The unspoiled beauty of Man Thai Beach in Da Nang is second to none. Coming to this beach, you will be immersed in nature, enjoy the cool water and not be disturbed by sea services. Then how to move here, invite you to explore.

Where is Man Thai Beach in Da Nang?

Man Thai is located on Hoang Sa street, in Son Tra district. North of the beach is My Khe beach. Looking to the south, you will see Tho Quang beach.

The distance from Man Thai beach to Da Thanh center is 8km . This is considered a rare island that still retains its wild beauty.

Man Thai has Son Tra mountain range on both sides. They cover so the sea rarely has big waves. This is also an advantage that helps Man Thai beach in Da Nang have good tourism potential.

At the present time, the Da Nang government is implementing many projects to develop tourist areas. Therefore, before the beach is explored more, take advantage of the experience!

Means to Man Thai Beach Da Nang

This Danang beach is located on Hoang Sa street. It is on the same road as the major beaches. Therefore, moving to Man Thai beach is also quite easy. If going from the center of Da Thanh, you can go to Nguyen Van Linh street. Then, from here, run across Dragon Bridge and turn into Vo Nguyen Giap Street. Running for about 10 minutes , you will see Truong Sa street and Man Thai beach .


You can rent a motorbike in Da Nang to take the initiative when coming here. Riding a motorbike is the way that many tourists choose to fully explore the beauty of Man Thai beach in Da Nang . Because, this way of moving gives them many interesting experiences.

Renting a motorbike from the city center to the beach is quite cheap. On average, they will rent from 100,000 to 150,000 VND . In addition, you can be more proactive about the time, destination – departure. Driving a motorbike, you won’t need to depend on anyone, stop anywhere.


The method of traveling by taxi to the famous tourist destination of Da Nang is also very popular. This type of transportation is especially suitable for families with many small children. It is also suitable for tours with many adults.

Traveling by taxi will ensure high health for everyone. Moreover, the rental cost is also very affordable. The average price for each taxi ride is from 100,000 to 200,000 VND for 8km .

Private Car With Driver

In addition to taxis and motorbikes, this is also a pretty cool means of transportation. The experience of visiting the tourist city by bus is also quite amazing. However, in return, the cost of traveling by bus is slightly higher than that of other means.

Link: Danang Car Rental

Enjoy specialties at Man Thai Beach in Da Nang

Based on the Da Nang travel experience of many tourists, when coming to Man Thai , you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the specialties here. Da Nang specialties sold at Man Thai beach are very rich.

Among them, you absolutely do not miss the following delicious addresses:

  • Quan Be Man: This is a restaurant specializing in serving delicious seafood in Da Thanh. The seafood tank is always fresh, with a variety of types and ways of processing. You can directly come to choose and ask the restaurant to follow your preferences. The chefs here always try to serve the customer’s taste at the absolute level. The big plus point of this restaurant is the extremely enthusiastic service staff. No matter how crowded they are, they still serve with a warm attitude, making delicious dishes quickly.
  • Quan Ngoc Huong: The design space of this restaurant is like a miniature fishing village. The outdoor interior layout gives customers the feeling that they are witnessing the full life of the residents here. The idyllic and peaceful features are something that any visitor appreciates when visiting this place. Delicious variety, fast service, great taste. This can be said to be a destination that serves delicious dishes that are worth your investment.

Hotels near Man Thai Beach Da Nang

Coming to Man Thai beach in Da Nang , where to stay? This must be the question of many people, right? The 3 best suggestions that you should consider are:

Duong Gia Hotel

In the Marble Mountains tour, visitors highly appreciate Duong Gia hotel. This is also quite understandable when the room as well as the view from the hotel to the sea is extremely beautiful. The facade of Duong Gia Hotel is an amusement park in East Sea Park. This place often has many famous singers invited to perform music.

Around the park, there are thousands of flying pigeons. This is especially suitable for young people who like to live virtual. Because it is located in the busy city area, there are many restaurants around the hotel. So you don’t have to worry too much about food.

The best thing is that Duong Gia hotel has motorbike rental. You can use this service to go to other famous Da Nang tourist destinations. Staff at the hotel also assist in booking tours for guests. They are very well trained professionally and professionally. Therefore, believe that you will be satisfied by the value received at this hotel.

Seashore Hotel

The next place to stay that you should go to is the SeaShore hotel . There are many family rooms and a sun terrace. Rooms are fully air-conditioned, with a large TV, bathrobes and a safety deposit box. Moreover, the rooms are fully equipped with hot water equipment, fireplace.

Every early morning you are also served a full breakfast. SeaShore is located just 10 minutes away from My Khe beach and Da Nang bridge . Therefore, you can conveniently move here to enrich your travel itinerary!

Hotel De Lamour

The distance from the hotel to Man Thai beach Da Nang is only 5 minutes . The nearest airport to the hotel is Da Nang International Airport. From the hotel room door you can look down to the sea with cool, blue water and peaceful sky.

In the motel system of this hotel, there are good facilities such as:


  • Large restaurant: The restaurant serves many delicious Asian-European dishes. Staff will also serve breakfast in the room if you need it. Delicious dishes are mainly prepared based on the taste of Vietnamese people. Therefore, even if your family has young children, there is no need to worry!
  • Bar: If you don’t want to go to the beach at night, this is the space you should visit at night. The hotel bar area is very spacious. It serves fruit and light wine. You can sip a little wine, chill with gentle music. Your dark night will pass in wonderful moments.
  • Bicycle rental service: The hotel also has a bicycle rental service so that customers can stroll by the sea in the morning. You can rent a car to explore millions of interesting things in Da Thanh!

Far from the hotel you can see the full beauty of Tien Sa beach in Da Nang . Quite a few visitors have shared that they are very satisfied with this.

Man Thai Beach Da Nang , in terms of attraction, will not be equal to other beaches. However, this place also has its own beauty, enough to “hold” visitors. If you have a chance, don’t forget to come here to explore!

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