Review of Cu Lan Village Dalat in detail from A to Z

Cu Lan Village Tourist Area – The very funny name is a famous tourist destination of the dream city. Many activities to experience and explore the mountains and forests that you can participate in here. Cu Lan Village serves 5 main areas: Welcoming visitors, teambuilding playground, camping, resort, restaurants and many great services associated with nature and wildlife.

Cu Lan Village is a beautiful and romantic small village (about 30 hectares wide) nestled among thousands of hectares of wild primeval forest at the foot of the spreading LangBiAng mountain. The article will help provide you with some information such as: Fares, routes, services available here!


The way to Cu Lan Village Dalat

Cu Lan village is 21 km from Xuan Huong Lake, 9 km from Golden Valley tourist area in the direction of Suoi Vang – Suoi Bac. Silver stream is a stream located in Cu Lan Village. Visitors go through provincial road 722, one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam to reach Cu Lan Village.

Where is Cu Lan village? Google Maps Map Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan village in Da Lat is more than 20km from the city center. It has beautiful scenery, surrounded by pine forests and small lakes.

Cu Lan Village is located at DT722, Suoi Can Village, Lat Commune, Lac Duong District, Da Lat

Phone number: 0985 199 992 | 0948 58 68 78



Opening hours: Cu Lan village tourist area is open to welcome guests from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

You can see the way to Cu Lan Village on Google Maps :

Cu Lan village ticket price

Tickets to Cu Lan Village

Guest Fare
Adults (>1m) 100,000 VND/pax
Children (<1m) Free

Vé teambuilding

  • Price: 200,000 VND/pax
  • Time of use: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, (using the grass field, lake surface, stream, forest equipped with skill games).
  • Note: only accept groups of at least 30 people.

Campfire Space Ticket

  • Price 200,000 VND / person
  • Time of use: 17h00 – 21h00,
  • Firewood: 700,000/block,
  • Note: only accept groups of at least 30 people.


Other services

  • Off-road tour to explore Cu Lan, crossing streams, crossing forests, visiting:  price 150,000 VND/pax (minimum 4 people, maximum 5 people)
  • Cultural exchange of gongs: depending on the number of people and the time of organization.
  • Dress up as ethnic people (50,000/set)
  • Horse racing on the lawn:
  • Drop fish into the stream to catch: 250,000 VND/kg (processed after finishing the game)
  • Big sound system 3,000,000 VND/system/4h
  • Small portable sound system: 1,500,000 VND/system/4h

All visitors can visit the gallery exhibited by famous Vietnamese painters, the antique ceramic gallery, and the Central Highlands wooden statue display house.


The Legend of Cu Lan Village

Legend of Cu Lan village 1

There are many ways to explain why this tourist destination in Da Lat is called Cu Lan Village. Here are some of the most popular legends that have been passed down orally by the villagers for many generations:

The story goes that long ago, there was a boy in the plains who went to the mountains and into the forest with the dream of picking up stones to build a paradise in the middle of the forest to give to his beloved.

His dream of “picking up stones to patch the sky” and his naive way of doing things made people call him Cu Lan. This story has been transmitted to the ears of the girl that Cu Lan fell in love with.

The girl then also left the city to go up the mountain into the forest. Touched by the sincere love of Mr. Cu Lan and overwhelmed with the splendid beauty of the wild mountains and forests, the girl stayed in the middle of the deep forest with Mr. Cu Lan.

Although they could not build the dream paradise, a small village appeared on the banks of a deserted stream among green hills and wild flowers.

Since then, people have called the village Cu Lan Village. Today, the villagers still tell their story with the songs Cu Lan, Cu Lan’s Heart, Cu Lan Village, and Cu Lan Mo.

Legend of Cu Lan village 2

There is also another legend that says:

The story of Cu Lan Village begins with the origin of the name Cu Lan. Cu Lan is a medicinal plant used to stop bleeding from wounds. This tree can also be carved by humans to become Da Lat tourism gifts with many meanings about the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.


Cu Lan village associated with medicinal plants and Culi?

Villagers here in addition to farming, hunting and gathering also live by two main occupations: exploiting Cu Lan trees and making Cu Lan images to sell to tourists. (The Cu Lan is often called the Culi or the Cu Lan has yellow fur that has medicinal effects in stopping bleeding).

