Golden Bridge Da Nang – Reasons Why the Golden Bridge Leaves the World in Awe

Invested in by the Sun Group, the Golden Bridge in Da Nang has been a consistently captivating destination for a multitude of tourists both domestically and internationally since its official inauguration. The unique architectural beauty, coupled with its perfectly positioned location amidst the grandeur of mountainous landscapes, has rendered the Golden Bridge like a beautiful path hidden in the midst of the Ba Na Hills, delicately cradled by divine hands. With its mystical and splendid allure, the Golden Bridge Da Nang has risen to the forefront, elevating Vietnamese tourism to a global scale.

The Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills is a renowned tourist destination in Da Nang, attracting a large number of both domestic and international visitors. Let’s explore the beauty of this Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills, Da Nang with’s and discover what makes it so captivating!

Overview of the Golden Bridge Da Nang

The Golden Bridge Da Nang – Where is it located?

Although a later addition, the Golden Bridge Da Nang stands out as a unique landmark amidst the mountains that everyone dreams of setting foot on at least once. Situated in the Chua Mountain area, belonging to An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. The bridge is located at an altitude of 1414m above sea level, with a length of 150m consisting of 8 spans, 7 pillars, and a long width of 5m, with a pedestrian path of 3m and flower beds on either side measuring 1m each.

The image of the Golden Bridge in Da Nang resembles a “ribbon” amidst the mountains and forests

Overview of the Golden Bridge Da Nang

The Golden Bridge Da Nang on Ba Na Hills is known as the most special bridge in the “city of bridges.” Unlike the bridges spanning the Han River, such as the Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, or Tran Thi Ly Bridge, the Golden Bridge is a “masterpiece” suspended amidst the mountains, located within the Ba Na Hills tourist area. Known as the top destination in Da Nang, Ba Na Hills exudes the characteristics of an internationally acclaimed project, boasting a series of world records.

Thanks to its unique appearance, the Golden Bridge has repeatedly amazed the people of Vietnam and, in particular, the people of Da Nang, creating a sensation with a series of world records. The appearance of the Golden Bridge became a global phenomenon, with international media praising it.

The Golden Bridge suspended amidst the mountains in Da Nang

The American magazine Time included the Golden Bridge in its list of the top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world. The Guardian, a British newspaper, voted the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills as one of the 10 most beautiful pedestrian bridges in the world. The American news website Insider introduced the Golden Bridge Da Nang as one of the 28 most impressive bridges in the world.

With all these accolades, the Golden Bridge Da Nang on top of Ba Na Hills deserves to be a masterpiece amidst the mountains, sought after by young people and photographers in the hope of capturing immortal images. Looking back, what makes the Golden Bridge so intriguing that everyone wants to see it in real life?

Reasons Why the Golden Bridge Da Nang on Ba Na Hills Amazes the World

The Golden Bridge Da Nang is located on top of Ba Na Hills, dubbed the “path to heaven.”

Situated at an elevation of 1441m above sea level, the Golden Bridge is a newly constructed structure since June 2018, located on the Chua Mountain, within the Ba Na Hills tourist area. Resembling a strip of silk, the Golden Bridge, initially distinctive, becomes even more intriguing in its surrounding space.

A bridge that spans across the mountains and rests on top of Ba Na Hills, it is likened to a “dream castle” that everyone must look up to. When visiting Ba Na Hills, the Golden Bridge is undoubtedly the first place you would want to set foot on.

The unique design of the Golden Bridge Da Nang

The Golden Bridge, a bridge with a unique and innovative architecture never seen before in Vietnam. To ensure sturdiness, the surface of the Golden Bridge is made of wooden planks, 3m wide, 5cm thick, with flower beds planted on both sides creating a beautiful scene. Not stopping there, the most distinctive feature of the design is the golden-plated stainless steel handrails, adding a shiny appearance to the bridge.

The Golden Bridge takes on the appearance of a thread born from the mountains and forests

If that were all, the Golden Bridge would only be beautiful halfway. Looking in an abstract way, you may notice two silver hands resembling the image of a woman supporting the silk ribbon stretched across the sky. This unique image has left many visitors here astonished and impressed by the architects who created this unparalleled structure.

