Where to go in Da Nang at night?

Da Nang is already famous for its tourist attractions. The question arises: where to go in Da Nang at night? This is what many tourists care about when coming here. Follow the article to get the answer and choose for yourself a place to explore at night!

Asia Park

Address: No. 1 Phan Dang Luu, City. WOMEN

The largest amusement park in Da Nang is being visited by many tourists. Therefore, you should not miss this place! In particular, the Sun Wheel is one of the highest in the world and is the symbol of Da Nang.

In addition to outdoor adventure games, indoor games also attract many visitors to experience. At any time, day or night, the park is always brilliant and beautiful.

You can even have very cool photos with many check-in points inside the park. The most impressive is the 9-faced clock tower with unique architecture. Besides, a number of exciting activities are organized to help you discover Asian culture in Da Nang.

Pham Van Dong Beach

Address: Pham Van Dong Street, Son Tra District, Danang City

The night beach in Pham Van Dong beach is also a place that many people choose to come here for a night walk if they don’t know where to go in the evening to Da Nang. Located next to East Sea Park, charming mountains with white sand running along the coast, or beautifully lit mountain passes.

In addition to walking the beach, you can buy food and drinks here, just breathe in the cool air and eat each dish. However, you should also clean up before leaving to maintain general hygiene!

Han River Cruise

One of the nightlife destinations in Da Nang is a cruise on the Han River. With only 150K, you can float in the middle of the Han River and enjoy the scenery.

Not only that, the cruise on the Han River is like a miniature restaurant. With amusement parks, dining, special theatrical performances, the ticket price is only 400-500K.

Sky 36 bar

Address: 36 Bach Dang, Danang City

If you are a fan of excitement, this is the perfect place. Sitting from the rooftop watching the city at night, enjoying the music and sipping each cocktail, what could be happier?

The price for experiencing this ideal space is only from 200-500K which is great. The luxurious, grandiose space combines extremely vibrant music from professional DJs to become an ideal place for you to swing with your group.

Some notes when going out at night in Da Nang

The following are some notes to help you have a trip to Da Nang city at night more interesting and wonderful.

  • Means of transport: in addition to motorbikes, our private cars(danang car rental) are always ready to welcome all visitors. 
  • Costume: Da Nang’s climate at night is very cool, so you need to choose a beautiful and lovely outfit to be able to walk around.
  • When going to a crowded place, you need to pay attention to personal belongings, in case they are lost
  • Prepare your smart device to hunt for great photos to keep as memories

Hopefully, the article partly answers your question where to go to Da Nang in the evening, right? Quickly make a trip and experience

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