat Ba archipelago, 2 km from Cat Ba town, about 60 km from Hai Phong city center.


This is the second largest island in the Cat Ba archipelago, monkey island is a rocky mountain formed over millions of years with hundreds of meters long sandy beaches.

Monkey Island was formerly known as Pineapple Island, because there are many wild pineapple trees on the island, which look delicious but cannot be eaten. Later, when the rangers brought 20 monkeys to the island to live, the island was renamed Monkey Island. If you are a person who likes quiet, does not like the hustle and bustle of busy beaches, this is the ideal destination.

Directions to Cat Ba Monkey Island

To move to Monkey Island, you first go to Hai Phong city by road through different means such as passenger cars, limousines, motorbikes, etc., depending on your needs and financial ability. Then, from Hai Phong, visitors move to Cat Ba town through 2 ways:

  • Take the hydrofoil straight to Cat Ba, it takes about 45 minutes
  • Cross the ferry twice by foot, it takes about 2 hours
  • Next, visitors depart from Beo wharf to Monkey Island by boat, it only takes about 10 minutes to arrive.

Ideal time to visit Cat Ba Monkey Island

When should you visit Monkey Island? This is probably the question most tourists are interested in. For most of the seas and islands, the right time to come here is in the summer, the hot weather is very suitable for relaxing and swimming. The peak season to attract tourists is from June to August, which is also the hottest time of the year.


You can also go in the period from April to October. This is the cool weather suitable for playing, sightseeing, visiting on the island. However, if you plan to go in August, September, you should check the weather forecast in advance to ensure a smooth and safe trip, because this is the time when a lot of rain and storms appear.

Ticket price to visit Cat Ba Monkey Island

Train ticket price to the island

  • Hydrofoil: 220,000 VND/person
  • By road crossing the ferry twice: 11,000 VND/person and 6,000 VND/person
  • Going from Beo wharf to the island by boat: 80,000 VND – 100,000 VND / person / time.

Ticket price to visit Monkey Island and charter boat to visit the island

  • Ticket price to visit the island for adult tourists is 50,000 VND/pax; ticket for children from 1.2m and above is 25,000 VND/pax; Children under 1.2m are free of charge.
  • Ticket for renting a small boat on low tide days, the boat cannot move close to the island: 10,000 VND/pax.
  • Boats chartered to visit Monkey Island are mainly 48-seat tourist boats, operating in shifts, each shift of 2 hours. Rent with the number of 10 – 20 people: 1,600,000 VND/boat, from 20 to 30 people: 1,500,000 VND/boat; Private boat charter by session: 2,300,000 VND – 3,500,000 VND/boat.

You can refer to ticket prices for different routes to get the most complete trip.


Interesting experiences at Cat Ba Monkey Island

Visit the monkeys on the island

It is no coincidence that this island is named “Monkey Island”, because this is the home of 20 extremely intelligent and mischievous monkeys. Here you can admire the cute monkeys, play with and feed them.


The monkeys here are very friendly and lovely, so you don’t need to worry that they will harm you! However, to be safe, you should also limit touching, especially with monkeys holding their babies to avoid them having extreme actions and hurting you.

Bathing at Cat Dua beach 1

Monkey Island has a circumference of about 3km, including 2 arc-shaped beaches, Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. In which, Cat Dua 1 beach is longer, so tourists often choose to swim here.


The sea water is clean and clear, the waves are not too big, so it is very safe to swim. Visitors can immerse themselves in the cool, clear blue water, especially on hot summer days when diving in the sea.

Because this is a fairly new beach, the services are not yet complete, but can still meet the basic needs of guests for fun and relaxation such as: rental buoys, swimsuits, kayaks, etc. On the beach, there are also leaf huts, you can sit here to enjoy drinks, watch the sea and super beautiful islands. If you go in a large group, this beach is also an ideal place to organize exciting team building activities!

Admire the beautiful natural scenery of Cat Dua Beach 2

Although Cat Dua Beach 2 is narrow, it is very beautiful and modern. Not only that, this is also a super beautiful sightseeing spot on Lan Ha Bay.


The beach is located on the right hand side, hidden behind the tiger-shaped mountain, coming here you will feel like you are immersed in the wild nature, this is where there is a garden of hundreds of square meters planted with trees such as: maple. three, white apple, wild pineapple,…. along with many different species of birds live.

You can climb halfway up the mountain, even the top of the mountain to fully admire the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay in the blue with hundreds of large and small islands, the breathtaking scenery that appears before your eyes will make you amazed. . This is also an ideal place to catch the sunrise or watch the sunset on Monkey Island, if you have the opportunity, you should not miss those beautiful moments!

Notes when traveling to Cat Ba Monkey Island

  • If you plan to travel to Monkey Island in July, August, you should check the weather forecast in advance to prevent rainstorms.
  • To get to the island, you should take the cable car Cat Hai – Phu Long, which takes only 10 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes by ferry.
  • When visiting Monkey Island, visitors should buy a tour for 200,000 – 350,000 VND/person to save money and visit many places.


Above, Vietnam Car Rental has accompanied you to discover Cat Ba Monkey Island – a super beautiful island located in the middle of Lan Ha Bay. Do not “check” Monkey Island in the list of places you want to go, the experiences at this beautiful island will surely make you remember forever!

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