Visit Bao Dai waterfall – A masterpiece of nature and nature’s gift

If you have come to Da Lat, you should definitely not miss the visit to Bao Dai waterfall. This is like a masterpiece of nature bestowed on the sunny and windy highland. A wild, dreamy beauty that has not been interfered by human hands will bring you a completely different experience. Let’s find out what this waterfall has so attractive with Vietnam Car Rental!

Brief introduction about Bao Dai waterfall

Lam Dong plateau is famous for rolling hills and mountains. Besides, there are majestic waterfalls imprinted with time and history. One of the breathtaking beauty mentioned by many people is Bao Dai Waterfall.

Where is Bao Dai waterfall located?

Bao Dai Waterfall is located on a high hill in Ta Hine commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province. The waterfall is located about 70km from the center of Da Lat city. This is one of the tallest, largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Lam Dong province that has not been exploited yet, still retaining the wild beauty as in the beginning.

Bao Dai Waterfall is hidden in the middle of Ta Hine mountains and forests, and is inhabited by many ethnic minorities. In the past, few people have visited the waterfall, so this place is considered to be quite wild and remote. This place has a mysterious and dreamy beauty that makes it difficult for anyone who has ever visited to forget the impression of majestic and wild mountains.

History of Bao Dai waterfall

Bao Dai waterfall is also known as Jraiblian waterfall, which means high waterfall in the Churu language. The waterfall is located on a high mountain, far away, next to it are the hills and fields with coffee, sparsely somewhere a few blocks. It is because of that wilderness that indigenous people also call the waterfall a wild waterfall.

It was not until later, when King Bao Dai – the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty often organized hunting activities in the Central Highlands and chose Jraiblian waterfall as a resting place, that the name of the waterfall was changed to Bao Dai Waterfall since then. there.

The image of a tall stone waterfall is not inferior to any waterfall in both height and stature. Besides, the waterfall still retains its wild and attractive features. Flora still retains its richness. In 2000, Bao Dai waterfall was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national landscape relic. Today, Jraiblian waterfall gradually becomes a destination to attract tourists who love to explore wild, poetic and lyrical nature.

Detailed instructions on how to move to Bao Dai waterfall

Due to the geographical location of Bao Dai waterfall is quite far from the center of Da Lat city, so you should choose to follow a tour or follow people who have experience in moving. Starting from the city center, there are quite a few vehicles for you to go such as cars, motorbikes… However, you can still go to the waterfall by motorbike.

Going from Da Lat Market, you go straight on April 3 in the direction of Duc Trong to Prenn Pass. Continue going to Duc Trong center and then run another 15km to Highway 20.

Continue running in the direction of Phan Thiet for about 30km and turn according to the signs, go further 3km and you will reach Bao Dai waterfall.

The right time to visit Bao Dai Waterfall 

Each season of the year, Bao Dai waterfall has different wild and dreamy beauty. However, to be able to admire and discover the full beauty of Jraiblian Falls. You should come here in the summer from about April to July every year. This is the time when Da Lat is cool, there is no rain, the weather is pleasant. Coming to Bao Dai waterfall at this time will help you rest, relax and fully enjoy the fresh air of nature, majestic mountains.

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What to discover at Bao Dai waterfall?

Although Jraiblian waterfall is a place to visit and discover quite wild and new, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. What makes this waterfall so attractive?

Magnificent beauty in the midst of nature

Coming to Jraiblian waterfall, visitors will feel like being lost in another world. The path leading to the waterfall is built from large cliffs, each hundred-year-old sycamore tree stretches out like mossy, majestic, majestic gates. Sometimes there are close, familiar dirt roads, there are also narrow gaps between the two sides of the cliff. It is the wildness and mystery that makes visitors more excited to explore.

When standing close to the waterfall, looking in the distance is the majestic and immense mountain scenery of beautiful nature like a vivid, mossy watercolor painting. In the pine forest, thousands of birds chirping, amusing in the ears. Above the 3 branches of the waterfall pour down white foam to stir the water below. They also chase each other to create a rainbow color hiding under the bright rays of the sun, making it difficult for anyone to take their eyes off.

Explore Bao Dai waterfall tourist area 

Having come to enjoy the majestic and unspoiled scenery of Jraiblian waterfall, then surely you should not forget to stop by Bao Dai Waterfall tourist area. Coming here, you will be immersed in the dreamy scenery of Tuyen Lam Lake. Besides, also discover the uniqueness of the works such as: Smurf Village, Dwarf, Windmill, Golden Hand, Vong Canh Lake…

In addition, to Bao Dai tourist area, you can also visit the wine cellar to visit and enjoy free wine. The wine cellar is designed in European architectural style with an overall cozy and romantic space located deep underground, which is considered the leading wine cellar in Southeast Asia.

Coming to the cellar, visitors will be impressed with the Roman warriors. Just walking around listening to the staff introduce about the wines. Just enjoy, sip a glass of wine brewed at the ideal temperature. The trip promises to bring you interesting feelings, adding to your love for this sunny and windy highland.

Things to pay attention to when visiting other Bao Dai

It can be seen that Bao Dai waterfall is a relatively new place to visit and discover, there are not many services to serve tourists like other places. Therefore, for a happy and safe trip, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • The road to the waterfall is quite far if moving from the center of Da Lat city, driving a motorbike you need to prepare psychologically and have careful driving skills to ensure safety. Because on the highways, there are many trucks and passenger cars.
  • During the move, you should remember to bring all necessary personal belongings and medical equipment to prevent unexpected situations.
  • Visiting Jraiblian waterfall, you should only wear sports shoes with anti-slip soles, not high heels because near the waterfall area, there is water flowing all year round, so a lot of moss is formed.
  • When coming to the waterfall, you should only visit and explore the majestic mountains, trees and fresh air. Absolutely do not swim in the waterfall to ensure safety.
  • Currently, many groups of young people organize camping to explore. However, when camping here, you should keep the waterfall campus clean. Do not throw garbage indiscriminately, which can change the natural environment.

Above are the most detailed sharing of Bao Dai waterfall travel experience . Hope the information provided in this article has been helpful for you in the process of learning about this attractive tourist destination. What are you waiting for, just pick up your backpack and explore right away. Don’t forget to share your feelings after your trip with Vietnam Car Rental !

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