Travel Experience Of Than Tai Mountain in 2024

Than Tai Mountain because this is the only hot spring resort in Da Nang, is the destination that ranks at number 2 after Ba Na Hills. In recent years, the number of visitors to this place has been increasing day by day. Not only to enjoy health care therapy but also to immerse in fresh, cool nature. If you have not been here before and are planning to explore it, please refer to the self-sufficient travel experience of Nui Than Tai in 2024. Tourdanangcity will share problems about how to go, eat, have fun, … for everyone to have the most fun and economical trip.


Location of Than Tai Mountain tourist area

Than Tai Mountain is a hot mineral spring resort, also known as Than Tai hot mineral park. It is located in Chua mountain area, in the territory of Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, about 30km from Da Nang city center.

General information Than Tai Mountain Da Nang

  • Address: Than Tai Mountain is located in Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang.
  • Opening hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Since its construction, this place has quickly become an attractive eco-tourism area, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. It may not be on par with Ba Na Hills, but it brings a feeling of maximum relaxation. Therefore, Da Nang people often choose to spend the weekend.

This special tourist area is located only about 30 km from Da Nang.
This special tourist area is located only about 30 km from Da Nang.

What’s attractive about traveling to Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang?

Not only locals, but most visitors to Da Nang do not forget to spend a day visiting this place. So, what is so attractive about Than Tai Mountain?

  • Nui Than Tai tourist area is considered a masterpiece of nature bestowed with the typical climate of Ba Na with 4 seasons in one day, cool and pleasant all year round.
  • This is a convergence of many extremely attractive bathing services, from hot mineral water baths to mud baths, tea baths, Osen baths, etc., which are good for human health and skin.
  • Than Tai Mountain – home to a series of attractive games, water play area for you and your family to enjoy and enjoy.
  • There are also restaurant services and high-class resorts for guests to experience a memorable stay.

All of these things you will be able to try when you join the 1 day tour of Than Tai mountain. With the investment in the items here promises to bring you moments of relaxation, memorable entertainment.


It is special that Than Tai mountain is located near both Hoa Phu Thanh and Ba Na Hills waterfall ski areas, so it is understandable that this place is cool all year round, the weather is 4 seasons in the same day. For the convenience of the trip, tourdanangcity should choose the best time in summer. That is from the beginning of March, April onwards until August and September. Of course, at other times, this place is still crowded with tourists, but it has the advantage of less rain, a lot of sunshine and quite hot, very suitable for your family outings.

From September to December, in Da Nang starting to return is not very suitable for going to Than Tai mountain, because it often rains, if you want to enjoy a hot mineral bath, it is possible. From January to March, the weather is also less cold, no more rain, but still a little cold of spring.


Although it is a famous tourist destination, according to tourdanangcity’s travel experience, people should only spend 1 day to explore is enough to experience the interesting things here. And for the trip to be perfect, you should remember to fully prepare the following:

Clothes and personal belongings when going to Than Tai Mountain

  • Costumes for walking, taking photos: In the tourist area, there are many beautiful scenes that captivate people. Please prepare loose clothes, comfortable materials for easy movement. It can be shorts, t-shirts, elastic leggings, or dresses to check-in in.
  • Clothes for fun, hot mineral bath: Definitely swimwear is indispensable, not only for hot mineral baths but also for fun at the water park. Don’t forget to bring a towel too.
  • Accessories and personal items: flat shoes, flip flops, sunglasses, hat, umbrella, sunscreen to protect skin from darkening.

Don’t forget the papers and money

Not only Than Tai Mountain, but also when going to other places, identification documents are really necessary. You should bring your ID card, ID card, driver’s license, birth certificate (for children) to buy tickets and receive incentives. Add some cash and have a credit card ready to use when needed.

Food and photographic equipment

In the process of playing to prevent hunger, you can bring some snacks and drinks such as bread, cakes, fruits, bottled water … but do not bring too much, it will be cumbersome. bulky.

Finally, there are “virtual life” photographic equipment such as cameras, phones and selfie sticks. It will help you record interesting and beautiful moments at Nui Than Tai mountain mineral spring resort . Note that if you bring a camera, you should only choose models with a compact size for convenience in taking pictures as well as moving.


Da Nang tourism is extremely developed, and Than Tai mountain is in the top of famous places to visit and relax, so the means of transportation are also extremely diverse. In particular, the road from Da Nang to Than Tai mountain is modernly invested, so you can freely choose the means of transport, the most vehicles coming here are still motorbikes, shuttle cars (in the tour), taxis, etc.