At the same time, the K’Ho people at that time also went to the forest to “pick up” the cute Cu Lan, with the most beautiful eyes in the world, to bring home. Cu Lan is a gentle animal that is mainly nocturnal. (Today, Cu Lan is listed as a rare animal in the Red Book).

Cu Lan is famous for being gentle, when facing any danger, Cu Lan curls up and uses his hands to cover his precious eyes. People just “pick up” it and put it in a bag to bring back.

The villagers here are gentle, rustic and also very witty Cu Lan says that when in danger, Cu Lan covers his eyes so as not to see the danger, but for Cu Lan not seeing the danger is no danger. Whatever you want to do, do whatever you want.


How is Cu Lan village in Da Lat designed?

Cu Lan Village is a village in Da Lat that is planned and designed by 3 talented architects on the criteria of romantic beauty and perfect difference. Every step of visitors walking on the village road, it is easy to see a message of intense love, the peace of nature and wild mountains.

This Cu Lan village in Da Lat is divided into zones such as:

  • K’ho village
  • Art gallery
  • Chom Hom Market
  • Torch Village
  • Cu Lan Nature Reserve
  • Ancient Rong House
  • Village Center Area
  • Restaurant

What’s in Cu Lan Village Review?

Cu Lan Village reviews games and services

When coming to this Dalat tourist destination, you can also participate in extremely interesting activities and experience extremely refreshing activities such as:



For couples who love each other, it is impossible to ignore the romantic rafting game on the heart-shaped lake from all angles in the middle of the village, like a boy’s heart for a girl. This is also a game that guests enjoy, the races are inconclusive, both entertained and exercised.

For those who stay overnight, it is impossible not to try the feeling of carrying a fishing rod in the evening and rowing out to the middle of the lake to fish, or in the early morning lying on the raft with your face up to the sky waiting for the sunrise.

Climb the mountain

You will be able to climb real hills, not too difficult but need you to have endurance to help you exercise, this is also a team game to help you increase solidarity.

The feeling when you reach the top of the hill, the whole green hilly area, the pine forest under your feet is as far as your eyes can see, when you have been sitting in the office for too long, too little exercise, when you are not even halfway there, you want to give up. and when you overcome all to climb to the top of the hill, that feeling will make you go away but still want to come back.


Wedding photography

For all of us, the wedding day is one of the most important, sacred and memorable days of our lives, wedding photos help you preserve the most beautiful moments of your love.

Not only a beautiful romantic scene but also meaningful, the story of Cu Lan is also a proof of true love, each paving stone has been a flower branch with his own hands, the boy built a village to be with the person he loves forever. . In the middle of the lake there is also a heart of Cu Lan, a clear blue lake with a heart shape, nothing more than the true love of two people who are about to return to the same house.


Off-road car tour to discover Cu Lan

What is more interesting when sitting on off-road vehicles running on the rugged red dirt roads around the village, this is also the only place with a shallow stream where all-terrain vehicles can run under the stream. white foam splashes, the feeling of both fear and love is the feeling that you may not see the second unicorn again.

The car takes you to visit Cu Lan Nature Reserve where you will get acquainted with the Cu Lan uncles with the most gentle and beautiful eyes in the world. The car takes you to visit and learn about Cu Lan tree, a tree with strong vitality known as an immortal tree (every year in the dry season to fight forest fires, people burn the low leaves of the forest. burned into cinders, but when the rainy season comes, the tree immediately regenerates a new leaf, which is wonderful, so beautiful).


Exchange of gongs

The name “Da Lat”, in the language of the K’ho Lach ethnic group, means “water flow of the Lach people”. Visitors who have once set foot in Da Lat, enjoying the poetic and charming scenery of this rich land, cannot ignore the unique culture of the Lach ethnic people.

You will be immersed in the Night with the lyrics, singing, dancing, gongs of the boys and girls in the village. Coming here, you will love the land and people of Da Lat more and more. Under the cool breeze and clear moon, visitors will join the boys and girls of Lach ethnic group dancing around the burning fire in the melodious gong tune, sipping can wine and enjoying wild meat. so hot.



