What should you do when you come to Hoi An?

When visiting Hoi An, tourists not only experience moments of relaxation and tranquility but also get to experience unique and interesting things that are not easily found elsewhere, such as basket boat rowing in the Coconut Forest, walking underwater at Cu Lao Cham, enjoying coffee in the rice fields, kayaking on the river… Remember to keep in mind these 27 things to do when traveling to Hoi An.

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Check in at the sacred photo spot “the golden wall” in Hoi An.

Hoi An’s characteristic features are its charming golden walls adorned with dreamy paper lanterns, so visiting Hoi An without capturing a photo at this spot would be a missed opportunity. Additionally, landmarks like the Japanese Covered Bridge or the Hoi An Ancient Town are popular check-in spots for tourists when traveling here.

The ancient town is dominated by hues of yellow and orange, creating prominent highlights for the overall look of Hoi An city

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the Ancient Town with a river view or city view.

Hoi An boasts numerous coffee shops with diverse styles and views for you to choose from. If you want to admire the Hoai River, you can pick a coffee shop along Bach Dang Street, which runs alongside the river. If you prefer a view of the entire ancient town, then Faifo Coffee, located on Tran Phu Street, is a popular choice.

Cafés in Hoi An are not only places that possess the nostalgic and ancient beauty of the town but also ideal spots for gathering with friends and capturing beautiful moments in photographs

Bike around the ancient town early in the morning.

Hoi An is very romantic in the morning, with fresh and tranquil air, only locals preparing for a new day, so you can easily observe a more intimate, simple Hoi An. Cycling around the ancient town in the morning is refreshing and energizing for a new day.

Leisurely cycling in Hoi An during your journey to visit this tranquil land is a delightful experience.

Boat ride on the Hoai River to admire the lanterns at night.

Hoi An is perhaps most beautiful at night, with sparkling lights from colorful lanterns. The evening weather is also cool, making it perfect for enjoying a boat ride while admiring the scenery here.

The Hoai River – the venue for releasing floating lanterns activities

Snack at the Nguyen Hoang Night Market in the Ancient Town.

After a stroll around the ancient town, when you start feeling tired and hungry, head straight to the Nguyen Hoang Night Market on Nguyen Hoang Street to indulge in various snacks and buy some souvenirs.

Explore Cu Lao Cham, especially participating in the Sea Trek tour.

This is a “must-experience” activity in Hoi An because joining this tour allows you to admire coral reefs, feed fish, and bring back photos and videos, not to mention including hotel transfers, meals on the island, and a tour guide. In the hot summer weather of Hoi An, this activity is highly recommended.

Experience basket boat rowing in the Seven Beauties Coconut Forest.

Experience the feeling of steering a boat along the gentle stream, with fish swimming below and coconut trees swaying in the wind above, or join the “strong feeling” basket boat circus performance right on the river.

The best time to visit the Seven Beauties Coconut Forest is from March to September.

Try pottery making in Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village not only allows you to immerse yourself in the rustic countryside atmosphere, choose souvenirs for your loved ones and friends, but also experience making unique pottery products by hand.

Explore the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Kayak on the Thu Bon River to admire the sunset.

Try kayaking peacefully around Hoi An’s ancient town to enjoy a beautiful romantic sunset. It’s a peaceful sight to behold!

Check-in at Hoi An Market and enjoy street food in the market.

Visiting Hoi An Market allows you to immerse yourself in the true essence of Hoi An’s street life. Hoi An Market is quite an interesting attraction for tourists, especially the food stalls and souvenir shops.

Hoi An Market has a very unique architecture

Enjoy the famous banh mi shops in Hoi An such as Banh Mi Phuong, Banh Mi Madam Khanh…

Learn about Hoi An’s history by visiting Tan Ky House, Cantonese Assembly Hall, Phung Hung Ancient House, Quang Dong Assembly Hall, etc.

The Old House of Tan Ky in Hoi An

Check-in at Mot Water – famous herbal tea spot in the Ancient Town.

Mot Water is a distinctive drink of Hoi An, known for its refreshing and sweet taste of various herbs, which has attracted many tourists for check-ins. The shop is located at 150 Tran Phu Street.

Enjoy Cao Lau and Quang noodles at Ong Hai’s.

This is a place for delicious Cao Lau and Quang noodles in Hoi An, visited and enjoyed by both locals and tourists. The shop is located at 6A Truong Minh Luong, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

Visit seafood restaurants by the seaside.

Hoi An is a coastal area with many delicious and affordable seafood options. If you’re unsure which seafood restaurant in Hoi An to choose, head straight to the area along Cua Dai Beach and pick a restaurant to enjoy.

Stay at a tranquil resort/hotel to enjoy the fresh air of Hoi An.

Hoi An has many famous and charming resorts/hotels. You can visit De An 4-star hotel to experience the atmosphere of a mini-resort with exquisite design and service, at reasonable prices. The hotel is only 1.2 km from the city center, with free bicycles for your convenience.

Chill at Roving Chillhouse café in the rice fields.

This café is newly opened and very popular in Hoi An in 2020. Come here to breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Visit Hoi An Impression Park and watch the Hoi An Memories show.

This is a program recognized as the most magnificent show in the world. “Hoi An Memories” is reproduced with 5 performances, with a storyteller being a weaving girl, guiding viewers through historical moments and stories associated with Quang’s land.

Explore the water park with your friends at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An.

This is the largest and newest entertainment, cultural experience, and wild nature park in Vietnam, located 17 km from Hoi An.

Try street snacks in the Ancient Town.

Such as grilled meat, xoa xoa (a type of snack), tofu pudding, corn sweet soup, rice cake…

Check-in at Lò Gạch Cũ café.

This café is located amidst the rice fields, next to the old brick kiln, attracting many young people to check-in and take pictures, 5 km from Hoi An.

Participate in the traditional game of Bai Choi in the Old Town.

Bai Choi in Hoi An is an essential spiritual dish for the locals and tourists visiting the Old Town. Located in the heart of the Old Town, near the Hoai River, where you can easily stop and join in the game with the locals.

Have lunch at the famous Mrs. Buoi’s chicken rice restaurant.

If you’re still unsure where to go next in Hoi An, be bold and visit Tra Que Vegetable Village. You’ll breathe in the fresh air and admire the lush vegetable gardens cultivated by the locals here.

Carry a camera while wandering around Hoi An to take photos.

Hoi An is a perfect destination for photography enthusiasts because each street and corner has its own beauty, and discovering Hoi An through your own photos is incomparable.

Check-in at the Japanese Covered Bridge

The Japanese Covered Bridge is a famous landmark in Hoi An and is also a familiar image we often see on the 20,000 VND bill.

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