Da Lat Zipline ticket price and experience swinging at Datanla High Rope Course

xBesides having fun at the square, eating and drinking at the night market or enjoying a warm cup of coffee, experiencing the zipline through the jungle is also an interesting activity you should not miss when visiting Da Lat. . What’s better than being transformed into Tarzan and releasing your body with exciting experiences. If you are an adventurous person, passionate about conquering heights, then come to Datanla High Rope Course and conquer the Dalat zipline at an altitude of more than 50 meters! 

Where to play Zipline in Dalat? 

If you want to zipline in Da Lat, you can go to the Datanla High Rope Course amusement park .

  • Address: 01 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

This place is only about 5km from Da Lat city, located in Datanla waterfall tourist area . This experience area officially opened in 2016 and attracts a large number of tourists to explore.


To move from Dalat center to Datanla High Rope Course, you can choose to go by motorbike or taxi. If you ride a motorbike, just search Google Map “Datanla waterfall resort”, the application will navigate you along the Prenn pass towards National Highway 20. As for the option of taking a taxi, just tell the driver until you arrive. Datanla waterfall and enjoy your journey only!

Da Lat Zipline ticket price at Datanla High Rope Course

Datanla High Rope Course fares have 2 levels, calculated according to the low-peak and peak time frames. You can buy tickets directly at the ticket counter or buy online. For direct ticket purchase, you can refer to the price list below.

Time slot Off-peak hours (7am – 9am) Peak hours (after 9am – 5pm)
FIt 270,000 VND/ ticket 350,000 VND/ ticket
Children 150,000 VND/ ticket 200,000 VND/ ticket
Visitors(applies to groups of 10 or more)
  • Adults: 245,000 VND/ ticket
  • Children: 140,000 VND/ticket
  • Adults: 310,000 VND/ticket
  • Children: 180,000 VND/ticket
Family guest(applies to 2 adults and 2 children) 690,000 VND/ticket 900,000 VND/ticket

Note: The above ticket prices do not apply to Tet holidays.

In addition, visitors to Datanla High Rope Course can buy tickets online through online sales channels such as Digiticket. In terms of advantages, tickets booked through Digiticket will be about 10% – 15% cheaper. At the same time, you will also save time waiting when using this form. However, the limitation when buying tickets online is that the purchased tickets are quite difficult to exchange. Therefore, this form will be suitable for those of you who already have a travel schedule and plan.

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Review of Da Lat Zipline swing through the forest at Datanla High Rope Course 

Coming to Datanla, you cannot miss the adventurous Dalat zipline games at many levels. There are 6 rounds in total with more than 80 challenges you can conquer, divided into clear levels. Before playing, you will be equipped with protective equipment such as gloves, safety belts and listen to professional instructors training on how to use the safety lock.


Photo: Datanla High Rope Course – High Rope Course

Visitors can choose to play at a height of 10m – 20m, for those who are afraid of heights, they can participate in games under 1m. One thing all of the challenges at Datanla High Rope Course have in common is that they require you to have good health, willpower and teamwork.


Photo: Datanla High Rope Course – High Rope Course

Round 1 and Round 2

These two rounds are relatively gentle, warm-up nature. You will mainly practice and get acquainted with protective equipment as well as challenges at the most elementary level such as monkey bridge, wooden ladder, etc.


Photo: Datanla High Rope Course – High Rope Course

Green Level

Games on heights from 2m – 5m. These challenges are also relatively easy to play, suitable for beginners and household guests.


Orange Level

This is the level most loved and conquered by tourists. The challenges at this level are always over 13m high, requiring you to move often. In particular, this is also the level with endless ziplines through the pine forest. Usually, new adults will conquer this level and stop partly because of the allotted time, partly because it’s quite tiring!


In addition, if you pass the above 3 levels, the next levels will definitely make you “cry”. With games at an altitude of over 15m, the “famous” Dalat zipline is 18.6 meters long, this will be a challenge for the most “stubborn”. Therefore, this is also the level that few people can conquer, but once successful, it is a wonderful experience.


Photo: Datanla High Rope Course – High Rope Course

Notes when playing Dalat zipline at Datanla High Rope Course

To best prepare both physically and mentally when participating in Dalat ziplines at Datanla High Rope Course, please immediately save a few notes below:

  • Wear sports shoes

For activities that require frequent movement as well as stability in the feet, sports shoes are the most important accessory. Sports shoes will also be provided at the experience area, however, it is recommended that you prepare your own shoes from home. A pair of shoes that fit and fit your feet not only makes you more comfortable when participating in activities, but also protects you from injury.

  • Comfy and neat clothes

You should choose lightweight clothes. You should not wear too thick clothes because when playing, you will sweat and be very hot. In case some girls want to wear skirts, please bring them to change after playing.

  • Snack before playing

A basic rule is not to exercise vigorously after eating as well as not to “empty stomach” before exercise. Therefore, to ensure good health when participating in the challenges at Datanla High Rope Course, you should have a snack before playing about 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Zipline Dalat is an interesting experience “one of a kind” when visiting the beautiful city of thousands of flowers. Isn’t it great to experience the feeling of “flying” in the sky of Da Lat? Set a bet with your close friends and plan to explore Da Lat!

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