Review of Dalat pink grass hill: The way and experience to go to the pink grass hill

For a long time, the dream city of Da Lat has been likened to a city of tourism. Because it is not only favored by nature with a mild climate all year round, this place also scores with many charming landscapes. One of them is the pink grass hill . Let’s read the article below to find out the review about Dalat pink grass hill and check-in experience at this place!

What is pink grass hill and snow grass hill?

Pink grass hill and snow grass hill are both names to refer to a small type of grass that grows in the same place. So, why use two different names. The answer will be revealed right below:

Snowy grass hill

If you want to admire the “unique” beauty of the snowy grass hill, visitors need to arrange a time to travel to the place where this grass grows in the early morning . When the sun has not yet risen, this beautiful grass is still wearing bright and white morning dew drops.

From afar, visitors will see these grasses look like white snowflakes shyly showing off under the chilly air of Da Lat. Because of that, the name “snow grass hill” was born.

Pink grass hill

When the dawn begins to creep in and shine into the space here, the morning dew drops on this grass gradually disappear like water bubbles. At this time, the beautiful little grass has just begun to reveal its true color – a sweet pink color that makes everyone feel “melted” when looking at it. Under the gentle golden sunshine of the morning, this place suddenly turned into a “fairy tale” place.

Dressed in a brilliant, gentle and sentimental beauty, leaving a mark on visitors’ hearts at first sight. When checking in to the pink grass hill, visitors will surely have unique and special photos. Because no matter what area visitors have to “set up” the camera angle at this location, they will still produce photos with beautiful backgrounds. For this reason, every year, every year, in the season when pink grass appears, thousands of tourists come here and together take impressive moments to keep memories with relatives and friends with small grasses. this pretty.

In what month does Da Lat pink grass appear?

Although it is a “hot hit” place in the city of thousands of flowers, Da Lat, but not always visitors can admire the beauty of this pink grass. So, what month does the Dalat pink grass hill appear?

According to the sharing of local people, this grass has the same growth time as wild sunflowers, that is, it usually blooms in the first days of November and gradually “disappears” in December. yearly. So, if tourists fall in love with the innocent pink color of this grass, what are you waiting for, do not arrange time, pack your bags and come here!

Where is the pink grass hill?

Another common question of tourists when checking in to the pink grass hill is that they do not know the specific location. Here are some areas in Da Lat that visitors can refer to:

Pink grass hill in the golden valley of Dalat

The first area where visitors can see the pink grass hill appear is in the golden valley of Da Lat. Known as one of the famous landmarks in the city of fog, the golden valley is very popular with both domestic and international tourists.

The gentle pink color blends with the airy and peaceful space of the golden valley, creating a picture of “unique” beautiful landscape nature here. Therefore, if tourists are looking for a place to enjoy the beauty of the pink grass hill , they can choose the golden valley of Dalat.

Pink grass hill near the lonely Pine tree

Another ideal place to check in to the pink grass hill that visitors can also refer to is the area near the lonely pine tree. Although the road to this place is difficult, the results you get in return will definitely make you feel satisfied and deserved.

Covering the space here is a simple and wild beauty. When coming here, perhaps visitors will have a feeling of surprise because of the barrenness of the huge pine tree, standing so tall in the vast landscape. However, when in the pink grass season, the landscape near the lonely pine tree seems to be wearing a “new shirt”, creating a feeling of freshness, newness and endless comfort.

Road to Dalat pink grass hill

Da Lat pink grass hill only appears at certain times of the year. Therefore, to make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique beauty, visitors should arrange a reasonable time as well as learn carefully the information about the way.

In fact, if tourists have traveled to Da Lat before or in the group, there are people who know the roads of this city of thousands of flowers, moving will be easy. However, in case this is the first time visitors set foot in Da Lat, finding the way may be a bit difficult. For more convenience when traveling, visitors can refer to 2 popular routes chosen by many people when checking in to the pink grass hill as below.

The road to Dalat pink grass hill in the golden valley

Address: Mang Lin, Ward 7, Da Lat City.

The path to the golden valley site is quite simple. However, you need to avoid starting on rainy days because it is easy to encounter a situation where the road becomes muddy and slippery.

Starting from Da Lat market, you turn to Nguyen Van Rai street. Continue to go to Linh Son junction and then turn to Phan Dinh Phung street. At the end of the road, you turn into Xo Viet Nghe Tinh. After that, continue to move to Tung Lam junction and then turn to Ankroet street. Going another 4km, you will see the Golden Valley tourist area. Right near the ticketing area of ​​this landmark is a small trail. You turn this road and keep going straight, you will see the pink grass hill appearing right in front of you.

The path to the pink grass hill is near the lonely Pine tree

Address: Lac Duong, Da Lat, Lam Dong. 

The road to travel near the lonely pine tree is quite difficult, so you need to have a strong steering wheel as well as move carefully to avoid unforeseen problems.

From the location of the Golden Valley tourist area, you continue for a while on Ankroet road, you will see a hydroelectric dam. You ask the people around to go to the tourist area named Tien Sa. Like that, you continue to go straight like that until you see an empty field on your right. If you look carefully, you will see a small path. Follow this trail to a stream. Crossing the stream, you will see the pink grass hill.

Experience going to Dalat pink grass hill

For more convenience when checking in to the pink grass hill, visitors can choose one of two options as follows:

  • Guests can rent motorbikes right at their accommodation to move here. Car rental prices can range from 100,000 to 150,000 VND/day.
  • Or you can choose to go on a tour. Because in fact, the road to the pink grass hill is quite difficult for some tourists who have unstable steering wheel or still do not understand the road in Da Lat well. In addition, when traveling on such a tour, visitors also have the opportunity to visit many other tourist attractions. So, choose and consider carefully.

In order to see both the beauty of the pink grass hill and the snow grass hill, visitors need to arrange to move to the sightseeing spot as soon as possible. Another experience that visitors also need to know is that usually, in the pink grass season, the weather in Da Lat is usually quite cold. Therefore, to protect their own health, visitors should keep their bodies warm with gloves, scarves, woolen hats, coats, etc., before moving.

Year-end Rose Grass Festival Program

Usually in late November and early December, the pink grass hill attracts tourists from all over the world. Also during this time, Da Lat city often organizes “pink grass festival”. For the first time, the pink grass festival was held in 2017 at Dankia lake in the golden stream successfully. However, due to the prolonged epidemic, this festival is still postponed.

Posing for photos at the pink grass hill

The pink grass hills are a sweet paradise and also an ideal place for beautiful virtual live photos. See some ways to pose for photos at the pink grass hill in Da Lat below:

Above are detailed reviews of the pink grass hill in Da Lat. Hopefully, after reading the article, visitors will know more information related to this beautiful check-in place to be ready to start the journey to discover the perfect beauty with their loved ones. Do not forget to visit Gotadi every day to update more new information about other tourist attractions. 

Frequently asked questions about Dalat pink grass hill tourism

What is the most beautiful month of the pink grass hill in Da Lat? What means of transport should I go by?

Hello, the most beautiful pink grass is at the end of the year, around the end of November and the beginning of December. As for the most detailed experience of traveling to Dalat rose grass hill, you can refer to the article. Information to you.

What is rose grass? Why is it called the pink grass hill and the snow grass hill?

Rose grass is a wild plant that grows in small bushes on the ground. For before sunrise the dew settles on the grass like white snowflakes. And after the sun rises, the dew disappears and turns into a hill of pink grass.

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