Drifting amidst the clouds with the Golden Bridge Da Nang

It’s wonderful to check in at the Golden Bridge Da Nang on Ba Na Hills in the early morning when the mist is still lingering around the hills. The Golden Bridge, already beautiful, becomes even more poetic, appearing amidst the white clouds.

During this moment, feel the crisp and cool air here, escape the congestion and hustle of urban life to immerse yourself in what can be described as a heavenly paradise. What’s more impressive, from the position of this bridge, people can admire the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Da Nang in the distance.

The Golden Bridge Da Nang – a soul-stirring virtual living point for millions of tourists

The beauty, cool weather, and uniqueness have turned the Golden Bridge Da Nang into a dreamlike virtual living point. According to the experience of visiting Ba Na Hills, choose a weekday when tourists are not too crowded to confidently pose at the hottest destination today. Don’t forget to choose a shooting angle that can capture the entire view of the two hands to ensure that the photo becomes more beautiful and valuable many times over.

Not only young people, but many couples also choose the Golden Bridge Da Nang for wedding photos, both unique and beautiful, as well as romantic, like a scene from a fairy tale. Just raise your camera, and you will have pleasing photos because everywhere is beautiful and romantic like in movies.

The image of the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills reaching out to the world

It seems that the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills is not only famous in Vietnam but has now reached out to the world, leaving millions of Vietnamese people in admiration. The Golden Bridge suddenly emerged as a phenomenon, and reputable international media such as CNN, The Guardian, Reuters have all given high praise to this bridge.

The image of the Golden Bridge reaches out to the world

Rarely does a bridge receive so much praise. The New York Times of the United States described the Golden Bridge as follows: “From the cliffs, a pair of giant hands lift a golden thread, as if the mountain itself has sprouted hands.”

Now, the Golden Bridge is not only famous in Asia but has also spread to countries around the world. The Golden Bridge is like a miracle, a masterpiece from the creative hands of humans. The existence of this bridge has awakened thoughts that, for Vietnam to reach out to the world, it needs beautiful and internationally recognized tourism products. Hopefully, the Golden Bridge will be the opening masterpiece for tourism units to continue creating even more impressive products.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills?

As the bridge is built quite high on the mountain slope, the weather on Ba Na Hills is cool and fresh. However, the beauty of the bridge varies depending on the time of the year:

  • In the dry season: From February to August, the weather here is very pleasant. You will encounter many beautiful moments during different phases of this period. However, when night falls, the bridge hides in the mist, making it quite chilly.
  • In the rainy season: From September to January of the following year is when the weather turns cold as it transitions to winter. During this time, there will be more rain, and especially the sky will be quite dark. If you visit during this period, it will be challenging to capture beautiful pictures.
From February to August is a suitable time to visit the Golden Bridge

Do you need to buy tickets to visit the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills?

Almost always when contacting travel companies, they often advise you on cable car tickets or Ba Na tours that include a promotion to visit the Golden Bridge. In reality, it’s not like that because the Golden Bridge Da Nang is already a destination within the Ba Na Hills tourist complex. So, once you have the cable car ticket for Ba Na in hand, you don’t need to purchase additional tickets; you can comfortably check in at the Golden Bridge.

You only need to buy a cable car ticket to experience Ba Na Hills

The cable car ticket also serves as an entrance ticket, covering other attractions besides the Golden Bridge, such as:

  • Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden
  • Spiritual sites like Linh Ung Pagoda, Ba Shrine, Linh Phong Bao Thap, etc.
  • Entertainment at the Fantasy Park amusement complex and outdoor knight-themed activities.
  • The French Village mountain climbing train.

Although it includes almost all the attractions on Ba Na Hills, there are still a few places where you need to spend extra money to buy tickets if you want to enter. These include the Wax Museum area, stuffed animal claw machine games, and activities at the Fantasy Park amusement area.

You can find more detailed information about Bana Hills Ticket Price 2024 and Ba Na Hills buffet price in the article.

How to Get to the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills?

Going to Ba Na and checking in at the Golden Bridge Da Nang by motorbike

Motorbike is a popular choice for many young people when touring Da Nang and enjoying the beauty of the city. As it is only about 40km from the city center, and the road to Ba Na is well-maintained and easy to travel, you can save money by renting a motorbike instead of an expensive car.

