Bau Trang sand dunes – ‘sub-Saharan desert’ of Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Summer comes, when the sky is blue and high, the sun is more bright and golden, and the legs are slack in search of trips. And then, it is the pure white sand color in the “small desert” Bau Trang – Binh Thuan that has made many people nostalgic to find it.
Bau Trang is still quite wild and rustic, but it is that wild and rustic feature that has the magic to attract those who love beauty to come back, Vietnam Car Rental will talk a little bit about Bau Trang in a short article. below!.

Bau Trang’s captivating beauty

Bau Trang, also known as Bau Cat, Bau Sen is located in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, about 40km from Phan Thiet. The lake is surrounded by white sand slopes with the sun and the wind bestowed by nature making the lake wonderfully beautiful. Looking down from the sand dunes, the lake is as calm as a mirror, in the distance the dark sand dunes undulate up and down like a lyrical picture of nature that anyone wants to visit.

Bau Trang – Phan Ri Cua, the most beautiful coastal road in the central region

Someone once said: “happiness is in the journey, not the destination”, and Bau Trang – Phan Ri Cua is one of those roads! In contrast to the crowded and busy scene of traffic on the highway, the coastal road is almost deserted, not many cars pass by.
The scenery on both sides of the road changes color over time, from the red desert color to the golden orange, the pure white of the sand, covering the majestic scenery that is the typical sunny color of the tropics. Bon Bon on the car through this road, you will witness the scene of a straight road tearing along a vast desert to the horizon, on the red ground dotted with a few barren, lonely trees. “run straight to the heart” anyone who passes by even once.

Traveling to Bau Trang in the summer

Bau Trang is a freshwater lake but the water is as blue as sea water, “Bau” means “lake” and Bau Trang area has two, Bau Ba and Bau Ong. A Bau with an entire lotus pond is a very famous wedding and photo shoot location for young people in Mui Ne. When the summer rains suddenly came, the whole Bau Trang seemed to be wearing an elegant and beautiful shirt. It is the blue and pink color of the lotus in full bloom covering the lake. Sen comes as promised, adorning Bau Trang with more romance and poetry. Immersed in the sun and wind on the sand dunes, Bau Trang suddenly becomes strangely poetic. Immerse yourself in that pure space and you will find that all fatigue disappears.

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