Below Vietnam Car Rental also suggests some of the most popular means and their advantages and limitations. You can view and choose for yourself the most suitable type of transportation when traveling to Than Tai Mountain.

Traveling to Than Tai mountain by motorbike

If you go to Than Tai mountain on your own, motorbikes are the best choice, quite cost-effective because the price of motorbike rental in Da Nang is quite cheap. However, if you ride a motorbike, you have to google to find the way before you leave and you may encounter some problems such as getting lost, broken car. In general, this option is quite suitable for young people and families with available means. As for group guests, they should not go.

For a convenient trip to Than Tai mountain, remember to look up google maps, then take a screenshot or ask people for directions. Note, although the road to Than Tai mountain is quite wide and flat, it is an asphalt road. But there are also a few steep slopes that are quite winding, out of sight, so check everything carefully, especially the brakes, the horn and the engine inside.

Traveling to Than Tai mountain by car

The most convenient is still to take a car, with a shuttle available, so you don’t have to worry about the road, rain or shine or accidents at all. But in return, the price to hire a taxi or shuttle is quite high, if you go alone, it is quite expensive, if you want to go by car, it will be cheaper to go in a group.

Travel to Than Tai Mountain by taking a tour

If you travel to Than Tai Mountain , on the way you will see quite a lot of passenger cars on tour, generally accounting for about 50-60% of what. This is also considered the safest option and especially the car rental price is also included in the tour, so there is no need to worry anymore. Most tourists from far away, coming to Da Nang to relax, choose to go on a tour, rarely seeing self-sufficient travel.

Moreover, following a joint tour, visitors will also be picked up at a hotel or private house, get free entrance tickets, and also include a ticket to eat buffet at Than Tai Mountain , including a guide to follow the journey. You can refer to the schedule of a 1-day Than Tai mountain tour in advance to consider whether it is more convenient to choose a tour or self-sufficient.


For those of you who go on a tour, you don’t have to worry about ticket prices or where to buy tickets, because there is a travel agency to take care of this package. And if you go self-sufficient, you must know in advance how much it will cost to prepare. Currently, Nui Than Tai is applying the following prices:

Economy Package (entrance ticket)

  • Adults over 1m4: 400,000 VND/day
  • Children from 1 to 1m4: 200,000 VND/person
  • Children under 1m: Free

Note: This ticket price includes services such as: mineral bath and foot bath at natural mineral mines, natural mineral water soak, games at water park, visit to flower garden, float slide.

Ticket prices for services in Than Tai Mountain

+ Tich Loc package: 610,000 VND/adult, 305,000 VND/child under 1m4, children under 1m: free.

+ Tue Phat Thu Package: 300,000 VND/adult, 150,000 VND/child under 1m4, children under 1m: free.

+ Air Package: 530,000 VND/adult, 2,650,000 VND/child under 1m4, children under 1m: free.

+ Bungalow bath service: 800,000 VND

+ Mud bath / lemongrass bath / green tea: 150,000 VND/pax

+ Coffee/milk bath: 250,000 VND/pax

+ Vip mud bath: 400,000 VND/2 pax/tub

There are also many other services for a fee, if you want to use them, contact the resort staff for more information on specific prices for each type.


Than Tai Mountain Park is a system of amusement and entertainment areas combined with resorts, each of which includes many small areas inside. Each area has its own characteristics for visitors to comfortably visit and experience. However, remember to arrange where to go first, where to play reasonably.

  • Bathing area
  • Water park
  • Restaurant and hotel area
  • Kid’s playground
  • Souvenir shop area
  • Spiritual area

Every year, Than Tai Mountain invests in building more new and more attractive items. Therefore, every time you come here to relax, you will notice the difference, more modern and diverse, with more choices. This place does not look like an ordinary water park, but once you go, you will know that this place has many more wonders. The travel experience of Than Tai Mountain  reveals to you the following experiences:

Unwind at the water park

This is the area where people gather the most, there are many games from gentle to adventurous in the wave pool area, then the games in the bird’s nest area, rainbow slide, etc. guide, everyone must love.

Foot bath, hot mineral spring bath 

If families and young people like to go to the water park, the hot spring area attracts the elderly. Because simply, the natural hot mineral springs on the mountain are very good for bones and joints, those who are often stressed and anxious should come here to relax. Hot mineral springs on Than Tai mountain are likened to elixir, a precious gift that nature bestows on Da Nang.

