Review of Dam Sen water park: An oasis to avoid the heat in the heart of Saigon

Dam Sen Water Park and Dam Sen Cultural Park is a diversely designed and built work in Dam Sen Park. This is not only a water park but also includes works in styles from Europe to Asia, from modern to nostalgic. These 2 parks will be entered by 2 separate doors but there is still a connecting gate between the 2 parks.

Dam Sen Water Park is one of the entertainment complexes in Saigon that attracts visitors to relax and relieve the heat.

The following article provides some information about Dam Sen water park , hopefully will be useful for you in your upcoming trip.

Where is Dam Sen Water Park?

Like an oasis located in the heart of Saigon, Dam Sen water park has a harmonious space combined with romantic rivers. With 36 modern water game equipment and a cool wave pool of 3000m2, promises to bring you many interesting relaxing feelings.

Address: 03 Hoa Binh, Ward 3, District 11, City. Ho Chi Minh. Google Maps

Directions to Dam Sen Water Park

Located in the center of Saigon, so moving from districts to Dam Sen water park is not too far.

For public transport, you can catch buses 11, 64, 38, 145, 148 that run through the park.
This resort is very large, with 3 entrances, so please be careful when coming here. The 3 specific ports are as follows:

  • Main Gate: No. 2 Hoa Binh Street. This gate is near Thuy Ta restaurant.
  • Auxiliary Gate No. 1: Gate No. 1A Hoa Binh Street
  • Side Gate 2: No. 1 Lac Long Quan Street

Dam Sen water park operating hours

  • From Monday to Friday: open from 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m
  • Public Holidays and New Year’s Day: Open 7:30am – 10:00pm

Is Dam Sen Water Park open?

Is Dam Sen Water Park closed?

During the complicated development of the Covid 19 epidemic, Dam Sen water park is temporarily closed to prevent epidemics. The reopening time will be announced on the homepage:

Is Dam Sen Water Park open yet?

Updated to October 30, 2021, Dam Sen water park is still temporarily closed. This amusement park will only open when the Covid 19 epidemic has been contained and well controlled.

Dam Sen Water Park ticket price

A few notes when buying tickets:

  • The above ticket price includes tickets to Dam Sen water park and is not valid at Dam Sen cultural park
  • You only need to buy a ticket once and you can have fun all day
  • Elderly people over 60 years old are required to bring ID cards.
  • All children and the elderly must be accompanied by a relative
  • Do not bring food, drinks, stimulants, weapons, flammable items into the park
  • The park is closed periodically every Tuesday.
  • Prices above are retail prices. If the group wants to buy tickets, they can contact the sales department by phone: 028 38588418 or 028 38589991

Diagram of Dam Sen water park

Map of Dam Sen Water Park

What games does Dam Sen Water Park have?

  • Green Dragon – Green Dragon

Conquering time in 12 seconds with a height of 12 meters and a length of 80 meters, Green Dragon is a new game imported from Canada with 03 transparent twists.

  • Wild River – Wild River

Under the push of the high water pouring down, you will feel like floating on a small bamboo boat and dance with the bumpy waterfall…

  • Wandering River – Wandering River

Lying on a floating float on a 400m long river winding around green arches and caves… You will have wonderful relaxing moments with nature.

  • Aqua Dance Stage – Aqua Dance Stage

A giant shower with dozens of powerful jets located at the entrance to the Water Park will make you feel excited and excited.

  • Rope Swing Overcom Waterfall

You will slide on a 10m high rope stretched across the lake and fall into the water at a depth of 2.5m.

  • Children’s pool – Children pool
  • Fountain Square
  • Wave pool – Wave pool

A miniature sea corner with gentle slopes, coconut trees swaying with the wind and rumbling waves… let you enjoy the wonderful natural scenery in the heart of the city.

  • Super Speed ​​– Kamikaze

Dubbed “super speed”, the slide will take you fast & fall into the water from a height of 19m with a spectacular, splashing shot.

  • Massage Tia Nước – Water Jet Massage

With the hydraulic resonance of 12 water jets spread throughout the body: shoulders, abdomen, thighs, waist, feet… Massage water jets help stimulate the body’s resistance as well as restore the function of the muscles. Joints help you clearly feel the flexibility when moving

  • Solar Water Massage Pool- Solar Water Massage Pool
  • Twister Max – Twister Max

Only 12 seconds you have conquered Twister Max, Extreme Twist satisfies thrill-loving tourists, with a novel twist, your body will undergo a large twist to the sides before entering a line twisting steeply and then falling into the lake with a spectacular splash.

  • Boomerang . – Boomerang

As a giant slide (12m high, 25m wide), shaped like a winged Phung Hoang, the giant slide will take you up, slide down, shake back and forth, and then fall into the lake to pick you up.

  • Love Storm & Space Bowl slide cluster

You will start from a height of 12m with magical light and sound, then you will fly around in a space of more than 6m before falling freely into the lake.

  • Multislide – Multislide
  • Black Thunder slide

With two spirals from a height of 11m combined with unique sound and light effects inside, it will give you the utmost enjoyment and the feeling of constant change full of surprises.

  • Tornado

You will be winding through the 119m long chute of the 19m high slide and free fall into the water.

  • Giant Slide – Giant Slide

Note when going to Dam Sen water park

  • Bring moderate personal belongings, do not bring a lot of cash and valuables.
  • Necessary items include swimwear, swim float, swimming goggles, hat, sunscreen.
  • Avoid wearing shoes or sandals that are too slippery.
  • Avoid playing at noon when the weather is at its peak, it will make the body easy to lose water and heatstroke.
  • If you have heart disease, blood sugar or fear of heights, you should not try thrilling games

Transport To Dam Sen Water Park

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