Review of Da Lat station: Impressive “5 best” of the most beautiful and ancient station in Vietnam

As the opening destination for the journey to discover Da Lat that travel believers choose, Da Lat train station is known as one of the oldest – unique – strangest stations in Vietnam. The most prominent is probably the Da Lat railway station with the only cog-shaped railway in Vietnam.

The following article provides some information about Da Lat railway station , hopefully it will be useful for you on your upcoming trip to the city of thousands of flowers.

About Dalat Railway Station

Built in the early years of the 20th century, the old Da Lat train station was still known as Da Lat train station. And that name is still called to this day.

The station has unique and impressive features that few other stations have. Therefore, Da Lat railway station has become the number 1 destination in the top famous tourist destinations of the land of thousands of flowers. In 2001, this site was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and awarded the National Architectural Monument.


Where is Dalat Railway Station?

About 5km from the city center, Da Lat railway station is located in the area of ​​Quang Trung Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City, Lam Dong. Google Maps

How to move to Dalat train station?

Starting from the city center right at Da Lat market, you follow Ho Xuan Huong street towards Lam Vien Square, go straight Yersin street for about 2km up a small slope around the pine forest and you will see the station on the right.

Because it is close to the center, you can easily choose means of transportation such as motorbikes, taxis, etc.


Tickets to Da Lat Station

After many years of free admission, Da Lat station has applied the entrance ticket price of 10,000 VND/person.

Opening time of Da Lat station

If you decide to come here to visit, you should come at 8am. Afternoon closes at 16:30.

Top 5 of Da Lat train station

The highest train station in Vietnam

Da Lat city is located at an altitude of 1,500m above sea level, so Da Lat station is considered the highest station in Vietnam. The 16km long cog railway, over 1,000m high of Song Pha pass with a slope of 12% is designed in Swiss style.

The most unique old station in Indochina

Designed by two French architects, Moncet and Reveron, and the construction and contractor is a Vietnamese named Vo Dinh Dung, Da Lat station was built with a construction cost of 200,000 Francs.
This work was started construction in 1932 and completed in 1938 with a length of 66.5m; 11.4m wide; 11m high).

This railway is the way to help promote trade in Da Lat, the agricultural products of the cold country are brought everywhere.

The most beautiful train station in Vietnam

It is one of the most beautiful ancient architectural works of the city. Da Lat, Da Lat station is considered as the most beautiful ancient train station in Vietnam and Indochina.

Although the scale is not large, but with unique architecture, in harmony with nature, Da Lat station is a beautiful construction, creating an urban highlight.


Steam locomotive and the only gear system in Vietnam

The locomotive for two pairs of trains at the station is a dedicated steam locomotive HG 4/4 – the code of the locomotive for railways with serrated rails ordered by CFI Company in Indochina The company in Switzerland make.

Each steam locomotive usually has 1 driver, 2 employees in charge of water refueling and coal burning. To pass the pass, each locomotive is fitted with a gear system, when going up the pass, the train driver will control this system to “grab” tightly on the cog line between the two tracks to climb uphill.

The station with the most unique symbol in Vietnam

With a unique architectural style, Da Lat station is quite similar to a train station in the South of France with the part protruding from the roof and indenting at the foot in the vertical direction.

The station area with 3 spikes, stylized three peaks of the Langbiang plateau or the typical communal roof of the Central Highlands, bears the imprint of indigenous culture.

In particular, the front also has a large clock face recording the time that Dr. Alexandre Yersin discovered the Langbiang and Da Lat plateaus (15:30 on June 21, 1893).


Fascinating experiences at Da Lat Railway Station

Traveling on the Da Lat – Trai Mat Railway Station

Although the railway line is now closed, the area still serves tourists.
The road from Da Lat city to Trai Mat is 7km long, taking visitors to enjoy the poetic scenery of the city, visit Linh Phuoc pagoda, Trai Mat town.

Departure time for Trai Mat route

In 1 day, there will be 5 trips departing from Da Lat to Trai Mat

The first trip: 7:15 => 9:15 a.m. Second
trip: 9:20 a.m. => 11:20
The third trip: 11:55 a.m. => 1:25 p.m. The fourth trip: 2:00 p.m. => 3:30
p.m. The last trip: 16h5=> 17h35

Fares from Da Lat station to Trai Mat

For Vietnamese guests, the price is: 135,000 – 150,000 VND for round trip tickets and 100,000 VND for one way tickets
For foreign guests: 170,000 VND for round trip tickets and 150,000 VND for one way
tickets For one way tickets only applicable for For groups of 10 or more, you should call the station’s phone number for more details.

Check-in the most attractive place in Da Lat

The ancient station is a favorite check-in place for those of you who like to take pictures with old backgrounds. With bright yellow paint and unique architecture, Da Lat station will be an extremely impressive background.

Cafe Da Lat Station

Inside the station, there is Dalat Train Vilaa cafe located in the old train carriage. This is the ultimate virtual living place for virtual life believers. And what is more attractive than sipping a cup of tea, taking virtual pictures and watching this unique station.

Review of Da Lat train station by check-in visitors

One of the places not to be missed when coming to the city of thousands of flowers is this – Dalat Railway Station. Cultural heritage and unique architecture.

The station looks quite ancient, very crowded because the fare is cheap. It was too crowded, so I took a picture and saw the cluttered, crowded people to take a few pictures. Real antique train.

Many people mistakenly think that Da Lat station is located far from the city but no, it is located only 2.5km from the center of Dalat.

Interesting sights, if you have time, you should take the train to visit

Da Lat station is no longer used for transportation but is a tourist station. With a route of 7 km, the train will take visitors to explore the mountain town from Da Lat Station to Trai Mat.

Traveling to Da Lat, this is one of the best places to visit. Cheap tickets + nice photos + souvenirs sold at the counter but not very cheap. You can also buy train tickets to visit. I remember correctly, it was about 150k) If you have the opportunity, please visit and engrave a picture on a piece of wood and bring it back as a souvenir.

Coming back after 4 years, it is still a must-see not only about Dalat but also the architecture of the Indochina era that never goes out of fashion.

The station is ancient, beautiful, with many places

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