Top 10 Homestay With The most beautiful view of the Pine Tree in Da Lat

Homestay Da Lat with pine forest view is almost always in the top of the best places to stay for visitors to Da Lat city. Staying in these homestays, visitors not only experience a comfortable and comfortable living space, but also enjoy the fresh air in the green pine forest. Here are a few homestays with the most prominent pine forest view that visitors can refer to:

Homestay Waiting for One Person

  • Address: Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 400,000 – 1,500,000 VND/night.

In the dream city of Da Lat, there are many beautiful homestays for visitors to choose from. The most special thing to mention is the homestay Waiting for One Person – outstanding with a beautiful view of the pine forest. Not to mention the quality and landscape, this homestay impresses guests first of all because of its very interesting name. The road to this place is difficult to find and go, but once you have arrived, you will surely feel satisfied.

Homestay Waiting for One Person is a beautiful and cozy little house. This small house is quietly nestled on the hillside, with a view towards the pine hill and valley, which is very romantic and peaceful. Stepping in here, visitors will see that every detail is meticulously cared for. In addition, for those who just want to come here to enjoy the view, the home has a small restaurant next door. The shop serves coffee, tea and some other drinks.

Kenny House – homestay Dalat has a beautiful view of the pine forest

  • Address: Alley 12, Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 800,000 – 1,800,000 VND/night.

One of the most popular homestays in Da Lat with pine forest view is Kenny House. Kenny House has a 2-storey house with a capacity of about 10-12 people. In front of the house is a spacious garden covered with grass, trees, flowers and many beautiful virtual living corners. This lovely homestay is nestled in the middle of the immense green pine forest with a small lake as the highlight.

Inside the house there are a total of 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, 1 living room and 1 fully equipped kitchen. Besides, this place is located near the city center, so it will be very convenient for visitors to have an ideal place to stop and move around comfortably.

The modern Kupid Hill Dalat in the middle of the pine forest

  • Address: 47 Dang Thai Tham, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 800,000 – 1,500,000 VND/night.

With a modern design, The Kupid Hill Dalat always attracts a large number of visitors from near and far because of the great experience when coming here. At this homestay, there are many types of rooms for visitors to choose such as single rooms, double rooms, rooms for groups… Visitors should choose rooms at the top with a view overlooking the cool pine forest. The space here is quite airy and full of light thanks to the system of modern doors and glass walls. Rooms are always kept clean and tidy. In the premises of this homestay, there is no shortage of beautiful decorative corners for visitors to check-in.

Le Bleu homestay Dalat view of pine forest

  • Address: Ly Tu Trong, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 400,000 – 700,000 VND/night.

If you want to experience a peaceful living space next to the cool pine forest, try Le Bleu homestay. Le Bleu impresses with the design using mainly wood, evoking a feeling of warmth and comfort for the people here. Although it is a wooden house, the space inside the house is a bit nostalgic but not too heavy. This is all thanks to a system of glass windows and doors that make the most of natural light. After the rays of sunlight penetrated through the canopy of the pine forest, the tea entered the room just like that.

Inside the homestay there are 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 toilets and a garden. Guests traveling in groups of 4 or more can rent the whole apartment. If you have 2 people, you can rent a room and share the common space with others. In the garden, there is a small aquarium and beautiful potted plants that need care.

The Shelter homestay Dalat view of the pine forest

  • Address: Alley 36 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 400,000 to 900,000 VND/night.

The Dalat Shelter homestay is known as a homestay in Dalat with a peaceful pine forest view. With its location near the center of Da Lat city, it is not too difficult for tourists to find this place. Shelter homestay impresses with its unique design overlooking the green pine hill. It is an attic homestay with 4 double rooms and 2 large dorm rooms for groups of many people. Besides, under the rose garden are white tents with yellow lights, fully equipped. Wood is the main material used in the design of this homestay.

In addition, visitors when coming here also enjoy the feeling of enjoying coffee under a romantic pine tree. In the cold weather in this dream city, a little warm coffee will make you feel more relaxed and energetic.

6. Da Lat homestay firewood

  • Address: 79 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 330,000 – 700,000 VND/night.

To complete the tour of the city of thousands of flowers, visitors should choose unique accommodations such as Cui homestay. This place gives visitors the feeling of a rustic living space, close to being in their own home. Firewood is a kind of homestay in Da Lat with a view of the pine forest. In front of the house, there is a spacious garden filled with sunshine and wind for visitors to check-in to their delight.

If you go in a large group, you should rent the whole apartment for only 600,000 – 700,000 VND/night. If there are few people, please rent a room to save money. This place has many types of rooms for guests to choose from and it is best to book a room in advance.

7. Sunny’s house homestay

  • Address: 14B Dong Da, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 300,000 – 700,000 VND/night.

Homestay is a type of accommodation that is gradually becoming popular and appearing more and more, especially in Da Lat. In particular, the homestay in Da Lat with pine forest view is the most popular, especially the homestay House of the Sun. At this homestay, visitors will enjoy peaceful moments by the gentle pine forest. From afar, the large house with brick color stands out on a sunny and green lawn. The interior of the house has a classic European style. Every detail is arranged just enough, neatly and delicately with orange as the main color.

8. Oppa homestay ideal pine forest view

  • Address: 99 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 590,000 to 1,100,000 VND/night.

Oppa homestay is the best choice for travelers who want to experience life in homestays in Da Lat with pine forest view. Homestay impresses with its luxurious, modern style with a little sweetness. There, you will feel like you are immersed in the fresh and cool nature. Every morning when you wake up at Oppa homestay, the first thing that visitors see will be the vast green pine forest behind the clear glass window. In the distance, undulating mountains and hills looming in the morning mist. Each room here is neatly decorated, tidy and full of sunshine.

In addition to excellent accommodation services, this place also has additional services such as: free breakfast, free parking, free shuttle bus…

9. Homestay Nomini airy space

  • Address: 04 Nguyen Khuyen, Ward 5, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 400,000 – 600,000 VND/night.

Under the cool green trees of the pine forest on Nguyen Khuyen street is Nomini homestay. This place has always been known as a homestay in Da Lat with a beautiful view of the pine forest. The space in Nomini is carefully cared for right from the branches and grass in the yard in front of the house. Stepping through that courtyard, visitors will enter the house with outstanding warm orange-yellow wood. The system of glass doors helps to make the most of sunlight, bringing a spacious and airy space in the middle of the pine forest.

There is also a small tennis court on the premises of the homestay for guests who are passionate about sports activities. In the evening, the house becomes more sparkling thanks to the well-arranged lighting system.

10. Homestay village

  • Address: 86 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Unit price: from 350,000 – 550,000 VND/night.

Leaving behind many tiring working days, tourists come to Da Lat to find peace and relaxation for themselves. There are many famous places to stay that tourists can stay, among them is Xóm homestay. The houses in Xom are painted with many eye-catching colors. Each house has a door facing the garden and a view overlooking the dreamy green pine hill. In the garden courtyard, round stones are placed close together to create a path leading to the living quarters. Here, there are many miniatures for visitors to enjoy taking pictures to check-in. The homestay village has a total of 7 wooden houses with 7 different styles. Each house has two rooms, including a ground room and an attic room, with a private bathroom and full amenities.

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