Rent a car from Da Nang to Cham Islands (Cu Lao Cham) with pick-up and drop-off services

With its standout feature being the Ba Na tourist area, Da Nang has become the most iconic symbol in the region. However, it’s not just the majestic mountainous landscapes but also the beauty of rivers, seas, and islands. One of the places that many tourists are interested in is Cham Islands (Cu Lao Cham), and how easy it is to get there? Below, I will share my experience of renting a car from Da Nang to Cham Islands(Cu Lao Cham) at an incredibly low price with pick-up and drop-off services.

Introducing the car rental service from Da Nang to Cham Islands.

When planning your trips, you may wonder which transportation method is most suitable to get to the Cham Islands from Da Nang. Choosing the car rental service from Da Nang to the Cham Islands will offer you a fresh and unique experience. This car rental service offers various types of vehicles with different prices, all of which are from reputable and modern brands.

New experiences when renting a car to go to Cham Islands.

The car rental service to the Cham Islands is currently a popular choice for many people because it provides numerous benefits and convenience for traveling. It not only serves fixed routes but also can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of tourists.

If you are looking for transportation in Da Nang, #VnCarRentals specializes in providing private car rental services with experienced drivers in Da Nang. Our professional drivers, with years of experience, will ensure you have a safe and comfortable trip to all tourist destinations in Da Nang.

Who Should Rent a Car from Da Nang to Cham Islands for Independent Travel?

Renting a car to go to Cham Islands is suitable for all cases. However, it is even more suitable for travelers going with family, friends, or colleagues. On scorching days when you don’t feel like traveling by motorcycle, you can easily book a car to go to Cham Islands. Depending on the number of people, you can choose different services for yourself.

Why Should You Rent a Car from Da Nang to Cham Islands for Independent Travel?

  • Flexibility: Travelers can manage their own time according to their family’s schedule.
  • Cost: The cost includes everything, including toll fees and the driver, which is much cheaper than a taxi.
  • Professional Drivers: The drivers are professional, friendly, careful, and knowledgeable about Da Nang tourism, with a service mindset like family.
  • Support: Booking tickets to tourist attractions at discounted prices compared to the published rates, without having to queue for tickets.
  • Peace of Mind: With a predefined itinerary, clear information about the vehicle and driver, and travel tips for Da Nang.
  • Comfort: No need to worry about motion sickness or unpleasant odors, as the vehicles are brand new, fully equipped, and run smoothly without discomfort.
  • Door-to-Door Service: Convenient for travelers, saving on mobile transportation costs, with pick-up and drop-off at hotels or private residences. Professional and enthusiastic customer service.
  • Customized Itinerary: You can freely choose the destinations you like. The process of booking a car is very easy: just make a phone call or chat via WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.
  • Payment upon completion of the journey, when you return to the pick-up point at the end of the trip.

How Long Does It Take to Rent a Car from Da Nang to Cham Islands?

The journey from Da Nang city to Cham Islands takes approximately 45 – 50 minutes, covering a distance of about 50 kilometers in the direction towards Cua Dai Beach. When driving to Cua Dai Port, you’ll then take a boat to the island to visit its famous attractions, which will add another 15 – 20 minutes to your travel time.

By car, you will continue your journey to Cua Dai Port, where you will then proceed by canoe to the island.

What Places Can You Visit When Renting a Car from Da Nang to Cham Islands?

Five-star Road in Da Nang

Not only will you visit Cham Islands, but you can also pass through some of Da Nang’s most famous tourist destinations. Along this road, you will see many high-end international resorts. Additionally, you can enjoy a distant view of the Marble Mountains, which looks majestic amidst this bustling city.

Marble Mountains (Ngũ Hành Sơn – Non Nước)

When talking about Marble Mountains, you can’t miss the stone carving villages to admire the sculptures created by the local people. Some facilities allow you to see how these artworks are crafted.

The beauty of Marble Mountains in Da Nang.

My Khe Beach

Another must-visit place when traveling to Cham Islands is My Khe Beach, known for its golden sands and crystal-clear blue waters, which are characteristic of My Khe Beach. Nearby, you’ll also find a statue of the Virgin Mary by the sea, attracting many visitors who come to admire and offer prayers.

Four Famous Bridges in Da Nang

For those staying in hotels within the city, you’ll have the opportunity to admire Da Nang’s four famous bridges. Each bridge has its unique characteristics, and you’ll see the vibrant life of the city as you cross them.

Image of Dragon Bridge Da Nang – This is one of the 6 famous bridges spanning the Han River built in 2009

You won’t need to worry about the travel time to Cham Islands because during your journey, you will have the chance to explore many beautiful places. By the time you’ve visited all these destinations, you’ll have arrived at your final destination.

Most Popular Types of Cars for Renting from Da Nang to Cham Islands

When it comes to vehicles used to serve tourists, most are famous and high-quality models:

  • Latest 4-seater cars for Cham Islands: Toyota Vios, Kia Cerato, Mazda CX 5, Vinfast, etc.
  • Latest 7-seater cars for Cham Islands: Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Santa Fe, etc.
  • Latest 16-seater cars for Cham Islands: Ford Transit, Mercedes, Hyundai, etc.
  • Latest 30-seater cars for Cham Islands: Thaco Town, Isuzu Samco, Hyundai Country, etc.
  • Latest 45-seater cars for Cham Islands: Hyundai Universe, Hyundai Aero Space, Class Hyundai, etc

Price List – Promotions when renting a car from Da Nang to Cham Islands.

Current price list in effect

SEDAN(MAX 3 – 2 ) 18 USD/CAR 450,000 VND/CAR
MINIVAN(MAX 4 – 3 ) 20 USD/CAR 500,000 VND/CAR
VAN(MAX 8 – 6 ) 27 USD/CAR 650,000 VND/CAR


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Danang International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Private Car with driver can speak basic English Petrol
Road tolls Parking fee
Meals Entrance fee
Guide Personal fee

Essential Notes when Renting a Car from Da Nang to Cham Islands.

When is the right time to book a car?

When you have your plans ready, contact transportation companies in Da Nang to inquire about the general rental rates of each company’s services. After receiving specific advice on your travel schedule, if you are traveling during the peak season, it is advisable to book at least 3 days before your flight to Da Nang. If you are traveling during the low season, you can still call and book a day in advance.

How to book a car quickly and save money.

After confirming all the services you need, contact the service provider with your personal information, including your name, contact phone number, and travel schedule. Once they have your information, the company will confirm the details and provide you with the driver’s information to assist you.

How will feedback be handled?

To avoid cases where drivers provide poor service or attempt to overcharge customers, please contact the company immediately if you encounter any issues. Typically, drivers from’s do not engage in such behavior.

Here are the pieces of information about the car rental service from Da Nang to Cham Islands that’s shares with you. Additionally, you can also consider renting a car to go to Ba Na Hills. We wish you a joyful trip to Da Nang with your family.


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