Here you can truly experience the feeling of hunting wild animals or stream fish, lake fish that have existed since time immemorial. The village is located in the middle of the surrounding valley, which still has a lot of primeval forests. Visitors will hunt, process and enjoy in the right way of the ethnic people living here.

You will never forget the taste of grilled pork, grilled chicken served with fragrant bamboo rice tubes, or you can eat Lam rice with highland sesame salt. Coming here, you can also enjoy grilled sweet potatoes with honey, grilled wild chicken eggs or goat milk yogurt made by ethnic people, etc.


Jeep tour to explore the primeval forest

This is a tourist destination located in the deep valley, wild, romantic and unique. It is because of that wildness that attracts many tourists to come and remember forever with the terrain vehicle tour service to explore the primeval forest.

Conference space for rent

The gallery is both a place to display paintings belonging to a collection of paintings by many famous Vietnamese artists such as Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Nguyen Trung, Dang Xuan Hoa, Nguyen Than, Le Thiet Cuong, Nguyen Thanh Binh… With space This spacious and airy place is also a suitable place to organize seminars to exchange and share good things.


Dress up to experience soldier’s life

Visitors will be provided with costumes like soldiers to experience the life and work of soldiers who are protecting the country day and night such as marching, fighting….

Organize the military semester

In addition, the resort also has courses to help visitors experience the practice of manners, discipline, life in the military, etc. (updating)

Review of restaurants in Cu Lan village

Cu Lan Restaurant serves you Central Highlands specialties and Vietnamese dishes based on 5 clean standards with affordable prices.

1. Food, clean food.

Most of the meat and fish such as wild boar, wild chicken, stream-lake fish, buffaloes are raised in the forest, vegetables are grown according to clean standards in Cu Lan Village.

2.Clean water source

The source of drinking water of Cu Lan Village is brought back from a natural rock crevice on the slope of the Gate of Heaven, completely pure. The water has been tested by the Pasteur Institute to meet the standards for pure water production.


3.Clean processing

Cu Lan does not use chemicals in food processing, the rich flavor is the natural flavor of fresh and clean ingredients in Cu Lan Village.

4.Clean space

With the space inside the main restaurant with a capacity of 400 guests and a system of huts by the lake, by the stream, in the middle of the forest. Really clean from the space, the air to the view is a great factor that Cu Lan is proud to have to serve you.


5.Clean chopsticks

Cu Lan restaurant uses high-class ceramic dishes. Metal or bamboo chopsticks are used only once for your complete peace of mind.

Review of hotels, homestays, villas, accommodation in Cu Lan village

Rest in the middle of the flower forest

50 m2 luxury Bungalow, luxuriously furnished (11 units)

Bungalow has 4 * standard furniture, (For 02 guests).

Price: 2,000,000 VND/apartment/night.

Extra bed: 500,000/pax, one apartment for up to 4 guests.


Camping in the middle of the wild forest

Tent on the lawn by the stream

The tent is 12m2 wide, each tent is for 10 guests, The floor is 20cm off the ground, with foam, guests sleep with US military bags, with blankets and pillows.

PRICE: 3,000,000 VND/Tent/night, (Minimum get 2 tents).


House on stilts “THUUUUUUUUU LAN” (6 units)

This is a type of resort for young people “Phot players”. Thuong Cu Lan hamlet has 6 stylized stilt houses, each for 10 people, each with its own mattress, blanket and pillow.

PRICE: 3,500,000/unit/night.


In K’Ho’s Wooden Stilt House

When you stay at K’Ho village in the middle of a beautiful pine forest. You enjoy the exciting feeling when experiencing the life of indigenous people by the pink fire in the smoky night of the primeval forest and the happy colors in the cold dawn in the wild flower paradise for 200,000 VND/pax. (minimum 10 guests).

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Organize teambuilding on the 12,000m² lawn for free;
  • Free tour;
  • Free campfire space;
  • Free rafting on the lake;
  • Hunting ducks on the lake for free;
  • Free Pig Hunting;
  • Catching stream fish for free;
  • Free fire procession;
  • Free climbing;
  • View an exhibition of paintings by Vietnamese painters for free.

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