How many kilometers is From Hue To Danang? What means should I travel by?

Hue and Da Nang are two beautiful tourist cities in the Central region that any tourist wants to visit. You are living, working or traveling in Hue and want to travel to Da Nang city. But I don’t know how many kilometers from Hue to Da Nang, how to move? This article will help you not to be “blind on the road” and move from Hue to Da Nang safely and quickly.

How far is Hue from Da Nang?

In fact, Hue is about 100km from Da Nang city, it takes you about 2 hours to 2 and a half hours to move.

Starting from the center of Hue city, you move along the route from Hung Vuong street to Nguyen Tat Thanh street, to Huong Thuy commune, Thua Thien – Hue province, then let the car go straight to National Highway 1A. From here, run this National Highway about 56km in Lang Co town, the car runs into the Hai Van tunnel with a length of about 6.2km, out of the tunnel is the territory of Da Nang city.

Transport from Hue to Da Nang

  • Bus – tourist bus from Hue to Da Nang

This is a pretty popular choice, chosen by many people, you can go to the south Hue bus station to catch it, the fare is from 50-100k. However, you have to wait a long time because the car catches enough passengers to move and you cannot enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hai Van pass.

  • Taxi from Hue – Da Nang


A rather expensive form of travel with the route from Hue to Da Nang more than 100km by Taxi. However, you can join groups to share a taxi to save money on the trip!

  • Train from Hue – Da Nang

Another option is to travel by rail – train. From Hue station to Da Nang station, you can choose from many different types of seats: hard seats, soft seats, hard seats, soft seats (cabins). Each cabin is designed with air conditioning and comfortable seating. Train ticket price is usually from 35k to 90k.

  • Motorcycle from Hue – Da Nang

This is a form of transportation for those who love backpacking. You can take the pass or the Hai Van tunnel.
Going to Hai Van Pass: This is definitely an interesting experience, you can rest at the back of the pass to admire the beautiful scenery of Lang Co, Hai Van Quan. Absolutely do not go early in the morning or too late, it will not be safe.

Go to Hai Van tunnel: you drive near the tunnel, park your motorbike at the management board’s office. The truck will take your motorbike through the other side of the tunnel while you take the shuttle and pick up the car at the other side of the tunnel.

  • Car Rental With Driver From Hue – Danang



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