Da Lat Elephant Waterfall: directions and detailed review

Da Lat Elephant Waterfall is a tourist destination for those who love the natural beauty of the mountains. The name Elephant Waterfall has long been no stranger to the indigenous people here. To conquer Elephant Falls, you can refer to the detailed directions and review that Vietnam Car Rental summarizes below!

Locate the coordinates of Da Lat elephant waterfall?

Located in the Elephant Waterfall tourist area in Nam Ban town, Lam Dong, Da Lat Elephant Waterfall is about 25km southwest of the city center. The waterfall is located quite far from the center and hidden behind the wild forests. That’s why when visiting Elephant Falls, you should learn some information in advance and guide the way.


Due to being located deep in the forests, the road to Elephant waterfall is also quite bumpy. You will have to pass many mountain trails to get here. On the way, there are quite a lot of bushes, dense canopy obstructing. However, if you can reach Elephant waterfall, it is really worth looking forward to!

To get to the place to visit Elephant waterfall, you will have to buy an entrance ticket to the resort with the price of 20,000 VND/ticket/person. The resort will be open from 8:00 am every day. The closing time of the resort is at 17:00 every day. The reason why the tourist area closes early is because this place is quite far from the center and deserted, so it is very dangerous for tourists to visit and stay late. Therefore, when visiting Elephant Falls, please note that you should not stay too late.

Directions to Dalat Elephant Waterfall

To get to Da Lat Elephant Waterfall, you can refer to the following route:

Starting from the center of Da Lat city, going in the direction of Hoang Van Thu street about 11km, you will come to Cam Ly street. Then continue to move about 800m to DT 725. Here you continue to go straight to Nam Ban town. On the way to Elephant waterfall, you will meet a section with 2 bridges, in which the second bridge is the bridge leading to the territory of Elephant waterfall. Here, you move about 150m more and ask the directions of the locals to reach the attraction!

In addition, for those who love backpacking from Saigon to Elephant waterfall, you can go in the direction of National Highway 20. Go to Duc Trong district of Lam Dong, run through Lien Nghia market about 3km. At this point, you will see a large roundabout with 3 paths: going to Da Lat by 2 lanes highway, going to Da Lat by road and going to Dak Lak Dak Nong. You choose the direction to Dak Lak and then run another 10km. At this time, there will be a signpost to Nam Ban, you go about 10km more to 2 bridges. Go to the 3rd bridge to ask people the way to Elephant waterfall.

Photo: Google Map

In addition to this path, you can use Google Maps more during the move for more flexibility.

Discover the unique beauty of Dalat Elephant Waterfall

Discovering Dalat Elephant Waterfall, you will be overwhelmed by the wild and unique beauty of this place.

The beauty of the majestic waterfall

Da Lat Elephant Waterfall owns a height of more than 30m and a width of 40m, that’s why this waterfall looks extremely majestic. To discover the beauty of this waterfall firsthand, you will have to conquer 145 steps made of natural stone and large wooden boards that are crossed over the abyss. So on the way to explore you also have to be careful not to slip!


Elephant waterfall has a very primitive but majestic beauty. Since ancient times, when people first discovered this waterfall, it was formed from water, wind and rocks here. The wind pushed the water, the water, and the ice, as abundant as hundreds of thousands of roaring elephants. It is from there that the new waterfall is named Elephant waterfall Da Lat.

This place is also associated with the legend of the faithful love of the K’ho people. Legend has it that the mountain woman mourned for her lover when he sacrificed the battle, causing the heavens and the earth to shake. The elephants on the mountain had to be petrified before her passionate love.

Bat Cave Elephant Waterfall Dalat

Going deep inside the Elephant waterfall, you can also admire another beautiful cave, the Bat Cave. Surrounding Bat Cave there are many forest vines with roots clinging to the edge of the rock. They cling so thick that around the cave only see a series of interlaced vines, creating a strange shape, looking extremely mysterious.


Romantic lyrical waterfall

Hidden deep in that majestic and haughty beauty, we see soft and bewitching beauty. In the distance, the lyrical waterfall appears in front of the eyes like white handkerchiefs crossing the mountain. The moving beauty of the waterfall makes any visitor admire and fall in love.


Reviewing the experience of ‘traveling’ to the Elephant Waterfall in Da Lat

Here are the experiences of “traveling” to the Elephant Waterfall in Dalat that you definitely have to save for this discovery trip!

The best time to go to Dalat Elephant Waterfall

Dalat weather is generally cool all year round. Therefore, you can choose to visit Elephant waterfall at any time. However, you should note, in the rainy and stormy seasons, the waterfall may flow faster and the path to the waterfall will become more slippery. To visit Elephant waterfall at this time, you must pay close attention!


Visiting Da Lat Elephant Waterfall on sunny days is a great choice. It will be easier for you to move around to comfortably explore the beautiful scenery here. The fresh and fresh air at Elephant waterfall will surely make you fall in love with the way back.

Places to eat near Dalat Elephant Waterfall

When visiting Elephant Falls, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties at the following addresses:

  • Tai Phat Grilled Village Restaurant: This is a restaurant only about 500m from Elephant Falls and sells mainly delicious Dalat specialties. You definitely can’t miss it!


  • Com Pho Viet Restaurant: This restaurant specializes in serving house rice and traditional dishes.
  • An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant: Another address for vegetarians is An Lac vegetarian restaurant, just over 200m from Elephant waterfall with extremely affordable prices.
  • Chung Thuan restaurant: In the morning, you can visit this restaurant to enjoy a variety of noodle dishes, pho with sweet and rich broth.

Note when going to explore Elephant Waterfall Dalat

  • The road to Elephant waterfall is quite dangerous, especially road DT25. So when you move, you should really pay attention and prepare enough luggage before you go to explore this place!
  • You can wear anti-slip shoes or sandals with high adhesion because most of the rocks on the way up to Elephant waterfall are quite slippery.
  • At the bottom of the waterfall area, there are quite a few sharp rocks, so be careful not to play a lot in this area!
  • You should visit the waterfall in the morning to be both safe and have beautiful photos!

Above is some information when going to explore Elephant waterfall Da lat that Vietnam Car Rental summarizes for you. This is a popular place to visit when traveling to Da Lat. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Lat, do not miss to explore this beautiful natural place!

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