Review what Nha Trang Submarine Resort has and fares 2023

Underground tourist area is one of the unique and attractive tourist destinations in Nha TrangTrue to its name, this place is designed like a submarine to take you to discover interesting destinations. If you are planning to visit Nha Trang Underground tourist area in the near future , do not ignore the suggestions below of Vietnam Car Rental ! 

Where is the address of Nha Trang Underground tourist area?

  • Address: Provincial Road 3, located at the intersection of Phuoc Dong cemetery and National Highway 1A, near Hong Bang driving school.

Although the submarine tourist area was put into operation not long ago, it has quickly become one of the ideal tourist destinations in Da Lat that is loved by many people. You may not know, this resort is the second brother along with the Clay Tunnel Tourist Area in Da Lat. Although both are designed with different features, they both have a common point of bringing a tourist area that combines ecology and culture. A place where you can both have fun and learn about the history and traditional culture of the nation.

In particular, Nha Trang Submarine tourist area is up to 15 hectares wide and is divided into many different areas such as: spiritual area, calligraphy area, walking street, restaurants, bars, stone park or Nha Trang structure. past and present… Help meet the activities of eating, playing and sightseeing.

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The fastest way to Nha Trang Underground tourist area

The Underground tourist area is located on Provincial Road 3, right at the intersection of Phuoc Dong Cemetery with National Highway 1. Although it is only about 12km from the city center, it is quite difficult to find and the road is not too far. pretty. Therefore, for convenience when traveling, you can rent a taxi in the central area. The price is about 100k – 150k only.


Besides, if you want to conquer this resort by yourself, you can refer to the route below:

From Nha Trang city center, you move in the direction of Vinpearl cable car -> Tran Phu street. When you come to the intersection between Tran Phu and Hoang Dieu streets, turn right onto Hoang Dieu. Go straight, you will see a fork, then turn left onto Nguyen Duc Canh Street. Continue going straight, then turn to Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard, then run through Binh Tan Bridge, then turn right onto Phuoc Dong Street. From this section, the road is quite difficult to go, so you can ask the local people the way to Suoi Lung area, Cu Hin mountain in Phuoc Son village and everyone will show it.

The latest Nha Trang Subway tourist ticket price

Information about the resort’s operating hours: 

  • Opening hours: from 14:00 to 22:00 every day

Ticket prices to the Underground tourist area are as follows: 

Subject Ticket price for reference
Adults 100,000 VND/ticket
Children from 1.1m – 1.3m 50,000 VND/ticket
Children under 1.1m Free

Review of Nha Trang submarine tourist area is interesting?

Discover the model of a submarine with 1-0-2 in Nha Trang

One of the outstanding works in this tourist area is the submarine symbol placed right next to the lake and behind the mountain. This project has a length of more than 70m, a width of nearly 10m, simulating a real Kilo 636 class submarine in history.


This submarine is designed to look like the real thing with propellers, weapons… The shell is made of concrete up to 15cm thick. The side of the deck has a model of a 3M-54E anti-ship missile. Inside this impressive work is the space of the bar – where there are models of huge 3-4m high wine bottles from many different countries.

In which, there is an extremely majestic model of Vietnamese can wine. In particular, the wall here is also delicately designed to give you the feeling that you are watching the scenery under the sea in the ocean.

Check in with the works “Nha Trang past and present” 

No need to go far, coming to Nha Trang Underground tourist area, you will be able to check in to your heart’s content with famous places in the coastal city of Nha Trang. With talented and skillful hands, sculptors have recreated the historical development journey of Nha Trang for more than 50 years. Typical 3D sculptures can be mentioned such as Ponagar Tower, Long Pagoda, etc. Phat Tich Son, Dien Khanh Gate, Nha Trang Stone Church,…


Experience ecotourism and historical culture

Hearing the name of Nha Trang Underground tourist area, many people will immediately think of an area suitable for the beach, right? But when you come here, you will feel like you are returning to your childhood. You will encounter familiar images such as traditional thatched roofs, buffaloes, and dear straw stumps.


Coming here, you will be given one that brings you back to your childhood with very rustic and close images like a child sitting on a buffalo, soldiers marching with guns on the road or banh chung, banh tet. New Year’s Day is also recreated at the Nha Trang Underground tourist area. Not only attracting adults, even children are also very interested in coming here.

Note when coming to Nha Trang Underground tourist area

  • Nha Trang Underground Tourist Area begins to open for sightseeing from 14:00. If you go in the early afternoon, you should prepare more sunscreen, hat, sunglasses because the temperature at this time is quite high and hot. The ideal time to come here is from 4pm.
  • The submarine tourist area has a policy not to bring food and drink from outside. Inside this tourist area also has a system of convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, .. but will be a little higher.
  • The road to the Underground tourist area is quite dusty and difficult to go. Therefore, if you travel by motorbike, you should leave before dark to ensure safety!

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