Review of Can Gio beach: “4 no” beach in Saigon

Can Gio Beach is known as the “green oasis” or “green lung” of Saigon. In this district, Can Gio beach stands out, more special than other beaches, which is a mysterious and impressive black sand beach, an attractive “4 no” beach.

The following article provides some information about Can Gio beach in Ho Chi Minh City , hopefully will be useful for you in your upcoming trip.

Where is Can Gio Beach? How far is it from Saigon?

Located only about 50 km from the city center with more than 1 hour and 30 minutes by car, Can Gio beach belongs to Thanh Thoi village, Long Hoa, Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh City. Google Maps

Guide to Can Gio beach


From Ben Thanh market, you take bus number 20 and move to Binh Khanh ferry. At this stop, take bus 90 to go straight to Can Gio beach.

If you depart from the 23/9 park, you can choose bus route 75, the last stop to Can Thanh and Can Gio bus stations.

Private vehicles

From the city center, you follow the direction to Tan Thuan Bridge (District 7), then turn onto Nguyen Van Linh Street and go to Huynh Tan Phat Street. When arriving at Binh Khanh ferry, you need to buy a ferry ticket to get to Can Gio tourist destination.

If you plan to travel to Can Gio during the day, then personal vehicles will be the preferred option, saving time.

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What’s fun about traveling to Can Gio beach?

Can Gio beach is known as the “4 no” sea because of its interesting features.

Not white sand, yellow sunshine but black sand with 1-0-2

Can Gio beach is quieter and more peaceful than other beaches. The services have not yet developed, so you can fully enjoy the comfortable and relaxing space.

The color of black sand is typical because this is a sea that is accreted with a lot of alluvium. So, if you want to swim in the sea, you will have to walk quite a distance. However, it is also the black color of the sand beach that attracts visitors to visit, discover new things, and freely take pictures of “virtual life”. The beach is very empty and wide, so the space here is very suitable for walking, camping, etc.

The sales culture is polite, pleasant, not messy

In Can Gio beach, the trading here is “convenient to buy and sell”, absolutely not to entice customers. You are also completely assured of the cost when eating or using services because the business here has a criterion of not shouting prices, guests do not have to bargain too much.

Street vendors are very few and only offer you some specialties such as fried shrimp cakes, grilled oysters, dough-rolled crabs…

Do not pay

Because the sea of ​​Can Gio is a place with the most abundant and freshest seafood resources, the people trading here are always honest about the price to keep the quality of the products in Can Gio sea village. Therefore, when you go to buy seafood or any specialty of Can Gio, you should not “bargain”.

No chairs on the beach

Tourism in Can Gio beach is carefully planned from the way of service at the sea, at the beach there are no chairs like Nha Trang, Mui Ne … to sunbathe, but you can only rent chairs from restaurants. personal vacation.

Experience the brand new Can Gio – Vung Tau sea ferry ride

One of the most interesting experiences that you should not miss is taking the Can Gio – Vung Tau sea ferry. This service is very new, just opened in early 2021, helping to shorten the travel time from Can Gio to Vung Tau to only 30 minutes instead of 2 hours as before.

• Can Gio Wharf: Tac Suat wharf, located in Can Thach town, Can Gio district, City. Ho Chi Minh.
• Vung Tau Wharf: Passenger wharf of the city. Vung Tau, close to the maritime port authority area in Ward 1.

Ticket price:
• Passenger ticket: 70,000 VND/person
• Motorbike, bicycle, electric bicycle ticket: 50,000 VND/car
• Ticket for 4-seater, 7 – 9-seat car, pickup car: 350,000 VND/car

Can Gio Beach be bathed?

Can Gio beach has many beaches but quite a lot of mud. If you want to swim, choose beach 30/4, this is considered the most suitable swimming address and is also very familiar to many Saigon tourists.

Where to eat delicious and cheap seafood in Can Gio beach?

This sea is brackish water, so the source of seafood is very rich and diverse, you can choose to eat: black tiger shrimp, iron shrimp, clams, flu crabs … at extremely cheap prices.

In addition, you can also visit Can Gio market, where there is a very good source of fresh seafood, and small businesses are also ready to process it on the spot for visitors at a low cost.

Tourist attractions near Can Gio beach

Thanh An Island/Thanh An Sea Can Gio

As one of the famous tourist attractions in Can Gio district, Thanh An island is about 70km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Coming to this island, you will learn about the living culture of local people, enjoy many delicious seafood dishes and take pictures on the embankments.

Thieng Lieng Island

For those who want to see firsthand the scene of salt workers in the fields of more than 400 hectares, do not miss Thieng Lieng Island.

From Thanh An sat on the boat for about 1 hour, weaving between the forests close to the sea mouth to reach Thieng Lieng islet, this small island hamlet has only more than 200 households.

Monkey Island

Coming to Can Gio beach, don’t miss Monkey Island – a famous wild tourist destination, this is home to more than 2000 different monkeys. With the ticket price of 35,000 VND/visitor, you can witness firsthand the monkeys living, looking for food and immersing in the green air of the wild forest in Can Gio. Alternatively, you can also take a boat ride through the canals to see the landscape deep in the forests.

Can Gio Sac Forest

Once considered an important combat site in the war against the French and American, Sac Can Gio forest today, where it still preserves the bases of the old army, visitors can freely visit and visit. experience. In addition, this is also a wild natural population of mangroves that promises to bring you an interesting trip.

Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area

Phuong Nam Sea Ecological Park is considered the most unique marine eco-resort of Can Gio. This place has a spacious campus with swimming pool and 70 different well-equipped rooms. The highlight here is also a spacious swimming pool for you to bathe.

Ticket price on weekdays is 50,000 VND / person and on holidays is 75,000 VND / person.

Address: No. 1227/65 Duyen Hai Street, Dong Tranh, Long Hoa, Can Gio.

Hang Duong Seafood Market

This Can Gio tourist destination is considered the largest seafood paradise in Saigon. This place has loads of fresh seafood and the prices are cheap too.

Where to stay in Can Gio beach tourism?

  • Can Gio Resort

Address: 30/4 Tourist Area, Street, Thanh Thoi, Long Hoa, Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Can Gio Hotel

Address: Long Hoa, Can Gio, Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Phuong Nam Pearl Resort

Address: Long Hoa, Can Gio, Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City

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