Da Nang Han Market – The busiest wholesale market in Da Nang

Da Nang city is known as the livable city of Vietnam. Not only, this place attracts tourists from all over the world but also attracts international visitors. One of the places worth visiting is the Han market in Da Nang . So what features does the Han market have that attract so many visitors?

Where is Da Nang Han Market?

Located in a prime location, four sides are adjacent to the road surface: Tran Hung Dao, Hung Vuong, Bach Dang and Tran Phu. With a long history of formation up to 70 years.

At first, this place was just a place where many people gathered to exchange and trade. Later, the waterways and roads expanded, attracting more and more tourists to shop. Owning only an area of ​​​​28,000m2 , extremely spacious and spacious with a variety of dishes and goods to attract many visitors.

What does Han market have?

A civilized city, there is no act of enticing guests. Therefore, this place really creates sympathy for many visitors to appreciate. Thanks to that, security is ensured that many problems of theft and food quality are strictly managed.

Coming to Han market, visitors will feel a new and modern market with a bit of tradition. The variety of items has also captivated many visitors. Come here, don’t worry too much about the price. Because the market is the wholesale market supplying many other places, the price is cheaper than many places.

Here, visitors are spoiled for bargaining and choosing to buy items to their liking. Just buy and chat to see how friendly the people of Da Nang are!

What to eat at Han Market?

In addition to shopping here, the market also has many delicious dishes with bold Central flavor. Not too pompous or expensive, just popular dishes, simple but specially prepared. It brings a strange feeling to the mouth, stimulating people to eat.

Suction snail

Perhaps, the food is not too strange. However, the variation of sucking snail dish combined with mango, coconut rice, and grated papaya brings a very strange feeling, adding a bit of sweet and spicy sauce to create a delicious dish for diners from all over the world.


The name of the dish is not too strange when tourists visit Da Nang. A famous dish, bearing the name of the land of Quang Nam – Da Nang. Almost, visitors who take a day tour to Ngu Hanh Son will enjoy this dish in many different places.

However, the Han market sells this dish in a unique way, creating a very good bowl of noodles, stimulating many visitors to eat. Each place, each processing method is not the same. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to take a tour of Da Nang to the Han market, take some time to enjoy it!

Ginseng tonic tea of

Mixed tea dishes are forgotten and make many people feel chilled when talking about them. But, when entering the Han market, a dish of tea that makes visitors change their taste and love it is Sam tonic tea.

Ginseng tea brings nutrients to enhance your vitality. Because, the main ingredient for the tea is ginseng, combined with some types such as seaweed, lotus root, longan, .. to create a special and nutritious tea.

In addition, the Han market also sells dishes from many regions, but has its own unique flavor that is rarely found anywhere else. Come and feel it!

What to buy as a gift when coming to Da Nang Han market

In addition to shopping, eating and drinking, the gifts for relatives and friends are what the Han market has. All specialties, unique in the Han market.

Dried beef, dried seafood

In addition, Da Nang is also known as the coastal city. Therefore, seafood is indispensable as a gift. An interesting thing here is that you are free to try it, if you think it’s delicious, you can buy it or leave without complaining or cursing.

Dried seafood and dried beef are seasoned with a strong central flavor, both chewy and sweet, with a delicious salty sea taste. This is the perfect gift for a loved one!

Types of Fish Sauce

The fish sauce in the Han market is different from the fish sauce in other places. It has no unpleasant smell, more fragrant, more delicious. A type of fish sauce with a processing method and a separate brand that you can choose to suit your taste.

The Han market has a variety of fish sauce, more than 10 different types: fish sauce, anchovies, seasoning, etc. Based on your preferences, choose the type of fish sauce as a gift! Da Nang Han Market is a place for tourists to explore. Come here to see if what we say is really true or not? Wish you have an enjoyable trip to Da Nang!


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