After the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, many people intend to travel because they believe it’s quite economical to travel during this season. Da Nang at this time has not yet entered the peak tourist season, so beaches and tourist attractions are not too crowded, suitable for a true relaxing vacation. So, do you think it’s worth traveling to Da Nang in March? To answer this question, let’s consider aspects such as weather, prices, and services in Da Nang to see if it’s worth traveling there or not.

What is the weather like in Da Nang in March?

Weather is an extremely important factor in deciding whether you should travel to Da Nang in March or not. In Da Nang, beach tourism is highly developed, and its epitome and icon is perhaps My Khe Beach, rated as one of the 6 most charming beaches on the planet. The entire city is almost surrounded by the blue sea and high mountains. It must be said that Da Nang is the most attractive tourist destination in the Central region at this time.

Beautiful, pleasant weather suitable for beach tourism activities

While Hanoi in March still has to endure the last cold air of winter, traveling to Da Nang in March is perfect as this place begins to transition to welcome the first heat waves of summer. This is also the transitional period between the coolness of spring and the intense heat of summer, so the weather may be slightly hot. However, this is a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy swimming comfortably.

March is also the time when Da Nang’s beaches become more attractive and is one of the most beautiful weather months of the year. The blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine create an ideal beach space for all tourists. And remember, to capture impressive photos, choose the moments of sunrise and sunset on the beach, which will surely be incredibly beautiful.

How much are airplane tickets for traveling to Da Nang?

Another quite enjoyable thing for those intending to travel to Da Nang in March is that transportation services such as airplanes, coaches, or trains are all relatively cheap. Simply because this is not the peak tourist season, so most services related to airplanes, coaches, and trains are at average prices. At certain times, airlines also often launch quite attractive discount campaigns to attract tourists.

The hotel prices in March are relatively cheap

Normally, during the summer, booking a 3-star hotel room near the beach costs around 400,000 – 500,000 VND, but in March, it’s only around 300,000 VND or less. Almost all hotels and resorts in Da Nang simultaneously reduce their prices, so people can feel assured about the costs.

Are tourism services in Da Nang expensive?

Along with discounted airfares, the costs of tourism services such as sightseeing, entertainment, and hotels have not increased either. This is also the end of the Lunar New Year tourism season and preparing for the biggest tourism season of the year, from April to August. During this time, services are at their peak, not to mention the possibility of room shortages, especially in hotels near the beach.

Therefore, traveling to Da Nang in March is quite ideal for families who want to travel economically or avoid the peak season rush.

What is attractive about traveling to Da Nang in March?

If just traveling to Da Nang at a low price is not enough reason for tourists to choose March to visit this place. In March, generally, the number of tourists visiting Da Nang is not too crowded, and you will feel a gentle, peaceful yet extremely modern Da Nang.

Especially, on the 19th of the Lunar New Year, the traditional festival called “Quan The Am” is organized on a large and unique scale. Thousands of locals from Da Nang flock here to participate in the procession, attracting tourists from afar to join the festival and pray for their families.

Da Nang is renowned as a seafood paradise

The weather in March is calm, with calm seas creating conditions for abundant fishing trips, bringing back enormous amounts of seafood such as fish, shrimp, squid, snails, etc. Traveling to Da Nang in March, after the beach bathing sessions, is also the ideal time to enjoy fresh seafood at seaside restaurants. Da Nang is known as the “city of seafood,” so your trip surely cannot miss out on this wonderful cuisine.

What are the must-visit places when traveling to Da Nang in March?

Traveling to Da Nang in March is like a perfect combination of favorable weather, advantageous location, and hospitable people, making every itinerary, activity, and meal very convenient. The important thing is whether you have enough energy and time to explore everything or not. When in Da Nang, people surely won’t worry about where to go or what to eat because it’s truly a tourist paradise. In the future, Da Nang is striving to become a “city that never sleeps,” with attractive nighttime activities, allowing tourists to fully experience the coastal city.

Apart from the great advantage of its beaches, traveling to Da Nang in March offers a wide variety of tourism activities. To experience everything here, you might need at least 3 days; typically, tourists from other provinces or international visitors plan a 4-day-3-night trip to Da Nang. If you only have 2 days and 1 night in Da Nang, that might be the biggest regret.

Dragon Bridge

Da Nang is beautiful with the image of the Four Great Marvelous Bridges: Dragon Bridge – Thuan Phuoc Bridge – Han River Bridge – Tran Thi Ly Bridge, each bridge adorning itself with a different beauty. Especially, as the sky begins to darken, they become even more dazzling. This you can witness through photos of Da Nang, which is why they have become so famous.

And of course, you can’t miss the ancient tourist destinations of Da Nang such as the Marble Mountains, Hai Van Pass, and Son Tra Peninsula. All of these are created from the “gifted” natural resources that perhaps few places possess. Da Nang converges both the sea and the mountains, from suburban tourist areas to downtown attractions. Therefore, if one place is inaccessible, tourists have many other options.

The beauty of Marble Mountains in Da Nang.

Recently, famous spots in Da Nang like Ba Na Hills, Mount Thanh Tai, and Hoi An are not only well-known domestically but also internationally renowned tourist destinations. Along with picturesque scenery, pleasant weather, and increasingly modern investment, tourist areas in Da Nang are becoming more attractive, estimated to attract millions of visitors each year.

Those are the suburban destinations, and certainly, the downtown attractions in Da Nang are equally diverse. Asia Park, the 3D museum, Helio night market, Son Tra night market, etc., are all places you should plan to visit, ensuring they will be extremely interesting.

So, should you travel to Da Nang in March? With beautiful weather and affordable service prices, why not take advantage of this opportunity to travel at this time? Don’t forget to use the private car rental service with a driver in Da Nang provided by to make your March trip to Da Nang as seamless as possible.

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