Experience traveling by Metro to Cat Linh Ha Dong: fares, where to go?

As soon as it came into operation, the Cat Linh Ha Dong elevated railway has quickly become an extremely hot destination. If you still feel surprised when taking the Cat Linh Ha Dong Metro as you don’t know what the fare is, how to buy a ticket or where the train goes, here is a complete secret for you to “pocket”. 

Things you may not know about Cat Linh Ha Dong Metro

Cat Linh Ha Dong overhead tram has a route length of 13.5km with 12 stations located on high. The train runs at a maximum speed of 80km/h and operates with a frequency of about 2 minutes/trip. Each train is designed with 4 carriages with a capacity of up to 960 people/trip. 


In particular, the Cat Linh Ha Dong train passed through 11 universities: University of Architecture, Posts and Posts, An Ninh University, Hanoi University, College of Traditional Medicine, NTTW Pedagogy, University of Transport Technology, Faculty of English – Open University , University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Natural Sciences, Dai Nam University, College of Industry and Trade, Dong Do University, College of Music.


How much is the ticket price for Cat Linh Ha Dong Metro?

The fare of Cat Linh Ha Dong sky train will be calculated according to the distance you travel. If you go to the end of the journey, the train will cost up to 15,000 VND/time. The shortest distance costs about 8,000 VND/time. Besides, if you travel many times a day, you can buy a day ticket for 30,000 VND/person/day (day ticket does not limit the number of trips in a day).


Monthly fares are sold at the rates: 200,000 VND/person for ordinary passengers; 100,000 VND/person for pupils, students and workers in industrial zones.

Ticket price for Cat Linh Ha Dong train

  • Tickets for the whole route: 15,000 VND/time
  • Tickets for the shortest route: 8000 VND/way
  • Day ticket: 30,000 VND/person/day

Instructions on how to buy tickets at Cat Linh Ha Dong station

At train stations, there are staff to guide passengers. Therefore, if you have not found a point to buy tickets, don’t worry. At all stations, there are two ways to buy tickets: buy directly at the ticketing hall and buy through an automatic ticket machine.

  • Buy directly at the ticket booth

When buying tickets directly at the counter, the staff will ask if you want to buy a day ticket or a one-way ticket. After that, you just need to choose your destination and pay cash.

  • Buy at the ticket vending machine

To buy at the automatic ticketing counter, you will use your cash to put in the slot to receive money then select the Arrival Station. The buttons on the ticket vending machine are in the form of fingerprints, so it will be easier to manipulate. After you have selected your destination, the machine will issue a ticket (with a plastic card) and change (if any).


Note: Currently, Cat Linh Ha Dong sky train ticketing system does not have a payment mode by bank card, so in the first time you will have to buy tickets in cash.

How to swipe tickets when getting on / off the train

For those who experience the sky train for the first time, it will be quite surprised to swipe the ticket where and how to get on and off the train, right?

  • To board the train, you will move through the ticketing area (right next to the ticket counter). Then, using the card to touch the surface of the automatic ticket gate, you can move to the platform to wait for the train.
  • At the alighting station, you must also use a swipe card by inserting it into the ticket gate slot at the 2nd floor station lobby to go through the ticket gate (outbound).

Note: during the journey, remember to always carry your ticket card. Because if you lose it, you won’t be able to go to the station after the trip is over!

Where does the Cat Linh Ha Dong Metro go?

You may not know, Cat Linh Ha Dong tram runs with a route of 13km, with the first line from Cat Linh station and the last line at Yen Nghia station. The journey will stop at 12 stations. Each train will carry a maximum of 960 passengers, including 240 passengers/car. Each trip has a running time of about 6 minutes and a stop time at the station from 25s to 35s. Here are the stops in the journey of Cat Linh Ha Dong train:

  • Cat Linh Station (starting point) La Thanh Station Thai Ha Station Lang Station Thuong Dinh Station Vanh Dai 3 Station Phung Khoang Station Van Quan Station Ha Dong Station La Khe Station Van Khe Station Yen Nghia (end point).


Suggestions for “virtual living” shooting angles at Cat Linh Ha Dong ship

Coming to Cat Linh Ha Dong elevated railway, you can not only experience the capital’s only tram, but also enjoy taking pictures. Because the stations here are designed extremely impressive. Below, Halo Travel will suggest you the most favorite shooting angles of young people:

Hanoi symbol at Cat Linh station

Right from when Cat Linh station started to complete, it caused a fever with the impressive iconic Hanoi wall. Therefore, if you come from Cat Linh station, you must have a virtual live photo with this 1-0-2 background!


Don’t miss the stairs area

It can be said that the walls in the staircase area are the virtual living corner of thousands of people. A special thing about Cat Linh Ha Dong train stations is that every 2 stations will have a different wall color. So, if you want to shoot with all wall colors, you should go 1 station down 1 time.



Taken on the train

Taking pictures on the train is also a good idea for you to take beautiful pictures like in Thailand or Japan. According to many people’s experience, you should choose the last car because most of this car will have fewer people. When taking photos on the train, align the angles through the door frame to get the scene outside.


Note: When taking photos on the train, you should limit removing your mask and keep your distance from people. In addition, do not sit in the yellow chairs because this is a position reserved for the disabled, the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Note when riding the Cat Linh Ha Dong tram you should know

  • To take beautiful and empty pictures, you should go in the time frame from 10am to 2pm on weekdays. Because this is a time when there are very few people on that train.
  • According to the experience of many of you, the last car will be the one that is extremely empty, so make sure you have a beautiful picture taken on the train.
  • Stations in the middle (La Khe, Van Khe, Thai Ha…) will be less crowded than Cat Linh or Yen Nghia stations.
  • In public places, you should wear a mask and keep a distance, ensure 5K with everyone. Don’t forget to disinfect your hands often!
  • The yellow seat position is for children, the elderly and pregnant women


The above is a collection of detailed experiences of traveling by Cat Linh Ha Dong Metro. This is a very interesting experience that you definitely should not miss. Hurry up and invite your friends to come here!

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