The International Fireworks Festival Schedule in Da Nang 2024 Latest Update

Visitors to Da Nang in 2024 surely won’t want to miss the International Fireworks Festival (DIFF). Following the resounding success of 2023, the festival will officially return in the summer of 2024, along with many exciting events. Right now, let’s explore together with how the schedule for the International Fireworks Festival in Da Nang 2024 will be like.

International Fireworks Festival Schedule Da Nang 2024

When mentioning Da Nang, you will surely recall the fireworks festival, which is considered a trademark event of the city. Previously held every two years, the festival has attracted numerous domestic and international tourists for sightseeing and enjoyment. To promote the city’s image to tourists from all over, boost domestic tourism demand, this year Da Nang will organize the fireworks festival annually.

DIFF 2023 with the dazzling fireworks display along the Han River

The International Fireworks Festival Schedule in Da Nang over the years

Year Dates Theme
2008 27 – 28/3 Melodies of the Han River
2009 27 – 28/3 Echoes of the Han River
2010 27 – 28/3 Legend of the Han River
2011 29 – 30/4 Sparkling Han River
2012 29 – 30/4 Colors of Da Nang
2013 29 – 30/4 Love on the Han River
2015 28 – 29/4 Da Nang – Symphony of Colors
2017 29/4 – 24/6 Radiance of the Marble Mountains
2018 30/4 – 30/6 Legends of the Bridges
2019 1/6 – 6/7 Rivers Tell Stories
2023 2/6 – 8/7 A World Without Boundaries

Specifically, the International Fireworks Festival in 2024 will take place in the summer, starting from June and extending through July.

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024 will take place in June and July.

Fireworks Launching Point in Da Nang

The fireworks launching site is also the area of Han River Port, as in previous years. With a grandstand capacity of about 17,000 seats for spectators to enjoy the performances. The theme of the fireworks festival in 2024 is still being selected by the organizers and will aim towards a peaceful, just, harmonious, and humanitarian society.

The locals and tourists watch the fireworks from the Dragon Bridge

This year, the festival will feature the participation of 8 teams, including Vietnam and 7 international countries, showcasing fireworks on 5 different nights. Each performance will last from 20 to 22 minutes per team, according to the theme set by the competition. The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival this year promises to provide tourists with memorable experiences for this summer. With investments in image, infrastructure, and program content.

The Latest Updated International Fireworks Schedule for 2024

Specifically, this year’s fireworks competition will feature teams from 7 countries: France, Italy, the United States, Germany, Poland, China, Finland, and the host country, Vietnam. Currently, the schedule for the international fireworks competition has not yet been announced. The opening ceremony is expected to begin on June 8, 2024, with subsequent competitions taking place every Saturday evening in the following weeks. The final night of DIFF 2024 is scheduled for July 13, 2024. The detailed schedule for the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024 will proceed as follows (this is only a tentative schedule and not officially confirmed yet):

Date Participating Teams
June 8, 2024 Vietnam – France
June 15, 2024 Italy – United States
June 22, 2024 Germany – Poland
June 29, 2024 China – Finland
July 13, 2024 Final Night

Theme and Schedule of DIFF 2024

The theme of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024 is “MADE IN UNITY” – Global Connection, Brilliance of Five Continents. This is a remarkable international event that contributes to the reputation of tourism in Da Nang and Vietnam as a whole. Therefore, each performance night will feature a different theme and message.

The theme of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024 is “MADE IN UNITY”

The estimated budget for organizing the competition is around 150 billion VND. Alongside the fireworks festival, there will be accompanying event activities to serve tourists visiting the city of Da Nang, taking place on both banks of the Han River. These events will also unfold in prominent locations such as Bach Dang Street, My Khe Beach, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, and more. The festival will be a time when the city adorns itself with new attire, sparkling to welcome a new summer season.

Here are the detailed updates about the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024 and related information that Helio wants to provide you. Please save this information to arrange your schedule for watching Da Nang fireworks in the most comprehensive and reasonable way.

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