Da Lat Flower Market: Features of the City of Thousands of Flowers

Da Lat is known as the city of thousands of flowers. Therefore, the location of Da Lat flower market has become a famous tourist attraction attracting a lot of tourists. Here are the details that Vietnam Car Rental would like to introduce to you. Let’s have a look together.

Introducing Dalat flower market

  • Address: 6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
  • Opening hours : Open all day

Every 2 years, Dalat flower market will be held for locals and tourists to visit. With the purpose of promoting and affirming true to the name “city of thousands of flowers”, every time there is a flower market, most people are very interested.


At Da Lat flower market, there will be many different types of flowers, ornamental plants as well as green vegetables. Not only displaying Da Lat’s products, but this is also a gathering place for many products of other provinces and cities, extremely diverse.

Directions to Dalat Flower Market

Coming to Da Lat to visit the flower market, many people think that it will be held in an area on the hill. However, do not worry because Dalat flower market is present right in the city center. Near Da Lat market, you just need to take a roundabout at Dalat market roundabout and then go to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street to see the flower market right away.

However, if you go from outside the center, follow the directions of Google Maps or ask the people here to go safely and easily.

Time to go to the flower market in Da Lat

Da Lat each season has its own beauty, and the time of Dalat flower market is in December. This is the time when Da Lat begins to change from winter to spring with a foggy, sometimes cloudy weather. light rain in the evening. This is also the time close to Christmas when Da Lat is the coldest. The weather in December in Da Lat is quite beautiful, so traveling to Dalat at this time is probably the most reasonable.


Features of Dalat flower market

Dalat Flower Market is a major event of the city with a large scale. Here you will see a variety of flowers, ornamental plants and green vegetables such as artichokes, wild orchids, purple orchids, lilies, roses, hydrangeas, etc.

Coming here, you can just visit and take beautiful moments with colorful flowers. Or you can buy products at flower stalls, mobile flower carriers of the people here. These locations are usually scattered around the market. Therefore, depending on each need, there will be many different products, but the main products on sale are roses, wild orchids, hydrangeas, gerberas, …


In addition, this is also the time when business households in flowers, vegetables, etc. want to share with many people about their products.

In addition, there are not only flowers but also many other activities at Da Lat flower market such as musical performances, enjoying buffets of fresh green vegetables from the farms here. And it is also indispensable for volunteer cycling programs, flower and book paintings, photo exhibitions about the Central Highlands, etc.

Notes when going to the flower market

The above is general information about Dalat flower market, but when you come here you also need some notes such as:

  • The weather in December is quite nice but you also need to prepare clothes suitable for the weather.
  • Always have a spare battery ready, the phone is fully charged.
  • Dalat flower market is quite crowded, so when you go, you should pay attention to your intentions to avoid being stolen.
  • Pay the price because maybe you will get it cheap.
  • Whether the weather is cold or sunny, always wear sunscreen.
  • The time of Dalat flower market is every 2 years, so please check the time to go.

Hopefully, the information shared by Vietnam Car Rental about Dalat flower market has helped you to choose the right time as well as gain more experience on how to go to the flower market properly. The city of thousands of flowers is always waiting for you with the most beautiful flowers.

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