1 day tour to Hoi An, where should you check in and what to eat?

Hoi An, although just a small old town on the romantic Hoai River, always has a special attraction for tourists from near and far. If one day you want to do a Hoi An tour but don’t know where to go and what to eat, immediately refer to the information below:

Where should Hoi An tourists go?

Hoi An has countless attractions. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists come to Hoi An many times. Every time coming here is an experience and discover many other interesting places.

You can refer to some of the following destinations for your Hoi An 1-day tour:


  • Stop at the Fujian Assembly Hall

Over the years, the Fujian Assembly Hall still retains almost intact the architecture of the early days of construction. The most noticeable feature when coming to the assembly hall is: the shrine, the three-door gate.

The Fujian Assembly Hall was built by Chinese merchants and worshiped to pray for a smooth sailing trip. The club is open from 7am to 5pm.

  • Hoi An Ancient House

Unlike the system of old houses in Hanoi’s old town, Hoi An’s old house is the living area of ​​many generations. The typical architecture is yin and yang tile roofs and built entirely of wood.

Some old houses in Hoi An are open to serve tourists such as:

+ Tan Ky ancient house, address 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc

+ Ancient house of the Tran family, address 21 Le Loi


Enjoy bowl of high floor 35k right at the old town night market

  • Sparkling old town night market

Hoi An tourists will definitely enjoy going to the night market here. When night falls, the night market opens with a lot of lanterns.

Food stalls, souvenirs and folk games area… always attract many people to visit. In particular, the bustling atmosphere is something you will never forget.

What should tourists on Hoi An tour eat?

Hoi An ancient town cuisine is diverse and rich. The food is not only delicious but also affordable.

If you join the Hoi An 1-day tour, you must definitely enjoy the following typical dishes:

  • Cao lau

It is a dish with a delicate combination of Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. How does the food taste? Please go to the following address to enjoy:

Cao lau restaurant on 26th floor Thai Phien

+ Cao Lau restaurant number 9 Thai Phien

  • Chicken rice

This is also a delicious dish famous near and far of the ancient town of Hoi An. The dish is a blend of sweet and sour fish sauce with sticky rice, chicken and Tra Que basil.

The oldest and famous chicken rice restaurants are:

+ Ba Buoi chicken rice

+ Chicken rice Ty

+ Chicken Rice with Xi


If the dumpling has a meat filling, the cauldron cake is a shrimp filling

  • Dumplings and cauldron cakes

What’s so special about these two dishes? These are all popular dishes made from locally available ingredients.

The dish is best when dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce. You can enjoy these 2 dishes at 533 Hai Ba Trung.

Hoi An also has many other famous landmarks and delicacies waiting for visitors to discover. Book Hoi An tour at Da Nang tour to not miss the opportunity to explore this land.

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