Experience bathing service

This is a beauty and skin care service for women, but it is also suitable for men. This service is not included in the entrance ticket, if you want, you have to buy more at a cost of 150,000 VND/person.

Play hard at the mud arena

In addition to the water park, many tourists, especially young people when traveling to Than Tai Mountain, are extremely passionate about this place. Here people organize mud games and team competitions on extremely new mud.

If you want to return to your childhood and want to have fun moments without being afraid to get dirty. Come to the mud arena area and participate in games such as: running in the mud, catching fish in the mud, throwing mud balls, tug of war, wrestling, etc. Note, you must invite your teammates to come along and prepare. good physical fitness.

Enjoy Longevity Eggs

Also a unique thing here, imagine that you will be able to try the special deliciousness from the eggs that are boiled in the hot mineral spring here. Many visitors come here are also very surprised, do not know why the eggs are cooked, of course there will be a separate area to boil eggs. Here, the water will boil quite strongly, and the hot spring bathing area is another place. Only with 5,000 VND / 1 fruit only.

Organize a picnic with the family

Having a party with your family at Than Tai Mountain is also a good idea, there are many huts, tables and chairs for everyone to eat and play. Visitors can take advantage of the weekend to come here to have fun and organize meals to dispel stressful and tired working days.


If Ba Na Hills tourist area is forbidden to bring food , Than Tai mountain tourist area allows visitors to come here to bring food freely. However, for the most convenience, you should prepare prepared foods, fruits or cakes. Or visitors can also choose to eat at the area inside the resort. Some restaurants and dishes at Than Tai Mountain are:

Eat buffet at Red Dragon restaurant Nui Than Tai

Guests who want to enjoy many dishes in the same meal can choose to eat buffet at Red Dragon restaurant at 11am – 2pm daily. There are more than 100 different dishes from snacks to Da Nang specialties such as Quang noodles, banh xeo, etc. and also extremely attractive European – Asian dishes for you to taste. Not only the variety, but the food is also considered quite delicious. The price is about 250,000 VND/adult and 125,000 VND/child.

Eat according to the menu (set menu)

If you go in a large group or simply want to eat comfortably according to your preferences, this is a perfect choice. In addition to serving buffet, according to tourdanangcity’s self-sufficient travel experience of Nui Than Tai , the restaurant also has menu service. A menu will usually include: salad, stir-fry, green, fish, white rice, … all are elaborately prepared and extremely attractive. There is also dessert at the end of the meal.

In case visitors do not want to worry about food problems or are afraid of not being able to book a seat or get a buffet ticket, they can book a tour of Than Tai Mountain . The tour will include all-inclusive buffet fare for you.


You can stay here for 1 night very conveniently thanks to the system of rooms, modern and clean hotels. Currently, there is Ebisu Onsen Resort, an ancient Hoi An-style hotel. A place that gives you the feeling of being close to nature and relaxing.

his is a 4-star standard hotel with a total of 93 rooms, divided into many different types of rooms, suitable for solo guests, couples or small families. In particular, all rooms are equipped with a separate bathtub, with direct access to hot mineral water, so visitors can experience the pleasure of Onsen bathing in their own room.

Note: Hotel rental service in Than Tai mountain is only suitable for guests who are far away, have a long trip to Da Nang and want a more advanced experience. If you just want to have fun and relax, you should only go back during the day to spend time playing in other places. It is best to choose to stay at a hotel in Da Nang to facilitate your journey.


Holding the ticket to Than Tai mountain, there is only bathing and playing, but to be more complete about everything, from departure to arrival home. You should pay attention to some of the Than Tai mountain travel experiences as follows:

  • Food can be brought to the mountain, but remember not to bring raw food up for processing, because it is not allowed up there. Just have ready cooked food, fruit with some candy, soft drinks or beer foam or something is enough.
  • Remember to bring a bathing suit and put on a normal outfit to change into. Most of the games and activities above involve water, so be sure to bring your bathing suit to play all the games.
  • There is a free place to store things here, so you can rest assured to bring your belongings without fear of having a place to keep your things. Each person will have a personal locker with their own key, very safe.

The article has shared with everyone the basic Than Tai mountain travel experiences, so that everyone has the best moments here. Hope you and your family will have a great trip here.

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