Because it is a common and relatively safe means of transportation, there is nothing for you to worry about. The most important thing is to pay attention when renting a motorbike; it should have a good engine, and essential parts such as brakes, ignition, and tires should be in good condition. After passing the city area and entering the Ba Na – Suoi Mo National Road, it becomes deserted, with no repair shops or gas stations. You can reach Ba Na Hills via one of the following three routes:

  • Route 1: Ba Na – Suoi Mo road, 37km long, is the shortest route to Ba Na Hills.
  • Route 2: DT602 road, 42km long.
  • Route 3: Route through QL41B, 41km long. After reaching the entrance of Ba Na Hills tourist area, you just need to ride to the motorcycle parking area following the signs.

Then, walk to the reception area to buy tickets and start passing through the control gate to take the cable car.

Buying bus tickets to Ba Na Hills

There is an option to save costs while being spacious and comfortable, which is the open bus. The bus ticket price is around 150,000 VND for a round trip and 100,000 VND for a one-way trip. The bus ticket includes a guide, a bottle of water, and full support for pick-up and drop-off within the city. If you don’t have the budget to rent a private car or are hesitant to ride a motorbike alone, booking a bus ticket like this is a good idea.

Private Car Rental With Driver Danang To Bana Hills – Rent A Car With Driver Danang To Bana Hills
Private Car Rental With Driver Danang To Bana Hills – Rent A Car With Driver Danang To Bana Hills

Renting shuttle service to Ba Na Hills

If the bus is crowded, you can rent a shuttle service with a driver in Da Nang from, which provides door-to-door transportation. The advantage of this option is flexible timing, proactive scheduling, and most importantly, your family will have a private space. With a team of professional drivers with many years of experience, this option ensures the safest and most comfortable journey. Book a car rental service from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills today to arrange a detailed itinerary.

What does the world say about the masterpiece Golden Bridge in Da Nang?

In a short period since its appearance, the Golden Bridge has truly made waves not only in Vietnam but also left an impression worldwide, continuously sought after by many people. Since footage capturing the beauty of the Golden Bridge emerged, numerous travel newspapers, magazines, and top news agencies worldwide have praised it.

  • CNN from the United States described the Golden Bridge as follows: “The Golden Bridge is a narrow bridge winding around the mountain slope, supported by old moss-covered hands. The bridge is designed like the hands of Buddha lifting a golden strip. The structure opens a path in the clouds, amidst the mountainous landscape, becoming a highly attractive destination for tourists in recent times.”
  • The Guardian, a renowned British newspaper, honored the Golden Bridge in the ranking of “Top 10 most unique and beautiful bridges in the world.”
  • The New York Times from the United States also voted for the Golden Bridge to enter the Top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world.
  • Reuters, one of the world’s largest news agencies, included the Golden Bridge in the ranking of “The weirdest photos of 2018.
  • The British newspaper writes: When it comes to bridges, many people simply think of them as facilitating transportation, but our selection of the most astonishing bridges in the world might make you see these magnificent structures with a fresh perspective.
  • The Independent, a British newspaper, published an article titled “14 of the Most Spectacular Bridges in the World,” featuring Vietnam’s Golden Bridge among them

Some Notes to Know When Visiting the Golden Bridge Da Nang

To ensure a smooth and trouble-free visit to the Golden Bridge, tourists should pay attention to the following points:

  • Only take photos and admire the scenery; do not climb onto the handrails, lean over, or descend to the lower area. This is a prohibited regulation by Sun World to prevent accidents and maintain the beauty of the Golden Bridge.
  • If there are children in the group, keep an eye on them, as children are naturally active and may run or jump recklessly, leading to potential accidents or disruptions to those around.
  • To keep the Golden Bridge beautiful in the eyes of international tourists and to preserve this wonder of the world, remember not to litter and maintain environmental cleanliness, ensuring the beauty of nature and the surroundings.

The Golden Bridge in Da Nang has emerged as a new and unique wonder, a fresh symbol of tourism for Da Nang. This has spurred millions of tourists, both domestic and international, to desire an experience with this bridge. Therefore, with such a wonder present in Vietnam, the Golden Bridge, there’s no reason why you haven’t set foot here at least once.


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